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    Congratulations, Paola! You must be so proud. Keeping everyone who’s experiencing extremely bad weather in my thoughts & prayers. Stay safe & strong, RAWarriors.
  2. WARNING: SPOILER ALERT! La Llorona: Spooky! Ghost stories that involve children always give me the creeps. At least, I now know to not approach a weeping stranger, especially one dressed in a long white dress who’s been dead for years. She kidnaps children to try to get her children she drowned as revenge for a cheating husband. How eerie were those ghost children popping up slowly out of the water. Yikes! No one on the police force speaks Spanish? Seriously? Even I took 3 years of the language in high school. I may not remember every single word, but I could actually understand the
  3. I'm guessing they've been busy with creating more RAW materials for us. Both Tom & Tim have made convention appearances, attended book signings & screenings, & have been promoting this RAW Studios website & forum a lot. As for filming their western, that will start shooting in spring, which means they've got tons of pre-production work to do during these upcoming months. I'm proud of TJ & TB for managing to balance everything (living life & working hard) so efficiently.
  4. I love this interview! It's great to know more about A Magnificent Death from a Shattered Hand's story. I can't wait to find out who else has been &/or will be cast in it.
  5. http://www.whosay.co...e/photos/239484 DESERT NOIR 3D - BIG MOTION PICTURE DOUBLE BILL DARK COUNTRY & INFERNO 3D THOMAS JANE IN-PERSON! Interviewed Onstage by EDDIE MULLER October 28th @ 7pm Downtown Independent Theater Get Tickets & More Info here: http://la3dclub.com/desertnoir3d/ Have double the three-dimensional fun!
  6. Argo is pure brilliance! I knew the ending, and yet I would still find myself getting nervous/anxious during the intense moments. I recognized 16 actors in the film; each one brought a lot of talent to the table. Alan Arkin & John Goodman provided the comic relief; they really played off one another well. Bryan Cranston is outstanding; of course, he always is. I love Tate Donovan, so it was nice to see him in a nice size role on the big screen. I was hoping John Boyd who played Arlo on 24 would have a bigger part in Argo, partly because I’ve been going around and saying, “Arlo is goin
  7. WARNING: SPOILER ALERT! The Other Side: There’s a lot of scenes in this episode that didn’t have main cast members. Early on, while we were watching the students compete or hang out, it didn’t feel like an episode of Grimm. Turtle people! I really like these creatures. Capt. Renard is stalking Juliette? He’d only have to have been put under a spell for that to happen. I’m still intrigued about seeing what Renard looks like when he completely morphs. The beast ended up being one of the students, so again, a young person has been attacking people. It didn’t look right to see
  8. WARNING: SPOILER ALERT! The Bottle Imp: I didn’t know Nick was dreaming when Juliette said she remembers him. I was hoping we could finally be over the whole forgetting Nick situation. Why are they drawing out such a boring story line? This issue should’ve been solved by now. Monroe taking over Rosalee’s Spice Shop for her is a lovely gesture. But too bad he screwed up the guy's formula. I didn’t know what was gonna happen to Leroy; he went crazy, but I thought he’d die from it. A father, played by Josh Stewart, is on the run with his daughter. Josh Stewart!? Oh, boy! I was exc
  9. Oh, man. I want a book so badly. Wishing every lucky person who attends the release party a grand time & may the Dark Country GN be a successful, hot item & be met with an eager embrace by comic book lovers & film enthusiasts.
  10. Thanks for posting this fantastic Q&A, Mike V! I really enjoyed hearing Tom recount his stories & discuss his theater past.
