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  1. Just wanted to say thanks on the RAW forum! It was great having you at I-Con and way cool talking film. I'm also glad you had the pleasure of watching Joe R. Lansdale using me for the martial arts demo. Oh, and huge kudos on HEADSHOT! Walter Hill and Stallone? Outstanding!
  2. Tom, where did you find the play that you sent me and what can you tell me about the author, W.T. Underwood? Are the rights available for production? It is really an outstanding piece!
  3. Well, to tell the truth I am promoting a bunch of bands on Long Island. Paul Ranieri, the music director for my production company, BellMojo Productions, plays with several acts including the Mark Wood Experience. Check out a segment from . I am also promoting a wicked boogie soul/funk act named the Vinyl Stash. And if you are looking for a circus sideshow hardcore punk act, go no further than Eggplant Queens! Check 'em out, then respond with your unabashed vitriol!
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