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  1. Well, I wrote a little something for our captain. It's a poem (sorta). Happy Birthday Thomas Jane… To say it in a tweet would be too quick. Too short. Waaaaaaayyyy too brief. & let’s face it…140 characters are never enough for me. To say it in an email would reach you sooner than snail, unless it was to go unread, then EPIC FAIL, FAIL, FAIL. To say it on the forum would be nice, actually, because your biggest supporters live on there, but your personal social visits, I’m afraid, are simply much too rare. To say it on the phone would be a great way to go, but I don’t have your phone number (cell or home) at all (hint, hint) so you won’t get my call. To say it to your face in person (now we’re talking) would make for a grand memory but considering we live too far apart could never be arranged sadly. (ha! maybe one day) To say it on a birthday cake would be rather tasty…..BUT I wouldn’t know when/where/how to send it once it’s baked & then who would eat every piece?…….(me) So I guess there’s really only one way I can say it, one place where I can say it from…. And that is… …………………FROM THE HEART. So, in the most sincerest form with hugs & kisses & love galore, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, THOMAS JANE!!! -- I wish you sweet happiness & so much more!! -- Rosella @-}-->---
  2. I saw Ron Perlman's episodes of The Blacklist. He was good on it. They could've utilized him better. I expected him to be their worst baddie yet, but he wasn't exactly jaw-drop shock bad. This season of The Blacklist isn't exciting enough. I'm still watching it for James Spader. I guess. I watched the premiere of The Slap. It's an okay show. It's not what I'd call a must-see. I'm not really sure why they got all of these stars together to make it, but it's something to watch. They consider it controversial, most likely just to get ratings. I spent my Sunday night watchingL SNL (7-11:30pm). That's a lot of TV to consume. I enjoyed it. I think they presented the right mixture of past clips and new skits. Seeing Will Ferrell & Norm MacDonald reprise their roles as Alex Trebek & Burt Reynolds was just one of the greatest things ever. Did anyone else watch SNL 40? Thoughts?
  3. HAPPY 48TH BIRTHDAY, TIM BRADSTREET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tim, you are the heart & soul of RAW. Even when you’re not around here, your presence is still felt, & your art is always admired. You leave us in awe each & every time you create a story on a cover, breathing new life into the ink. You are brilliant, kind, & wonderful!!! Hope you have a fantastic celebration & enjoy your special day!! *HUGS with HEART* -- Rosella
  4. I do all I can. Let us know when you find &/or get it.
  5. I got my DVD!! Yay me!
  6. Rosella

    keep it raw!

    Actually, I think the boards have been fairly active, considering TJ & TB's absences & the fact that we have a low number of really "active" members. Tom's movies keep coming out one-by-one, and some people have been posting reviews & whatnot. Geoff got Tom to do a Q&A for us, which was a great gift to have. Through that & forms of outside press, we've been able to stay informed with most of the updates on various projects. Sure, there's always other un-RAW-like things we can talk about in the meantime, and maybe we should. I've noticed new members engaging in conversations, too, so that's a nice plus. And when more do, which I strongly encourage, then you'll notice more excitement & perhaps feel the passion a bit more, too. Could we post more often? Yes! Should we post more often? Absolutely! But here we are at the end of January.....Still very early in the year....Who knows what can happen in the coming months? Texas Rising is just around the corner. The Expanse should give us something to talk about more TJane-oriented when we get closer to its arrival. I don't think we'll ever run out of topics anytime soon, so if you feel inclined to start a new topic, do so. Then another. Then another. & if you want to share trailers of movies you want to see, do it. Or mention something that just happened to you the other day, do that. We need more "I JUST's", if anything. But you're right....If we interact more frequently, this place will look & feel more alive.
  7. John, your review has given me hope for it. Vice already has a Blu-ray/DVD US release date: March 17, 2015
  8. Yeah, it's mainly going to be available online. Though, I just saw it at a store (f.y.e.) last week. Whenever I find a copy, I always move it towards the front so others can find it easily. And if it's trapped under a pile of movies in a bin, I always place it on top. So keep searching/digging for it, & it might just pop up. Or stop looking, & then you'll really find it.
