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  1. Thank you for passing along a note to TJ on our behalf!
  2. That is great news! Hope it attracts plenty of attention.
  3. Hope it gets made & that TJ will play a big part in it.
  4. I would LOVE to see that poster on my wall.
  5. Good to know. Thanks for finding that out! It was -20 for TJ, eh? That's almost the kind of weather we were having near me, but I think it only got 15 below. Brrr....Cold enough.
  6. Thanks for the update, Geoff!! According to IMDb, it's planned for 2020. That's all I know, in terms of a release year. But I have been stalking Peter Facinelli's Instagram for further details & pics of TJ. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bs6CIt-HlMt/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BtHNt__H_Ee/ & yes, Patric is in it. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bs6pmqDHpvz/
  7. Rosella


    Great find! Just found out that the BLU-RAY/DVD for A-X-L came out in the US yesterday. So I know which movie I'll be buying next.
  8. Whoa. I would've liked to have seen some Predator-monkey hybrids. That's a lot of stop-motion blood! Did anyone get or give THE PREDATOR BLU-RAY/DVD for Christmas? I received a cool copy of the box set from Wal-Mart. It comes with a key chain.
  9. Thank you, Geoff!!! Hope your Christmas was quite merry & that you'll have a wonderful 2019!! HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!!!! May you all have so many great memories this year!!!
  10. Thank you for taking the time to read my review, TJ! I'm thrilled you enjoyed it. & thank you so much for answering more of my questions!! Baxley being fireproof -- Clever! I thought maybe the hula girl came from another lover from Baxley's past OR that it represented a piece of paradise Baxley dreamed of visiting one day. That's cool you got to keep the necklace! You did a remarkable job. I recently saw the video you had made about endorsing Pete Antico for SAG-AFTRA president in 2017, so I had looked him up earlier. He has quite an impressive body of work, both acting/stunts. I'm happy you were able to get a lot of insights from him & apply what you learned for the role. Thanks for the link! I'll definitely take a look & read more about it. Thanks for stopping by & hanging out with us! *HUGS* We appreciate it immensely. You're welcome to chat (& lurk) with us anytime.
  11. Rosella


    I saw A.X.L. on the 1st, so I got to have myself a TJ Bday (yay!) I really liked it. I think it's a great movie full of heart & awesome stunts. I wish TJ's role had been bigger in it, but he had a few scenes, so it was more than just a one-off cameo. It would've been nice to have seen that interrogation scene between Chuck Hill (TJ) & that agent; it must've gotten lost on the cutting room floor. Oh! & when I went to see another movie earlier, the AMC theater at the time gave out free mini posters of A.X.L., so I picked myself up one of those. Score! Has anyone else on here seen the movie, yet?
  12. I second that. Why do people keep saying that in order to enjoy it, one has to take out their brain? Anytime there's a reboot, remake, or sequel, fans find a reason to get upset. THE PREDATOR made #1 at the Box Office with $24 million! Overseas, it brought in an additional $30.7 million! Granted, there's still a ways to go to make back &/or surpass its budget, but $54.7 million is pretty good. & this is just weekend one. So you just gotta keep spreading the word about it.
  13. Thank you for reading all about it, Geoff!! Pics? Here ya go:
  14. Welcome to RAW, Mazzie!! It's nice to meet you on here. Happy to see you're already posting.
  15. That's cool that you went & saw it, again. I really enjoyed, too, so I don't get the negative reviews. *shrugs* They can't please every fan.
  16. PREDATOR QUESTIONS (just answer what you can): Q1 -- Who was the voice of the Predators for this one? I didn’t catch the name in the credits. Q2 -- After the fire fight, when Baxley flies up and gets stuck on the tree, why does he look so good? He was just on fire. Shouldn’t he have been more burned up? Maybe I’m missing something, but that just didn’t make sense to me. Q3 -- Why does Baxley have a hula dancer statue to represent him? What does it mean? Q4 -- Did you get to keep any props? Q5 -- Was there a specific reason that Baxley had Tourette’s syndrome -- was that an idea for the character since the beginning? Or was that something that was decided later on when it came to rounding him out to make him stand out more? Did you study &/or meet real people who have Tourette’s in order to portray it accurately?
