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  1. Thanks! I'll follow you on there. I guess no one wanted my name; I got mine on the first try.
  2. HaHa! I know....Just thought it never hurts to dream of the future. Really? That's great! What's your username on there?
  3. Interesting premise. It'd be great if TJ's involved. If so, Hannibal Classics might as well add that GIVE 'EM HELL, MALONE sequel or prequel that we've been begging to see for years to their upcoming projects.
  4. Yeah, it's nice to see RAW stay a little more up to date with the times. Who knows? Maybe one day, we'll even have a RAW app.
  5. Thank you! Always love hanging with my RAW brothers & sisters. I'll try to be more active on here. It has, thank you. Hope things are going good for you, as well.
  6. That's good. I hope we get to meet a lot of friendly TJ-admirin' folks. & maybe even a few will stick around even when the boss isn't around.
  7. Hey, Gail! Yeah, I've been busy working on various hitRECord projects, so that's been taking up a lot of my free time. Oh, TJ always lurks even when you don't think he does.....he does.
  8. Countdown!! Have you noticed an increase in members joining the forum since this announcement?
  9. Thanks for answering my questions & loving my suggestion!! I like that we can customize the shirts & select the designs/colors. Great thinking!
  10. You're crazy, all of you! But I'm sure that the execs had similar meetings about the title. I'd say call it RIPPLE EFFECT. Too bad that title is already taken. Same with THE AFTERMATH. Then of course, there was also already TSUNAMI: THE AFTERMATH (mini-series). Original, creative titles are hard.
  11. You're very welcome!! Oh, I think you're fully capable of being artistic. Way more so than you give yourself enough credit for. Hope he reads your poem!
  12. This is all SO EXCITING!! I know it's still really early.....But how's this gonna work, as far as ordering the merch? Will there be an order form set-up on the RAW site? & a way to accept various forms of payment? & what might the estimated prices be in USD? Will all designs be available in multiple colors? Because I'd love to see RAW3 with the shade of blue of RAW6. Just sayin'. I don't know about anyone else, but I'd like to pitch adding a Rusty Blades shirt to the mix, if TJ & TB will allow one. Maybe even one with fake tour dates on the back. I know...I'm reaching there.
  13. Woohoo! Glad to see we all have a date with TJ! & when you say "8pm Tom's time".....what will his time zone be on the 17th, exactly?
  14. Thank you so much, Enaira!! My pleasure! Wonderful poem, Gail!! LOVE IT!! & I'm honored that I inspired you to take the time to write it. "A shining star in an ocean of 'blah'" -- Nice one!
  15. Thanks for the update, Geoff!! Can't wait! Don't worry. I know you'll think of something & won't look like a doofus in the slightest.
  16. Thanks, Geoff! IG does have its fair share of scammers/fake accounts/negative comments, but those are easy to block & ignore. It's several steps above Twitter, which has become a place where having an opinion on just about any topic will get you trolled. But you can always set your account to private on any social media site you decide to join. If you're interested, that is. No pressure.
  17. It sure does. It doesn't feel like 15 years have gone by. I remember that experience so well. & I know everyone is entitled to having their favorite on-screen Frank Castle; for me, it will always be our TJ.
  18. Thanks! Oh, you don't have to combine ALL of the individual Bday threads. Maybe just the ones posted most recently this year? Not sure how many there are of those, but hopefully that won't take up too much of your time. Not a priority, really. Just when you can. I always loved getting a personal Bday thread myself; it is a nice little gift. So maybe that can still be a tradition reserved for staff/active members?
  19. Here's one I wrote & posted today: Let Me Be Frank (PED #16) I've got a confession To make About an addiction I can't shake Obsessed with a man Named Jane I'm not ashamed To admit this I just know I can't quit him This beautiful weirdo The most unique soul Will forever remain Stuck on my brain Barefoot and all Definitely Sportin' a fedora Rockin' a skull
  20. Thank you!! I didn't take to poetry until after high school, but it's now one of my favorite forms of writing.
  21. Today, marked the 15th Anniversary of THE PUNISHER (2004) theater release (US/CANADA). I saw it opening weekend. My fandom for TJ was launched. My love & admiration has only furthered deepened ever since.
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