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    I JUST...

    ...saw that we are 1 member away from reaching 12,000 members on this forum. Not sure how accurate that is (considering most members don't post or sound like real people), but that's a way bigger number than it was when I joined. YAY-RAW!!
  2. It's been awfully quiet around here lately......I think I heard a tumbleweed roll by but that's about it. Is Tim or Tom attending SDCC 2016? Any big RAW announcements planned? Anyone on here going?
  3. I've been sticking with Wayward Pines for a 2nd season. It's not as intriguing or shocking as the 1st, but it has its moments. But I LOVE BrainDead!! Has anyone seen it? It's about bugs entering people's heads & feasting on the brains of politicians......It's hilarious! & with this crazy election year, it's timing couldn't be more perfect. Mary Elizabeth Winstead & Tony Shaloub star on it. It's pretty graphic (for network TV, anyway) -- exploding heads & parts of brains falling out of ears. But it's a really clever & interesting show. WATCH IT!!
  4. Wow, Mike! What a wonderful experience! I've always wanted to go to London. I'm glad you got the chance to enjoy it.
  5. Thanks for the update, Geoff! They should screen it at HorrorHound Weekend in Indy & get TJ to introduce it. Just sayin'.
  6. AWESOME!! *sitting on the edge of my seat*
  7. Nice one, Weber! Standoff is just one of those films that grips you tight & doesn't let go. TJ & Laurence Fishburne are incredible!! Powerful performances from everyone. Even that young Ella Ballentine is impressive.
  8. Thanks, Noeland!! Ha! That might be a bit of an understatement, but I yeah....I could barely contain my excitement/nerves. I've been a fan of Kiefer's for half my life & counting. I was taken aback by his kindness, that's for sure. Awesome!! It should be coming out sometime this month. He & his band are heading off to Canada soon, so if any of you fine folks up north have the time, I strongly encourage you to go see them. They'll be in Toronto on June 27th.........so.....y'know......if TJ can get away from The Expanse set that day & wants to see an awesome band LIVE......there ya go.
  9. If you made it through reading my long journal post above, THANK YOU!! I appreciate your time & energy. Here's an article about the concert in Indy: http://www.indystar.com/story/entertainment/2016/04/25/whiskey-and-honesty-kiefer-sutherlands-country-music-debut/83514218/ (it mentions the necklace & contains great pics of Kiefer wearing it) Here's a slideshow for your viewing pleasure (you can even see the reverse side of the necklace in detail): http://m.nuvo.net/indianapolis/slideshow-kiefer-sutherland-at-the-vogue/Content?oid=3949585#PhotoSwipe1462226867976 & just in case you don't track my every move on Twitter..... ......I proudly present to you...........my pic of Kiefer & me..... (that's our car reflected onto Kiefer's tour bus) If Kiefer & his band play anywhere near you, please go out & see them. I strongly advise it. They are tremendous!
  10. I didn't realize this had been pieced together that long ago. I saw that TJ shared the link on Twitter earlier this month. It's exquisite!
  11. Infatuated? Ummmmm…..More like hardcore in love with… Let me tell you a story… On Sunday night, I saw Kiefer Sutherland in concert (trying to remain calm because the insanely, incredibly awesome parts are coming). I found out that Kiefer was going on tour just last month. He has an album coming out this summer (I CAN’T WAIT!). Anyways, I found out he was coming to Indy. Needless to say, but I’m gonna, I flipped out. O-MOTHER-OF-ALL-GOODNESSES, I flipped out!!! I went Ka-razy. After taking a few breaths, though, I tried to play it cool. Honest. And for me this wasn’t a question of going or not. I was gonna go. Done deal. No matter what. If I was sick with the flu, I would’ve gone (luckily I was perfectly healthy but for stomach butterflies). Tickets went on sale the following day, & I got tickets that very day. Only $17.50 (plus fees) per ticket to see Kiefer? Well-worth it. Trust me. Okay…..Now, you know me. Whenever I meet someone, I know it’s my one chance to make that person feel as special as he or she always been to me. Kiefer’s no exception (in fact, he set the bar highest than anyone has ever). So I painted some shirts for me & my mom to wear to the show. Hers read “KIEFER SUTHERLAND DOWN IN A HOLE“ & mine read “KIEFER SUTHERLAND ROCKS MY WORLD.” Then, of course, I made him a gift. Just in case. Because this is a concert not a convention. There’s no guarantee you’re going to meet the musician or band at these types of shows. I know that. I’m not delusional. In the past, whenever I’ve attended concerts, I’ve only met the opening acts never the main attraction. But that all changed on Sunday. And as much as it is for his character Jack Bauer, timing really is everything. Kiefer was playing at The Vogue in Indy. A venue I’ve never been to before. Doors opened at 7pm. Show