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  1. Fun idea, Gail! I’m sure we’ve discussed this type of thing in the past across various threads but never really as a separate topic (to my recollection). I say start it as a thread called Same Characters, Different Actors & put it under COMICS AND FILM.
  2. I had to Google it yesterday myself. Never seen it abbreviated so fancy like.
  3. Woohoo!! That'd be SUPER RAWesome!!! Thank yoooooooooouuuuuu!!!
  4. That'd be awesome! & if they need someone to help run & police it, I volunteer.
  5. I wouldn't mind adding a pretty Director's Cut of DARK COUNTRY to my collection. Was TJ for real about its existence & how would one go about acquiring it?
  6. I remember him mentioning that....I just didn't expect him back so soon. Bless his heart. & good call to drop the LIVE from the title of this thread until his next chat.
  7. Renegade Pictures exists, too. https://www.renegadepictures.co.uk/ So they might have to just stick with Renegade or another variation. Although, RENEGADE by itself is the title of a TV series. I would think that it would need its own website. & if they started a forum for it, I'd join in a heartbeat!
  8. Ha! I love that sunshine’s question got a little early scoop. Very nice! Is TJ aware that there already is a company called Renegade Productions? https://www.renegadeproductions.com/ Coincidentally (or not), it’s out of Hunt Valley, Maryland & is considered the largest in the Baltimore-Washington, DC area. So did TJ & CLPenn just buy it or is their production company 100% new?
  9. It was very sweet of TJ to pop back in & answer some more questions.
  10. I noticed that, too. Thank you, dear!!
  11. Ok....Just covering for the everyone's drinks now.....*reads bill* AHHHHHHHHH..... *gulp*
  12. We always do. THE PUNISHER! -- That's the one! I knew it'd come to me. Watch it & enjoy (& then watch DARK COUNTRY this weekend).
  13. I'm telling EVERYONE!!! (& so do I!!)
  14. Hmmmm.....rings a bell......;-) The Sweetest Thing? No, wait.....that was 2002.....so.........I know THIS!
  15. Bottoms up! Something starring TJ, without a doubt. Give 'Em Hell, Malone?
  16. Thank you for setting up this Q&A with TJ, Geoff!!! Lots of fun! & it was a thrill to be on here with so many people at once! Enjoy the rest of your Bday!! Cheers!
  17. Thank you for spending your Friday with us, TJ!! Happy Bday to your friend! Enjoy the poems! & have fun on your next shoot! & Kentucky touches the state of Indiana. Just sayin.'
  18. HaHaHaHa....Oh, TJ. HaHaHaHa You're not THAT old. I'm sure you'll still be walking upright.....barefoot & all.
  19. The 15th Anniversary of THE PUNISHER came & went without much noise, but what is the likelihood of a cast reunion happening for, say, its 20th anniversary? (I know...too early to predict these things, but surely they take years to plan & I mainly want to know if you'd be on board for one)
  20. Thanks for answering another question! Great selection! & I love that you're getting into music your daughter likes.
  21. Thank you!!! You are too sweet!
  22. Thanks for answering sunshine's question!! Truly appreciated! & I understand. New production company -- Awesome!! RENEGADE -- Great name! Stephen King adaptation -- Fantastic!!
  23. Thanks for sharing, Enaira!!
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