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  1. I didn't get to mention this earlier (b/c TJ's chat had started).....but that was great! I guess you can't say that "No Chocolate Santas were harmed during the making of this production." HaHa! Sooooooo who had to grab the Santa outta the toilet?
  2. Absolutely! & so do you, Ariane!
  3. Thank you so much for making this Q&A happen, Geoff!!! The perfect early Christmas present! Happiest Holidays to you & yours!!!!!!!
  4. Thank you so much for your time, TJ! We really appreciate it. Wishing you a very happy & successful 2020!!!!!!! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us!!!!!
  5. Do you or Courtney have plans to attend Sundance Film Festival next year for Renegade business or no?
  6. HaHaHa!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't like that change from being the Sci Fi channel to SyFy. I think they just did it for trademark purposes.
  7. Why thank you! I commend you for running both but would also welcome a merging of the two. As long as you're making content you can be proud of, that's what matters.
  8. Will you continue to produce films/graphic novels through RAW Entertainment? Or will those projects now be made by Renegade?
  9. Whoa! That sounds cool! Looking forward to it! (thank you for Aing another Q!)
  10. I agree. But I would trust a classic remake in your hands, & I wouldn't say that to just anyone.
  11. Thanks for another response! Oh, I love reading that! I'm glad you enjoyed the process & hope you'll get more directing opportunities for TV/film.
  12. Renegade Entertainment sounds like a very promising venture. I read that, in addition to films, the company plans to make games & immersive content. What types of games & immersive content? Is there anything currently in develop for either one (anything you can discuss, of course)?
  13. Thanks for answering my question! How lovely! Hope all of you have a wonderful time together.
  14. It’s BEYOND AWESOME that you got to direct an episode of THE EXPANSE! What were some of your favorite parts of that whole experience?
  15. Happy Holidays to you & yours, TJ! What are your plans for Christmas/New Year's Eve?
  16. Thank you, Gail! Feels good to be back.
  17. @Gail I'm here! I'm here! *waves*
  18. @EnairaIt always sucks when someone you want to see cancels. Hope you get to meet both Xander & Mary Lynn soon! They're both very sweet people in-person & spend a generous amount of time with their fans. Xander is hilarious! Great photos! I'm jealous that you attended a Christopher Lloyd panel. I'd love to meet him one day.
  19. Geoff -- That's great that you get to do the art for this one, too! Can't wait to see your spin on it!
  20. Really? Because I can picture myself stumbling across this at Wal-Mart really easy. HaHa!
  21. Yup. Yeah.....that tagline definitely lacks originality. I think a fan-made poster would've been better than this, which I'm hoping is just a mock-up. Please don't be the official one. That would be sad.
  22. Who knows? But now we'll have to see if his character fires that bad boy or if it's just a poster prop.
  23. Rosella

    I JUST...

    Yes, Donna was a fun addition to the series. I might check out Smith, though the fact that the material wasn't done well doesn't make me want to rush to see it anytime soon. My first was Tennant, so maybe that's why I compare the others to him. HaHa! Yes, not all of the stories for Capaldi were that great, but I still enjoyed seeing him. "Flatline" is a great one. I can see why you would think it was forced. One of my uncles has always loved watching DOCTOR WHO, but he finds the 13th Doctor over-the-top & annoying, just like you do. This is my first time experiencing Jodi
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