started at 8pm. Kiefer’s opener was an artist named Austin Plaine. He’s pretty good. Nice guy. Saw him leave after the show out in the parking lot. He had to carry his own guitar. I almost offered to help, but ya never know how stars interpret that kind of thing. So even though we knew that the doors opened at 7pm, we wanted to get there early. We were standing in line a little after 3pm. Actually, we were 2nd in line for awhile. Actually, there wasn’t a line for awhile. It was just 5 people for the first hour and a half. But the cool thing about it was we were so close to the entry that we could hear Kiefer doing his soundcheck. Very cool in itself. But then….something amazing happened. Kiefer was spotted outside near the back of the building. So me & my family & a few others went over to meet him. He could not have been sweeter. Talk about down-to-earth. This guy has no idea how famous he is. He doesn’t look at himself as a big deal even though he’s THE biggest deal. He’s the REAL deal. He even tells you his own name. Like we don’t even know it by heart. And when we were in line, we even saw him walk across the street & down a sidewalk by himself to the restaurant on the corner. And inside, they actually made him wait. So…..I shook his hand. Yes, I was shaking. But I powered through it, & I gave him his gift. He said, “Thank You.” He opened the little gift box. Awwwww…..I made him a guitar pick necklace (his initials on one side, mine on the other). I also included a quarter (a reference to Truth or Consequences: NM (my favorite Kiefer film) & told him why. He laughed that laugh of his. He was so appreciative. He pulled me in for a hug. And he told me that he’d wear the necklace that night. Still melting. He asked what my name was. Then he said my name back to me. It’s amazing that I was still standing after all of this. His tour manager complimented my shirt design. Kiefer looked at it & smiled at me. *fanning myself* Somehow I managed to ask him to sign my Truth or Consequences: NM booklet & requested him to take a picture with me (we were cheek to cheek). I’m a puddle on the ground by now. And you wanna know how polite Kiefer is? Before we took the photo (mind you, it was a very sunny day), I remembered to take off my sunglasses. I just don’t want to have my eyes covered in a once-in-a-lifetime photo op, y’know. Now Kiefer was wearing his sunglasses, which was cool. No big deal. He looks great in them. But because I took off my sunglasses, Kiefer said that he’d do the same & take off his sunglasses, too. So that just made the picture even more special. I mean, the fact that he noticed that I did that. Everything happened so fast, but the little in between details didn’t go unnoticed by him or me. Or unappreciated. And, man, I love Kiefer’s eyes. So then we went back up front and got back in our places in line. I was still shaking. And not quite sure that what had happed was real or a hallucination from the heat. So the show hadn’t even begun, & already we got to get up close & personal with Kiefer. I was excited already, now I was pumped & grinning from ear to ear. He made the whole long wait worth it. Doors opened at 7pm. It was a hassle to get in with a wheelchair, but I don’t really feel like going in to detail about that here. This is a happy story. And I haven’t even gotten to the part that made me cry, yet (a good kind of cry, I promise). Austin Plaine came on right at 8pm. He went straight in to playing his set. He’s got some good songs. He even played one he wrote five days before, so that was impressive. He talked to the crowd a bit. Not too many people were paying attention, though. A lot of people kept talking. Some were just tired from waiting outside for so long. Kiefer already made my day, but when he took to the stage he made my night, too……… ………………He was wearing the necklace!!!!!!!!!!!…………… That was overwhelming for me to see. I got pretty teary-eyed. So I’m filming his performance & wiping away tears of bliss & astonishment. I can’t believe he wore the necklace. I know he said he would but that was four hours ago. And even when he said it I thought he was just being kind, again. Or that he would intend to wear it but it would slip his mind or get lost backstage, but there it was……around his neck. He kept his promise, even though he didn't owe me anything. I’m crying right now as I type this. It’s just that I always go above and beyond for a person, & it’s just always nice & unexpected when my level of appreciation is returned & surpassed. Then after he performed a few songs, he pointed out how he received a couple of gifts. He mentioned a card he got from someone. And then he pointed out the guitar pick necklace that a “young girl” gave him. Okay. That’s definitely the first time anyone has ever showed off my gift that I made for them. To an audience that big, no less. I was truly moved. Speechless. All of his songs are great & his covers are perfect (better than originals), but my