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  1. On 12/19/2019 at 10:23 AM, Enaira said:


    the winter starts in two days, Xmas is right outta the door, ready to sparkle our lives with joy, candle lights and car rental fun. But there's a dark side to Xmas and especially Santa can be disturbingly dangerous!

    I'd like to follow (only this year!) the fantastic Xmas tradition of fun videos started by @Rosella and present a (somewhat) ancient but full of references video that my to-be-husband created. My contribution was to bake the cake and break everything in the kitchen. I'm good at exactly that.

    Hope you'll enjoy!


    I didn't get to mention this earlier (b/c TJ's chat had started).....but that was great! 😂😂 I guess you can't say that "No Chocolate Santas were harmed during the making of this production." HaHa! 


    Sooooooo who had to grab the Santa outta the toilet? 😏

  2. 1 minute ago, Thomas Jane said:


    i love noir and i love sci fi so this was a great fit form the beginning. the problem was it was set up at sci fi, which was kinda ghetto tv at the time. 

    nobody wants to be doing a show on Sy Fy (w the actual fuck is sy fy?) 

    so everyone was telling me to turn it down. 

    but Alcon - the guys who did the new Blade Runner - were putting up the money and they promised this was no ordinary (oh god here it comes again) SyFy show

    so i took the gamble.

    thank god it seems to have paid off


    HaHaHa!! 😆 I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't like that change from being the Sci Fi channel to SyFy. I think they just did it for trademark purposes. 

  3. 1 minute ago, Thomas Jane said:

    that's a good question!  Raw will stay where it is for now, but my guess is we'll probably merge our content. 

    Why thank you! 😊 I commend you for running both but would also welcome a merging of the two. As long as you're making content you can be proud of, that's what matters.  

  4. 2 minutes ago, Thomas Jane said:

    The Big Red One

    I'm all about Lee Marvin

    but i think those great old films should be left alone, for the most part.

    I agree. But I would trust a classic remake in your hands, & I wouldn't say that to just anyone. 

  5. Just now, Thomas Jane said:

    all of it. the best parts are the prep and working with the crew. then there's rehearsals with cast. awesome. then shooting. also awesome.  all of it

    Thanks for another response! Oh, I love reading that! 😀🥰 I'm glad you enjoyed the process & hope you'll get more directing opportunities for TV/film. 

  6. Renegade Entertainment sounds like a very promising venture. I read that, in addition to films, the company plans to make games & immersive content.  What types of games & immersive content? Is there anything currently in develop for either one (anything you can discuss, of course)? 

  7. Just now, Thomas Jane said:

    i'm hanging at my new house with the fam. not going anywhere!

    LA is great cause the place just empties out this time of year

    ghost town

    Thanks for answering my question! How lovely! 😊 Hope all of you have a wonderful time together. 

  8. 1 minute ago, Thomas Jane said:

    happy holidays people! 

    ive got lots going on but i'm happy to be able to take an hour or so for our last Q&A of the year

    thanks Geoff for setting it up and getting my ass to a computer

    this year was great for me and i hope next year will be even better for everyone

    so whats up folks?

    Happy Holidays to you & yours, TJ! What are your plans for Christmas/New Year's Eve? 

  9. @EnairaIt always sucks when someone you want to see cancels. Hope you get to meet both Xander & Mary Lynn soon! They're both very sweet people in-person & spend a generous amount of time with their fans. 😊 Xander is hilarious! 

    Great photos! I'm jealous that you attended a Christopher Lloyd panel. I'd love to meet him one day. 

  10. 1 minute ago, The Goktor said:

    I can't see it being an official one. I totally get that lower budget movies won't always have the bandwidth for the kind of posters that the A-list ones have but this one looks like they got someone from Fiverr! 🤣🤣🤣 

    Hey Geoff, y'know if the powers that be need a great designer at a reasonable price, I have someone I could put them in touch with! She is epic! 

    Really? Because I can picture myself stumbling across this at Wal-Mart really easy. HaHa! 


  11. 1 minute ago, The Goktor said:

    Because amateurs!

    I'd actually go so far as to say that the tagline is terrible. Makes my inner copywriter twitch! Ha ha! It really does look like a bad fan-made poster... mayhap it is. No idea.

    It actually looks as though Tom's head has been Photoshopped onto someone else's body. He looks like one of our airport security police in that poster... which I'm sure what CB is not about! 😂



    Yup. Yeah.....that tagline definitely lacks originality. 

    I think a fan-made poster would've been better than this, which I'm hoping is just a mock-up. Please don't be the official one. That would be sad. 

  12. 14 minutes ago, Enaira said:

    Also astonishing (and I love to be astonished) is the fact that I envisioned a detective fully compliant with the cliché: large hat, small hidden gun under the coat. The gun he holds here is larger than ... well... extremely large. It isn't even a gun. What type of detective will we discover? 

    Who knows? But now we'll have to see if his character fires that bad boy or if it's just a poster prop. 😅

  13. 3 minutes ago, The Goktor said:

    Oh, I agree about not having the love interest! It worked well for Tennant and Piper but it was so disappointing when they did it again with Freema. Just, why?! I loved that with Donna, the point was made right from the start that it wasn't going to happen! 

    If you do watch Smith's series, do bear in mind that his first is largely rubbish. But he is brilliant, and reminds me so much of Patrick Troughton's Doctor. Troughton was my first Doctor... they say you never forget your first! Ha ha! Smith really comes into his own toward the end of his stint. 

    I liked Capaldi's Doctor. A lot. I just really didn't like most of the stories he was given. The Robin Hood one was excruciating! LOL! Flatline was good though.

    Whittaker's enthusiasm feels to me, too forced, whereas with Tennant, it was completely natural. It feels as though the directors and writers were just trying too hard to recreate that off the wall aspect, and as a result, it seems (to me, anyway) completely fake. But... that could be entirely down to the fact that I've mostly watched her in serious roles! I suspect also, that I feel disappointed because in the past, female characters have largely been done really well (let's just gloss over Christina de Souza!), whereas practically everything about Whittaker's Doctor just seems so weak. But hey, horses for courses - it wouldn't do for us all to have the same taste, would it?! 

    Torchwood is far more adult-themed, and centres around a female cop - Gwen (pretty much an arsehole!) who stumbles across a covert team of alien specialists, led by Capt. Jack Harness (yay!). Burn Gorman (Murtry in Expanse S4) is in it, also playing an arsehole! Some of the stories are a bit naff but on the whole, they are really good. The mini-series, Children of Men, was epic! If you get around to watching it, though, do yourself a favour, and stop after Children of Men. Don't watch Miracle Day (it was on Starz - that should be off-putting enough, ha ha!)... if you do, you may regret it!

    Yes, Donna was a fun addition to the series. 

    I might check out Smith, though the fact that the material wasn't done well doesn't make me want to rush to see it anytime soon. My first was Tennant, so maybe that's why I compare the others to him. 

    HaHa! Yes, not all of the stories for Capaldi were that great, but I still enjoyed seeing him. "Flatline" is a great one. 

    I can see why you would think it was forced. One of my uncles has always loved watching DOCTOR WHO, but he finds the 13th Doctor over-the-top & annoying, just like you do. This is my first time experiencing Jodie Whittaker, so I don't have her serious roles as a comparison. Don't worry. I'm not going to make you watch any more episodes of hers. 

    Capt. Jack would be my reason to see it! 😁 I had heard a lot of praise for CHILDREN OF MEN. I hadn't heard too much of anything for MIRACLE DAY, so maybe fans are pretending it didn't happen. 

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