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  1. R.I.P sir, you will be missed.
  2. I still haven't seen it but a friend of mine bought the DVD awhile back and we tried to watch it together. It was a pizza and beer night and 15 minutes in it became crystal clear that it was the wrong kind of film to be watching. Later on I read an article describing in vivid detail something horrible that happens to Willem Dafoe's character that made me so queasy I had to stop reading it. I’ll watch at some point but I’ll have to be in the right mood. Definitely no pizza next time
  3. Padre

    I JUST...

    ...found out my web series pitch wasn't been picked up. Back to the drawing board Congrats dude
  4. All she had to say was that her husband gave her the handgun and the deja vu would have been complete
  5. Saw the pilot tonight. Truly excellent.
  6. Here's a pretty cool mixtape of John Carpenter theme tunes: http://io9.com/5678486/a-free-mixtape-of-j...by-alan-howarth
  7. That pretty much sums up how delayed this is right there
  8. It had better come out this time. The title feels like a prophecy at this point. Its looking great so far.
  9. So stoked for this show. Its going to be awesome
  10. I caught the whole thing on TV tonight. Its not that good but it has some nice gunplay in it. The acting and script were crap but at least its never boring. Again it was a little strange seeing a very young (and very naked) Tom in the one scene he appears. Jackie Earle Haley also turns up near the end in a tiny role.
  11. I should be going to a big screen showing of the film in black & white this Halloween. Life is good sometimes
  12. A couple of years late to the topic but what the hey! Favourite game of all time is Silent Hill 2. Just everything about it from the design, the soundtrack, the story, its just an amazing piece of work. Other all time favourites would be: Half Life Metal Gear Solid Goldeneye Resident Evil 2 and 4 GTA: Vice City Hitman: Contracts Kane & Lynch Super Mario Bros Fallout 3
  13. Jon Hamm. He couldn't be better suited for it.
  14. Padre

    I JUST...

    ...submitted a pitch for a web series to the national broadcaster RTE. Now we play the waiting game.
  15. That seems to be the biggest complaint with the film. Even people who like it think the ending sucks. Without going into spoilers I liked it because a happily ever after ending would have been wrong for the film, but it finds a way to give it to you regardless. I can see why some people hate that but I thought it was a really interesting way to end it.
  16. The composer for Universal Soldier: Regeneration did an awesome job with it. Nothing beats a good synth score.
  17. The soundtrack to Silent Hill 2 by Akira Yamaoka. Atmospheric and beautiful.
  18. Has anyone else seen this? I saw it when it came out in cinemas and again on DVD recently. I really liked it I have to say, in spite of it having some pretty dodgy reviews. It’s a lot of fun and it reminded me a little bit of early Paul Verhoeven. Law & Whitaker have great chemistry together and I was surprised to see how well they handled themselves in the action scenes. It’s a real shame the film died at the box office, it deserved a wider audience. People seem to have a big problem with the film because of the twist at the end, and while I can see why, I loved it even more because
  19. I pretty much worship at the feet of John Carpenter (my username came from Vampires no less), and one of my all time favourite films he’s made is Prince of Darkness. Granted, it doesn’t contain the best acting, story or special effects (although in my opinion it’s got his best music score, above even Halloween) but there’s just something so eerie and oppressive about the atmosphere he manages to create in the film that it’s one of the few horror films I’ve ever seen that’s actually freaked me out. The plot follows a research team as they are invited by a priest (the late, great Don
  20. A simple solution could be a quick message saying you can't accept anymore friend requests or respond one on one to fans, and then point them to this forum. If they really are fans they shouldn't have a problem joining it and they'd probably have a better chance of a reply to any questions they ask. Either way its not worth stressing over dude. Its only Facebook
  21. I wouldn't mind seeing the franchise take a chance like that. Idris Elba in particular would be a fantastic choice for the part, but I think out of safety they'll always keep the character white. The Bond series has never been high on continuity from film to film but the character suddenly changing ethnicity might be a hard adjustment for a mass audience, unfortunately.
  22. Happy Birthday, have a great one
  23. If you need a young Irish private, possibly named Rick O'Shea (say it aloud) I'd gladly accept the mission
  24. Padre

    I JUST...

    I have an interview for a Development Assistant position for a film production company next Tuesday. Wish me luck
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