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  1. Cool! Yeah, it's hard to post pictures on here. Photobucket should work. Key word = should
  2. 3? Just 3? Thanks for making this difficult, Geoff. Y’know we have so many favorites of Tom’s. But I do think it’s nice to narrow down the best of the best. You made excellent selections. Here are mine: (BEWARE: SOME SLIGHT SPOILERS AHEAD) 3. THE PUNISHER - Too obvious? Maybe. A movie that even none-TJane fans would know? Sure. But, as I mention often, this movie is my Thomas Jane introduction. It’s my Thomas Jane essential. It’s because of this movie that I became aware of Tom and more aware of Frank Castle and joined RAW to meet all of you lovely guys/gals. And Tom Jane is Frank Castle. Not in real life, no. But on-screen, he is Frank Castle aka The Punisher. And no movie critic nor naysayer will ever make me think differently. They can remake this comic book character many, many times, and I will always think of Tom as Frank first, even if he didn’t play the first Frank. And if you think of comic book movie acting in general, Tom’s performance is the best performance. Think about it. Think about it hard. With the role, he’s so quiet and subtle. His pain of losing loved ones is deep and tragic. You feel his pain and his numbness to it. He says more by not saying much. And I left the theater wondering, “Who is THAT guy?” After all of these years, I still don’t really know. 2. DARK COUNTRY - Okay, my next choice happens to be a movie directed by Tom, which probably gave it a boost to make my list. While other directors tell Tom how to say a certain line or hold a certain pause longer here and there, in this movie, Tom delivered the characters the way he wanted, the way he interpreted them. Plus, I think Tom demonstrated so much range between playing Dick and Bloodyface. You get to see light & dark sides of both. Dick goes from loving to fearful to mistrustful to terrified for his life. He’s yelling, he’s getting angry/upset, and it just feels attention-grabbing and significant. And then, there’s Bloodyface who is scared and sinister and cocky all during one quick drive. With this one, Tom altered more than just his physical appearance. He made one character feel like different people, and I think that’s remarkable. 1. STANDER - It’s my favorite Thomas Jane film of all-time, and one of my favorite films ever. I just love seeing Tom wearing all of those disguises. The wigs & prosthetics -- I love it! I love it! I can’t get enough of it! So the part of Andre gives us a chance to see Tom playing a real man who was playing a part. So he’s acting inside his own performance. And as Andre, Tom gets to demonstrate his intelligent & funny & charismatic sides, as well as, dramatic and heartbreaking. It’s just such a strong role for him. And yes, that accent is incredible. I wish Tom would do more accents. There are just so many reasons why I watch this film over & over, again and they all come down to seeing and feeling Tom own it all. So, that’s my list, everyone. What’s yours?
  3. Another title? Really!? I guess this delay brought all kinds of changes, because it looks like it got itself the R-rating fans wanted.
  4. I'm long overdue on writing my extensive review for it, but I think Reach Me is a really great film, too. Collection? That's odd to change the name of the movie when the title goes with the book that the movie is about. Does it have a different cover on the Blu-ray & DVD or is just the title different?
  5. A TJ movie in my bday month -- Can't complain. Titles of movies are interesting as they change country to country. Maybe you'll get it as Somnia.
  6. It is a great interview, but don't sell yourself so short. Your interview was more fan inclusive. You let a lot of people be a part of your Q&A, which makes it feel more personal. So with your interview, Tom wasn't just answering questions; he was answering our questions.
  7. sinn's right....You shouldn't send anything to have it signed. If I remember correctly, they even mentioned not sending items. They wouldn't want to be held accountable for lost items in the mail. You should email the site and ask how to go about handling the shipping.
  8. HOPPY EASTER WISHES TO EVERYBUNNY!!! Eat great food & surround yourself with great people.
  9. VICE is in stores in case anyone didn't know or hasn't picked up a copy, yet. I've seen it just about everywhere that sells movies, so it should be easy to find.
  10. Yeah, we can't support sites that share movies illegally. I don't trust those "Free Movie" sites, anyways. Great job on keeping things safe & in order for us, John! *thumbs up* & maybe there should be a rule on here that pertains to sharing links for those kinds of sites.
  11. These props/wardrobe pieces are AWESOME, Sundance!! Thanks for sharing them with us. I'm glad that they're in the possession of a true Tom Jane fan such as yourself. Hope you get a hold of more!!
  12. This movie has a new title & a trailer: Before I Wake aka the movie that will keep me up for weeks after watching. I'm a wimp so I may lose sleep after just seeing this scary trailer alone. It's PG-13 but it still looks terrifying. I tell ya...creepy kids with no eyes scare me. Can someone please update this thread title to match the new one?
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like Grizzly will open this May (US release date).
  14. Rosella