  9. I highly recommend all of you listen to this audio interview. Milling About With Thomas Jane: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/robin-milling/2015/01/14/milling-about-with-thomas-jane He had some very nice things to say about our RAW community/forum. He shares his views on social media (what he says about fb is amusing & I agree 100%). Plus, he talks about VICE, THE EXPANSE, A MAGNIFICENT DEATH FROM A SHATTERED HAND, TEXAS RISING, & so much more!! I <3 this man.
  10. Here's the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28698RwYdCw I really like how it's all presented. There are just so many actors I like on this show. FUN FACT: Tom's daughter Harlow plays a part on this show.
  11. Yeah, it was fun. I got to join in on TJ's reddit, surprisingly, considering I found out about it half hour before it began & showed up a half hour late. I had never been on reddit before, so it was cool to get an answer from Tom my first time doing it. Entertainment Weekly gave VICE a D+. The review was brief and mainly bashed Bruce Willis, but they really couldn't find anything to praise about it. But, if you guys are out shopping & find a copy (Boyhood, front cover), you have to turn to pg. 55. There's a tiny pic of Tom.
  12. I love the fedora, too. Some people are knocking it. Whatever. Y'know....I actually thought about Bad Planet when I was watching it, which I still think could be made into a movie, either live-action or CGI or both.
  13. What!? Nooooooooooooooooooooooo.....I'd still see it, either way. Plus, there's still time for him to change his mind. & he could always do a cameo in the film, instead.
  14. Wooooohoooo!!!!!!!! Well, here's the trailer for everyone's viewing pleasure: *whistles* Ain't she a beauty?
  15. That would've been cool! Sadly, no....I just got the Blu-ray when I need the DVD version. Someone else got my copy, & I got theirs. Tiny mistake.
  16. I got my rewards on Monday. Yaaaaaaaaaaayyyy!! The wrong version of the movie, though. But no worries. The issue has been straightened out, and I'm expecting my correct shipment soon.
  17. We are now in the month of Vice. Would you both agree that Tom's skills with guns blow you away every time? (he, he....get it?) People, we are now in the month of Vice. If you see it, please let us know what you think.
  18. I saw a tweet mentioning the rewards will be shipping soon, so that's good. I did see the movie out in stores the other day. It had a nice slipcover, too, so I hope mine comes with one.
  19. Oh, that would be great! Plus, it'd be awesome if we could have a Q&A arranged with Bradstreet, as well. Anyone have the power to make this happen? Or better yet, set it up for a convention (maybe Mike could do this???) & turn it into a video Q&A with us sending in questions on the forum prior to the event & then Tim could give his answers for us on camera during the con. Now, THAT would be SWEET!!
  20. Yeah, I thought it looked Sin City-ish, too. Maybe that's the movie Tom should've joined instead.
  21. I'm happy Daniel Craig is returning, but I'm really excited about Christoph Waltz & Andrew Scott joining the Bond universe. I think those additions alone will make the movie great.
  22. HAPPY 47th BIRTHDAY, MIKE!!! Thank you so much for all that you do for us here on RAW!! Now, go have yourself a GRAND Bday & a WONDERFUL & HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!
  23. Happy Holidays, Noeland, John, & Mike!!! Mike, that sounds like a very memorable & enjoyable Christmas. I had an AMAZING Christmas. It was close to being a disaster, though, because I developed flu-like symptoms on Christmas Eve Eve that carried over to Christmas Eve. I was miserable. But I was feeling better by the big day, and the joy in the air helped cure me in time to enjoy the holiday. I ended up spending lots of quality time with my family opening presents, eating candy, & squeezing in a big dinner in the evening. Plus, in addition to all of the festive fun, I watched a little bit of Deep Blue Sea on TV. A Christmas miracle, perhaps? We watched an episode of Will & Grace & Doctor Who while eating Christmas cake. Yeah.....cake at 11 o'clock.....probably not the best idea for someone getting over being sick. But.....I ate it & it was delicious. Hope everyone has a wonderful 2015!!!
  24. I got Drive Hard for Christmas, so now I don't have to go out there & buy it for myself. Yay!!
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