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  1. Thanks to Rosella I got my answer (sad to hear about AMDFASH) but this is great news! I'm guessing the Western will never be? I knew how passionate you were about that project. Well off to better endeavors! I love Stephen King movies especially Christine. So I am so looking forward to this and more to do with The Lycan.
  2. Just saw this now...great advert! Only you TJ has knocked it out of the park again. Loved it ...passionate about travelling. It's an inspiring ad to want to travel for sure due to Tom's acting of course
  3. I have this on DVD...seen this when it first came out. Remembering I quite liked it. Must watch it again.
  4. Sorry guys, haven't here in a while...lots going on! Hope the gang is all doing great and of course to you to TJ! I did see this...really enjoyed it on the whole. What I really liked about it was I have never seen anything quite like this before. Would anyone agree? Has there anything quite close to this out there? This is another great flick to add to TJ's performances
  5. Great performance TJ! Finally watched it over the weekend... Too bad I missed ya in Ontario...being from Toronto and all It probably didn't take that too long to shoot. Loved the chemistry between all the characters...it worked! Especially between you and Lawerence! Out of all your latest flicks, I enjoyed this one too Looking forward to your next thriller out this spring! In the meantime checking out The Expanse next...
  6. Finally saw this a few nights ago and it a was great little horror flick. It was a good role for TJ. Unfortunately there hasn't been anything I have really liked since his roles in I Melt With You & Dirty Laundry. Not only was he great in it but l liked the fact that it hasn't been done before -- refreshing. I don't think there is anything else out there...that I have seen that is similar in anyway. Phil directed it so I thought for sure it's got have some substance. I highly recommend it. Totally worth a watch. Kudos to Phill and TJ! ??
  7. I'm sorry to say there has ONLY been crap lately...sorry just being honest. Going to check out Texas Rising as we speak...so let's see
  8. It seems Noeland and I seem to be on the same page... 1. STANDER 2. THURSDAY 3 HUNG ...on a whole BUT as one of his best performances I would have to say is him playing Todd Parker in BOOGIE NIGHTS and oh oh one more...the ending of THE MIST was incredible! I really do hope he has some GOOD quality roles coming up....miss him in those kind of roles
  9. I saw it last week and was not impressed....the whole movie let me down. Not the actors but I am sorry the last great movie on a whole that TJ was in was "I MELT WITH YOU". Hopefully Somnia will not disappoint.
  10. Wow you're that young...enjoy while you can! Happy Bday John!
  11. Happy Belated! Enjoy your bday week...
  12. Finished watching Fargo which was brilliant. Then onto watching Suits. Now I'm in the middle of watching Mad Men. Too bad TJ didn't consider being Don Draper. Could of so seen him in that role...especially kissing all sorts of women Also enjoyed watching Satisfaction. Taped SNL40...haven't had a chance to see it yet...can't wait!
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