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  1. Walter Hill directing a Punisher film would be almost too perfect a fit. Guess his style isn't flashy enough for todays audiences. Shame .
  2. Just got this on dvd. The one disc edition was going cheap, and with cash the way it is the pricey two discer is out of reach for now . The film really embodies whats best in the genre. The script and direction are solid. The ensemble cast is fantastic. The creatures are actually scary, cgi or not. And again, the ending. The impact is second to none. And listening to Darabonts commentary when he talks about how maybe David's "sacrifice" at the end did make the mist disappear and maybe Mrs Carmody's talk was right all along makes for another interesting layer to the film. P.S. Between th
  3. Padre


    The series just started over here. The pilot was great. It nice to see Tom with a juicy dramatic role.
  4. Yeah it was awesome. Its just one of those movies that puts you in a great mood. The cameo is a masterpiece. It also has a sweetness to it that I wasn't expecting, and you really care about the characters. And I could think of worse ways to spend the apocalypse then riding around with Emma Stone.
  5. Is the film heading to region 2 dvd in the near future?
  6. Loved this flick. Its cool that Mamet has a bit of respect for the intelligence of the people watching it and doesn't spoon feed you everything. If I remember the film doesn't even clearly state that its the President's daughter thats been kidnapped. Its just "his" daughter. Overall its a nice, lean thriller.
  7. I remember switching that on with a friend about a year ago, having no idea Tom was in it. We were only half watching it, but when that scene came on it really made me double take. "Is that...Tom Jane?" It was definitely an unexpected surprise.
  8. This is the film for the 10 year old boy in all of us. Can't believe its taken this long for such a simple idea to come together. My friends and I have been dreaming about this for over a decade!
  9. This was one my favourite films of last year. Its just works. The acting, the direction, the music. Everything. Its one of the few Stephen King adaptations that improves on the original story. And the ending is one of the most haunting piece of cinema I've ever seen. I'll always remember the faces of the people in the cinema as they left. Everyone looked like they'd been kicked in the balls by the ending.
  10. Just finished Long Cold Dark and Valley Forge a few weeks ago. Don't think I'll pick up anymore of the comics beyond Garth Ennis's stuff. For me he was the only writer who ever really got the character. He managed to find real depth in what should be an incredibly one dimensional character. Frank is an actual human being in the MAX series. Plus it had great characters like Yorkie, Barracuda and O'Brien. I doubt from O'Brien's intro anyone thought her arc would be one of the most tragic and well developed of the series. I love how he always managed to tie the stories together. Any of the
  11. I loved it. Saw it twice. I was a bit worried going into it because a few moments aside (Kurt Russell can't NOT be awesome) Death Proof bored the crap out of me. But this was a major return to form. The dialogue and performances were fantastic, and the tension in some scenes had me gnawing my fist off. I think it says a lot that when you see a 2 and a hour long film and you notice no one in the cinema is talking to each other. Everyone was glued to the screen.
  12. Hi folks. The names Padraig, saying hello from Ireland. Big fan of Tim (his punisher covers are pure art) and Tom (all the way back to Thursday and Deep Blue Sea), and of genre film, games and comics in general. Looking forward to been a part of the boards and hopefully my thoughts will have some shred of value.
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