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  1. I like both Riddick movies, but do find the lead character a bit "one-note". His consistent coolness, safe in the knowledge of his own abilities, tends to undermine the tension of the situations he's placed in.


    In contrast, take a look at the template for this sort of character: Clint in "A Fistful of Dollars"... he seriously gets the crap beaten out of him at one point. Harrison Ford is the King of the "Oh Shit" expression. Even Roger Moore's Bond shows a flicker of fear whenever he runs into Jaws.


    These moments increase the tension. If the hero is worried we should be too.


    Riddick is far too much of a smart-arse. He has no fear that needs to be conquered... and the viewer is deprived of any sense of triumph over adversity. And that's not very dramatic.


    In short, the character needs to have his mettle tested.



  2. Wow. I go away to catch a couple of hours sleep and look what happens!


    I'm waiting to find out just how much of my concept and storyboard art I can show off to you. The moment I get any kind of "all-clear" you'll all be the first to know.


    Believe me, you ain't seen nothin' yet!


    Thanks to Gary and Tim for the kind words.

  3. Hey, Tim. I think I can now go public with my involvement on the film.


    As you know, I did concept art and storyboards on this incredible movie.


    And, folks, let me tell you: this film delivers in ways that Terminator: Salvation should have. Action, atmosphere and character.


    This will be Denzel's "Unforgiven". I promise you.


    And just wait 'til you see what Gary Oldman does with the villain role! As one producer on the film said after watching Oldman at work: "We've got our Joker!".

  4. Another remake / remodel / reboot / rehash...?


    Oh boy, this is so depressing.


    I'm privileged to work in the comic industry. I get to collaborate and socialise with bright and imaginative people, all of whom are brimming with amazing, exciting and original ideas. But their concepts inevitably get passed over in favour of products with "brand recognition".


    And yet ticket sales continue to fall...


    Come on, Hollywood: put two and two together. Show people stuff they haven't seen before... invest in some new ideas and talent. It may take time to build a new brand, but the long term benefits (and profits) could be immense. Sure it's a risk, but no riskier than churning out the same old shit for diminishing audiences, as Terminator : Salvation's returns have shown.


    Grrrrr. Rant over, people.




  5. BTW, did you see Mutant C ?


    No, sorry, not yet. Been working long hours...

    I won't miss it, though, don't worry.


    Shot any scenes with Mr. Rhames yet?


    My wife's got a "thing" for Ving...

    which is weird, 'cos she usually goes for skinny white guys... :)


  6. Tom,


    this looks GREAT! Way better than anything we've seen from that other retro-noir movie that's coming out this December.... what's it called again? Ghostie? Spectre...? Something like that.


    Anyway, I'm praying this gets a cinema release... those stills alone are enough to get me in the queue for the first showing. I loves me some hardboiled noir.


    Good luck with the rest of the shoot, y'all!


    Best wishes,







  7. Nice one!


    I had the good fortune to go out for a drink with the Perl-Meister when he was over here filming "Mutant Chronicles" and even then he was moaning about how he'd been waiting ages for some portrait you'd promised him!




    Glad he's finally been put out of his misery, Tim! Great piece... he won't be disappointed.


    Change of subject: I hear you've been invited out to a Con in Valenciennes, Northern France, right?

    Well, if it helps to sway your decision into the affirmative, I'll be there!


    Come on over, it'll be great to see you!





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