  17. I saw THE PREDATOR yesterday with my family. Now, keep in mind that neither of us have ever seen any of the original movies or any of the sequels. So going in with this one, we went in completely fresh & new. We all agree -- IT’S THE BEST PREDATOR WE’VE EVER SEEN! What’s up with the bad reviews? I’ve read a couple, & I just don’t get why they were turned off by so many elements. Is the movie perfect? No, but it doesn’t deserve to have it’s spine ripped out. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! TURN BACK NOW IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE MOVIE YET! ….LAST CHANCE…… …..I MEAN IT….. I thought THE PREDATOR delivered plenty of guts & gory & shocking violence. I liked that those moments happened so fast. If you blinked, you’d miss ‘em. I loved the nostalgia of this movie; it didn't feel like a movie from 2018. It felt like something that could've been made in the 80's/90's. My brother & I really enjoyed the humorous side. It was believable that at a time when aliens invade Earth, there’s gonna be a group of guys still cracking jokes together about what’s going on. So the fact that it wasn’t all ‘serious business’ worked really well. I love ‘the Loonies.’ I think everyone in that group had great chemistry together. Then, when Casey joined the men, there was a bit of an awkward unbalance, but it was nice to see a strong female take care of herself without overshadowing any of the men’s capabilities. Everyone pretty much held their own & took care of themselves. Them taking over the bus made me think of CON AIR. My mom loved the family element of it, which definitely made it have a nice extra layer of emotion. Rather than just being about men in gear firing at men in armor & oh yeah….shooting at an alien species from another planet. The addition of the kid being caught up in the mess & gunfire made it more intense, I think. Once the main cast started dying, we kept losing them so quickly. There wasn’t really enough time to grieve. So I think the movie could’ve been slightly longer -- maybe by another 15-20 minutes. Awesome final scene! So now humans get to be Predators -- Nice! Let’s suit up! It was refreshing to see such a big action-packed movie also be so character-driven. BAXLEY (THOMAS JANE): So I guess Baxley ain’t coming back for the sequel (boooo!) It’s no surprise, but Baxley’s my favorite character. I know I may be a little bias here, but I seriously believe TJ delivered the best performance out of everyone, because he acted so different from what we’ve seen of his work from the past. & his performance, thanks mainly due to his Tourette’s syndrome & twitches, meant that he had to always keep that going. So even when he wasn’t the one speaking or blurting out obscenities, he was still interesting to watch. I’m just happy he got to play a funny character, again. Had he been cast as Quinn, he would’ve been great, sure, but it would’ve felt like other movies when he’s the leader of the group. This time, getting to see TJ in a more supportive, more ‘character actor’ type role just felt right & made me smile/laugh so much. Most of Baxley’s lines should end up on T-shirts for this movie (the aardvark line for one (where are the T-shirts, anyways?)). I love when he saw the Predator & said, “Alien.” Great delivery/expression! He knew. He knew what was happening. I love when Baxley sat back down on the couch, too. Then his only reasoning for going along to hunt down the Predator was a beauty -- “I just wanna be famous.” Too bad people won’t ever know. I was very sad that Baxley was the first to be killed of the group. Not surprised. I had a feeling he’d get killed, but I actually thought his Tourette’s would cost him his life. Like he’d blurt out something inappropriate & then the Tracker Predator (is that his name?) would turn around & slice him up. There was such a sweet moment when Baxley says that he never left that I quite liked. Just that simple line said a lot about him as a person. It was so heartbreaking when Baxley & Coyle shot each other. They knew they weren’t gonna survive & that that was their only way out. But imagine if either one had missed. That would’ve been bad. Really, really bad. I’m just glad that they didn’t shoot themselves. That would’ve been