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  1. Well, alright fine, it's not really bad, it's just bad. This is after all just my opinion, and opinions can never be wrong, right?
  2. I do like The Dark Knight score, but not as much as Batman Begins. I've been listening to a lot of soundtracks from some of this years films. I have to say it's been a pretty good year for film scores. Hellboy 2, Wanted (good year for Elfman fans), Indy 4, The Happening, and Incredible Hulk are all in heavy rotation. I thought it would be neat to pose a question to the group. Name your favorite score that accompanied a really bad film. Here's my small list in no particular order... The Happening - James Newton Howard (He does all of the M. Night films, and boy was this one a stinker.) Evan Almighty - John Debney (An unfunny movie with a pretty decent score.) Conspiracy Theory - Carter Burwell (A really good score to a really bad film.) I've excluded Waterworld because I actually like that movie! - Randy
  3. An Angel pinup I finished recently.
  4. Some newer stuff of mine. A 'Wolves of Odin' pinup, and some 'Dark Knight' and 'Heroes' sketch cards.
  5. I still can't believe you're leaving Punisher. Can't wait to see the last cover. I love all of the new stuff you've been sharing with us. Awe inspiring!
  6. I haven't posted here in a while. I see Brian Ewing is posting here now. Amazing stuff! Here are some newish scribblings of mine.
  7. Here's a newer piece of mine. Happy Halloween!
  8. Noeland, thanks a lot. I've never really been a big fan of posting on message boards, but I figured I should join in on my favorite artist's. Looking forward to seeing more great artwork from everyone.
  9. Tim Bradstreet is a personal hero of mine, and definitely a huge influence on my work. This is a Punisher piece I did from a magazine photo. I would like to have been able to shoot my own reference, but Mr. Jane wasn't available to pose for me. Hope you all enjoy!
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