  11. I’m in love with “Heart On Fire” by Scars On 45. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXndFmaZkwQ
  12. WARNING: SPOILER ALERT! Over My Dead Body: Best one of the season! Date night in Portland- Juliette & Nick (yawn). Monroe & Rosalee (awww). Capt. Renard and a blonde woman (what!?). In the bar, I didn’t know the guy was going to turn into something, too. I didn’t even recognize the woman as Angelina, and I knew she’d attack the guy. I’m so tired of men blaming women for their coming onto them, so he did get what he deserved. Then, she gets hired to kill Monroe because he assists Nick. Not fair! But luckily, she has a history with Monroe and doesn’t want to kill
  13. I went to ScareFest last Saturday & had a blast. These people know what they’re doing as far as running a convention. Everything was well-organized. The Security handled the lines efficiently. Plus, it helped that everyone was located in the same room, since this place is an actual center for conventions. The place was crowded, but no one seemed overly bothered by it. Cancellations come with the territory of conventions, but it always stings a bit when someone you’re dying to meet can’t make it. Clive Barker had a really good reason; he was quite ill. Malcolm McDowell couldn’t g
  14. It is nice when the voice of fans is taken into consideration so much so that a change occurs to enhance to the experience for us. I couldn’t stand Reggie Lee on Prison Break, but I do like him as Sgt. Wu on Grimm, which proves he’s a good actor. Good eye on spotting a wedding band. I’m not sure. I can’t remember him mentioning too much of his personal life. Perhaps he does what he does (good or bad) in order to protect his family. WARNING: SPOILER ALERT! The Good Shepherd: This episode featured more drama than action. Juliette - Monroe got to be a part of the ma
  15. Rosella

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    Keep your head held high, and your heart will mend itself in time.
  16. Slice of SciFi Inside RAW Studios Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzgEp0wzt9o&list=UUsVGoKsLa27-gFdYrN9FTpQ&index=4&feature=plcp Love the interview! I like how Tom handles his gun. <):-) Congratulations on getting financed! I’m sure other studios do care about the films they make, but I strongly feel like RAW goes above and beyond even further to make quality a priority. I love variety, so I totally get the desire to have each RAW project stand on its own with its own brand of originality. It’s sort of like wanting to make something that hasn’t been
  17. Ladies & Gentleman, I present the winning Emmy look: 2012 Emmys After Parties http://tv.yahoo.com/...ties-slideshow/ I love the hat, the jacket, & the red pants (I just got a pair of red pants last week)! TJ sure knows style.
  18. Thank you for reading, jayesse! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for reading, Brian McQuery! So cool! Michael & Jennifer really are great to their fans. It’s nice that even though they were so busy during that weekend, they made time for everything (premiere, convention, podcast) They were passing out free posters of The Victim at the convention; my brother made he sure he got one of 'em. It’s fantastic that you got to do a Q&A w/ all of them. You & Lance keeping in touch is awesome, as well. I’ve read a lot of fans’ bad experiences with various
  19. I thoroughly enjoyed this delectable interview. There’s something soothing about watching my inspirations discussing their creative work in a personal setting. I’m anticipating the 2nd part, but just this installment alone is one of the best interviews with Thomas & Timothy about RAW. It feels more intimate than past Q&As. Plus, the interviewer did a great job, which helped the interaction between everyone flow more naturally. You have a gorgeous place, Tom. Can’t wait for the RAW revamp! & I’m lovin’ how TB & TJ are now Beard Bros.
  20. HAPPY 28th BIRTHDAY, justaguy1984!!! Wishing you a fantastic day!
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    Congratulations, Esco!
  22. Awesome & exciting! -- It has a well-balanced amount of action & suspense. Excellent episode, Mr. Doss!
  23. Thanks for reading, John! I think I’ve only left conventions a couple times saying, “That was well organized!” With each year, HHW keeps getting bigger and bigger, which they proudly brag about. However, the bigger it gets, the more things get out of their control. This previous one is my 6th horror convention (3rd HHW), so I know what to expect. Some of these volunteers/staff members act like it’s their 1st con. I know it isn’t, because I recognize many of them. I didn’t receive any rudeness from anyone, but there was a lack of knowledge & enthusiasm among the workers.
  24. People get in a hurry and overlook their mistakes. No worries. I commented about the spelling error in the article, and it has been corrected.
  25. Dirty Laundry BTS 02: Great collection of photos! Love the music & TJ in slow-mo.
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