    keep it raw!

    Brrrrrrrrr....that's cold. As for my RAW incidents.......Car got stuck in ice (not snow a patch of ice) in gravel and couldn't move it for 3 days!?! Talk about feeling stranded & frustrated. What else? What....else?......Oh right.....A bat got into my house somehow & was swooping around my living room late in the evening last night. Had to get it out using a shoe box duct-taped to a long pole. The bat was screeeeeeeeeeeeeching like crazy. Not fun at all. So yup......2 RAW things; 1 week.
  15. Rosella

    keep it raw!

    But why would Bing, a search engine after all, pop up on here under members? I see it frequently along with Yahoo.
  16. That's great that the show has more to it than just what it sounds like it'd be. It's in its 3rd season, so it must be maintaining viewership fairly well. The Walking Dead still has my interest. But the spin-off does not. Lance Henriksen was barely in last week's episode of The Blacklist. I know he's coming back, so I hope he gets to be in them more. BUT seeing Jeffrey DeMunn was a nice surprise. & his character was unlike anything I've seen him play before. So at least, he made the episode worth watching. Spader's Reddington was showcased more than he's been lately, so that's good. This probably would be my fave episode of the season thus far. Okay.....The Last Man on Earth.....Is anyone watching this HILARIOUS show? Will Forte is a comedic genius!
  17. HAPPY 33rd BIRTHDAY, JOHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make sure you have the BEST CELEBRATION EVER with your family & friends!!!
  18. HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY, BLONDIELOX!!! Hope you had a fantastically special day & that the celebration continues this weekend!!
  19. HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY, Padre!!! Hope you had a lovely & grand time turning 28!!
  20. I really want to see Fargo. I've heard/read a lot of great things about it. TJ as Don Draper.....Oh what could've been... Congrats on the promotion, John!! Bob Odenkirk has done so much prior to Breaking Bad but Saul seems to be the character of his that has a mega fan following. Good for him, I say! I love Odenkirk. Ash vs Evil Dead....Yes! It's funny how Bruce always thought no one would want to see an old Ash & would laugh at the idea of returning to playing that character. But it's happening, & it'll actually be on Starz towards the end of this year. Vikings....Who's on that show & what about it do you find most appealing, sinn? Lance Henriksen is going to be on The Blacklist? Great! Just when I was going to give up on watching it (not enough Spader & too much bad writing). The FBI agents always get captured. Always. & it looks like his first ep airs this Thursday. Okay. I'll watch it for Henriksen. Well, I'm looking forward to that story. Vikings walk-on role? 9th place? What'chu talkin' 'bout, Mike?
  21. Whoa! & that's just part one!? Thanks for posting! Looks like we all have a lot of Tom to watch to keep us busy for awhile.
  22. Cool! Listening to More Than Enough's "Yay For Coozy" as I type this right now. So far, I like what I'm hearing.
  23. Awesome! I can't wait to get a sense of what 007 has in store for us this time around.
  24. Welcome to RAW World, Sundance!! It's always great to meet another TJ fan. That's so cool that you have those movie props! Perhaps you can upload the pics to photobucket & share them on here that way?
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