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  1. It maybe nostalgia but I always thought Keaton was the best Batman. He was great as Bruce Wayne and Batman. Bale is good in the role, but that voice really lets him down.
  2. Widowmaker by Garth Ennis. Bleak as hell but a really great story. The Slavers is pretty great too.
  3. Shane Black and Iron Man. Someone needs to make this happen!
  4. Padre

    I JUST...

    Attended the premiere of Paul in Dublin. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost came in person to introduce it. Twas awesome.
  5. Great film. Excellent perfomances and really well directed (The fight scenes really had me wincing). And it was refreshing to see Bale play a role that has some humour to it. He had a long run of brooding, humourless roles that it was a nice change of pace to see him having a good time. And Amy Adams was hot
  6. Really looking forward to this one. Its a great concept, and Kiefer and John Hurt together sounds like a good mix to me
  7. Really cool little short. You have to love that ending
  8. Cavill was pretty good in Hellraiser 8. But you can take that for what it’s worth It must be a bit of a victory for the guy after being lined up for so many other roles (Batman, Bond, Singer’s Superman) now that he’s finally nabbed one.
  9. Yeah it was pretty good. Good action mixed with some nice dark humour. I thought Statham and Ben Foster bounced off each other nicely too.
  10. RAW Images RAW Business RAW Brands RAW Data RAW Resources RAW Supplies RAW Assets RAW Substance
  11. The more I think of Bane as the villain the more I like it. When he’s used well in the comics he’s great, and with Tom Hardy you know you’re going to get something special. Plus it’s a character that’s a little outside the box for Nolan, which I like. And it’ll be real interesting to see how they pull him off visually. Hathaway wouldn’t have been my first pick for Catwoman but she’s done good work in the past, Bride Wars notwithstanding: P
  12. This doesn't really count as a video of Tom, but what the hell, its funny:
  13. I'd definitely recommend checking it out. I saw it with some friends and had a blast with it. I know it’s really split opinions (mostly because of the twist it seems) but I loved it. It’s a cult film in the making. I’ll definitely be checking out Faster now. I’d heard some mixed views on it but it looks like my kind of film. It’s good to have The Rock back where he belongs.
  14. My top five: 1. Toy Story 3 2. Inception 3. Four Lions 4. Kick Ass 5. Repo Men My bottom five (I avoided most of the real stinkers this year but these are the most disappointing of what I did see): 1. Piranha 3D 2. Resident Evil: Afterlife 3. Survival of the Dead 4. Legion 5. Iron Man 2
  15. This review is a bit too harsh but it makes some very funny points: http://www.badassdigest.com/2010/12/19/mak...op-dreamcatcher
  16. Merry Christmas everybody!:
  17. Amen. I'm looking forward to the day the human race moves beyond that kind of shit.
  18. I think Ghost Dad is my favourite
  19. It’s a shame, but it’s definitely not a surprise. He’s probably better off. Iron Man 2 had the feel of too many fingers in the pie. They tried to shoehorn in all this Avengers crap instead of telling a story, and the film suffered for it.
  20. All in all the first season was pretty good. Good acting, writing, direction etc. There's definitely room for improvement though. With the pilot the show started off strong but it had trouble finding its feet from there. With only 6 episodes the whole season felt compressed. It needed more room to breathe. And they forget about Merle pretty quick don't they?
  21. Looks like a lot of fun. I'll be keeping an eye out for it.
  22. Finally saw it again after about 10 years. It holds up pretty well for the most part. It’s definitely one of the better Tarantino inspired thrillers from the 90’s. It’s a got a nice lean script and the cast is just awesome. Watching it again I think it’s a shame Tom and Aaron Eckhart don’t get a bit more time together on screen because the characters have great chemistry. I think the Tarantino influence is probably what dates the film the most. For example the black and white scene where Nick talks about Ballpean’s “accident” just feels a little too much like Pulp Fiction. There are a c
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