favorite original songs of his are: Can’t Stay Away I’ll Do Anything All She Wrote Not Enough Whiskey Calling Out Your Name Going Home My Best Friend You can YouTube those songs or just wait for the album, but I strongly encourage each & every single one of you to buy it when it comes out. If you like Americana, folk-tinged rock, then Kiefer is your man. After the show was over, we hollered for an encore. He didn’t keep us waiting for long. He was soon back out with 3 more songs. Then, it was time to go. Almost. I had to go over & buy some merchandise. I thought the prices would be higher, but actually I was able to buy a t-shirt, poster, & sampler CD all for $45. A bargain! My brother bought a shirt, then we were good to go. Great day. Awesome night. I think the only thing that would’ve made this night more perfect would’ve been for Kiefer to have had Rusty Blades as his opener. Because I’m now realizing that my only chance of meeting Tom…er….I mean Rusty Blades is at a small intimate concert. Track him down & get him on the road, boys! But basically to sum up, Kiefer has ruined everyone else for me. It’s true. He set the bar high earlier & topped his own high bar that same day. His kind gestures caught me off guard, & I’ll never forget what he did for me. The man sang his heart out with a part of me onstage with him……Okay…..Here come the waterworks, again. (trying to pull myself together over here) He doesn’t take one moment of his new musical path for granted. And there were several moments of the show where I looked up & just saw Kiefer as not the actor I grew up watching but the rock star he has really become. Just a very gentle, down-to-earth rock star who loves his fans as much as we all love him back. 4/24 -- One INCREDIBLE day! (pictures soon to follow)
  12. Here's something to whet the appetite of all of you AMDFASH fans on here: (you've probably already seen it but I thought it should be posted on here....we haven't said anything in this tread for over a year)
  13. What's a great series? I bought Standoff, but I haven't gotten around to watching it, yet. I've been preoccupied with watching some other movies first. But my friend saw it & loved it, & I have a feeling I will, too.
  14. THE EXPANSE is on Blu-ray & DVD NOW!!! I already picked up my copy. Have you got yours, yet?
  15. John -- Great review! The score really enhanced the film for me. You brought up fair points about not liking all that gore. I don't think it has to do with your age, though. Ha! I just think it could be that you're finally getting bored with all that type of display of violence. Perhaps? I don't know. It didn't bother me. Sure it was disgusting at times. & once it started, it never seemed to stop. But they show worse on TV. Sinn -- Dude, why so hateful? Noeland -- Nice review! & I'm jealous you got to see it in its spectacular 70 mm projection. Which character did you get in your program? True, but in a room full of bad guys, one is always worse than the rest, so you start choosing sides of bad guys over others. And also, I didn't want to see Oswaldo Mobray take a bullet too soon in the film. Had that happened, I would've felt a bit cheated. But luckily, (spoiler!) once he gets shot, we flashback. THE HATEFUL EIGHT is out now on Blu-ray/DVD. Unfortunately, it doesn't contain a whole lot of special features. But it's still worth buying to own & add into your Tarantino collections. If you haven't bought it yet & are planning to get it, I recommend you buy it at Target. Their EXCLUSIVE comes with a cool lenticular slipcover & a bonus disc w/ a featurette (approx 30 min). Best Buy offers the steelbook, but I think Target has the better deal.
  16. Rosella


    Here's an excerpt from actress Lauren Weedman's book Miss Fortune: Fresh Perspectives on Having It All from Someone Who Is Not Okay (out today) It features a fun little backstory of her time spent working on HUNG & mentions our man Tom in several places. Enjoy!! http://jezebel.com/the-best-time-i-filmed-a-sex-scene-while-pregnant-and-w-1763381578
  17. AWESOME props, Sundance!! Another great score of TJane goodies!! Thanks for sharing!!
  18. I still haven't seen it, yet. But I saw that it has a US release for the Blu-ray & DVD -- April 12th
  19. I hadn't have heard of Lucero or Ben Nichols, but I enjoyed both songs just now.
  20. That's EXQUISITE!! Thanks for posting it, Noeland! It's nice to see what all the excitement has been about.
  21. Did anyone hear about the Bday celebration that ended badly? Pop on over to http://www.rawstudios.com/birthday-celebration-ends-in-calamity-amidst-widespread-attacks/ & read the story the government doesn't want you to know.
  22. LOVE those photos!! It's a very well put together gallery. I also enjoy the newly added STREET section. It's so nice to hear from Tim, again. If you haven't commented there already, make sure you go shower our co-captain TB with welcome & warm greetings.
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