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  1. And for the record, that's not me on the cover of #3, although sometimes I wonder how different my life would be if it were.
  2. Are we going to see Tom O'Brien in a Rubies costume?
  3. Holy freakin' hell! I was about 10 or 11 when I got my free "Space Spinner" and didn't think comics could get any better until the following week when Judge Dredd premiered. I had every issue of 2000AD until I moved to the US in 1991, and I still have a bunch of Annuals and Megazines in my library. Seeing this is a furking dream come true.............
  4. I have been just too busy with work in the last couple of years to give Punisher-Art.com what it needed. When I noticed that I had passed the first anniversary of my "most recent update", and i received the invoice for the next year of hosting, well I figured it was time to fold. I still collect any art I find online and my "unlinked for upload later" folder is over 3 GB. If work slows down and I get to the point where I can dedicate a couple of hours here and there I may get the bug again, but not now. This week I had over 40 hours of meetings scheduled and that was before I even started my normal tasks. Too much for a regular day job!
  5. I stumbled into the Sims Custom Guitar Shop website, and looking through their custom finishes I found this: A bit chopped up, but you get the idea. Yours for $599 at Sims
  6. I got my copy yesterday and just had a chance to finish going through it. Seriously - anyone who even remotely enjoys Tim's work needs to own a copy of this book. As a fan, it's must have. There is so much work in there that I hadn't seen before, and the way the book is put together is just beautiful. I may be just a little biased but my favorite page has to be 164. Pretty thrilled by that, Tim!
  7. Too broke. If anyone has the chance to attend, do so. Dallas sci-fi expos are fun, relaxed, and well attended.
  8. Especially not if you got paid for it...............
  9. Marvel Knights issue 7 - 'Nuff Said. I think what came over as most obvious is that Lexi sort of gets it, but the movie was a mash-up of too many things, and nothing in particular. Earlier today I had an inspired rant that I wish I'd recorded because it included such things as Batman underoos, and who cares (or reports about) if hardcore Batman fans were whining about canon and motive when the audience for the $200m budget is 99.99% people who have never read a Batman comic but know that they see a shitload of merchandise in Wal-Mart. I liked the movie for what it was and the closest thing to my opinion is the 411mania.com review. I apologize unreservedly to all of the movie-makers and other film professionals on this board who know more than I do about these things, but I will be popping this in the DVD player and re-watching it more times than I watched the 2004 movie.
  10. It seems like Ebert's review basically says nothing. It also seems like everyone else reviewing the movie are more interested in how many movies they can compare it against, and how many directors' names they can drop. I liked the movie. I don't care what anyone says about "well in 1985's Circle of Blood" or other multi-decades long throwbacks to Spidey supporting appearances. That's not what this movie was about. This was a $35M rendition of some MAX, mixed with MK, mixed with some classic Jigsaw insanity. Professional movie reviewers probably don't have every issue, appearance, cameo, and bio publication in their basement. As far as I am concerned this movie was made for guys like me, and everyone else comparing it to Dark Knight, Spider-Man, X-Men and other big budget hero movies is missing the point by a mile. Sure, the movie is far from perfect, but as an over-the-top amalgam of the character's last 8 years, this works just fine. It was never supposed to be high art; the comic isn't, so why would anyone expect the movie to be anything other than a moving cartoon which so far seems to be it's highest accolade. As for Jigsaw's accent, he sounds exactly like my friend Ken who was born and raised in Brooklyn, and spent 15 years as an adult on Long Island. Probably the only thing I can agree with reviewers so far is that there can never be a "perfect" Punisher movie because everyone has different ideals of the character.
  11. Because that's how Tim drew him?
  12. Eric Muller from Germany sent these pics of his new tattoo to the Punisher Archives. I have seen a handful of tattoos based on Tim's work - a couple of Hellblazers, and a couple of Punishers, and I think this is the best of the bunch. It will be interesting to see how this holds up over time, but as fresh ink it's pretty spectacular.
  13. It's straight out of the comics - Punisher - Year One. issue #2. Frank turns to the bottle.
  14. I cast my vote for a certain cover artist known fairly well around these parts.
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