worse. I almost screamed, “Nooooo!” when Baxley hurled himself at the Predator on fire. I have a question about that moment, but I’ll get to that later. That was a cool literal fire fight. COYLE (KEEGAN-MICHAEL KEY): Coyle is my 2nd favorite character (obviously). Outside of this movie, he’s the only other Loony I recognized. In the movie, he’s just the life of the party. Love when he kept making bets on Casey grabbing the gun & firing it. & every time he tried to get a rise out of Baxley was just funny to see. These two really did bounce off best with each other. Nothing seemed to faze him. He just had a “let’s do this!” attitude about him, & I love Keegan’s smile. His death -- that was hard to look at. I was hoping that Baxley & Coyle would’ve been the only survivors left standing at the end. Rory, too. They couldn’t kill Rory. QUINN MCKENNA (BOYD HOLBROOK): He was a great lead. I like that he mailed the Predator’s gear to himself, rather than just taking it & burying it somewhere in the woods to revisit later. Using the mail just seemed more practical. I’m also happy that he didn’t fall in love with Casey. Not every action needs a romance. Rory needed to be his main priority. Love that alien-looking silhouette of him with the other soldiers at the end -- favorite shot! Quinn also had a great last line. CASEY BRACKETT (OLIVIA MUNN): I liked that she was amazed by Predator while he was sleeping, but then was scared of him when he woke up & started killing people. But when Predator spared her life, I thought she should’ve made a bigger deal about that. I knew that Munn wanted Casey to only hold a gun when it made sense, & they pulled that off. I also thought it was a great moment when she shot herself with a dart & lost sensation in her leg, then hopped onto the motorcycle on the front of Quinn. Her waking up in the motel room was a priceless moment & funny scene. Them placing items on the bed to comfort her was so nice. I don’t get why Traeger & his people brought her in in the first place, though. They had a lot of people in that lab who knew what they were doing. I kind of thought she’d join up with Traeger on the hunt, then would switch sides later on. I liked those Predator Dogs, but I don't think they should've made a friend out of one of them. It was cute but too convenient. RORY MCKENNA (JACOB TREMBLAY): Very smart kid. Tremblay did a great job playing him. One of my favorite scenes was him going trick o’ treating wearing Predator’s helmet as a mask. It did remind me of WONDER, the other movie he went trick o’ treating in, but in that, his character loved a night of getting candy & hiding behind a mask, whereas this time around, he still wasn’t comfortable. Also, a house didn’t get blown up in WONDER. That was a big explosion! I’m happy he survived. NEBRASKA WILLIAMS (TREVANTE RHODES): Out of all of the backstories, his was the most gut-wrenching. His death was the most heroic. I just wish he hadn’t smoked around Rory. NETTLES (AUGUSTO AGUILARA): Bona fide scene stealer, too. He just had such a lively personality. I liked his tin foil unicorn, too. I didn’t expect his legs to get sliced. He could’ve lived through that, right? They weren’t that high off the ground, were they? LYNCH (ALFIE ALLEN): He’s a cutie. Loved his look! Just wish his role had been bigger. TRAEGER (STERLING K. BROWN): I didn’t like him. He seemed too cocky & arrogant. I understand that he’s the antagonist we’re supposed to root against, but he was over the top in some scenes. Why was he laughing so much? Why was he constantly chewing gum? Is he meant to represent people in powerful positions who shouldn’t have powerful positions? Is that it? I think he should’ve played it more straight in order to have been more intimidating. He’s an okay villain, but had he just pulled back a little more, he would’ve been great. EMILY (YVONNE STRAHOVSKI): She should’ve left the house & got in on some of the action, too. It was her child who was in danger. Not sure why she was sidelined. KEYES (JAKE BUSEY): I wish he had had more screen time, too. I was disappointed that Keyes wasn’t gonna be able to make it & tag along to go out into the field with everyone else. But for little time we saw him, he was wonderful in the role. Did he get killed? I know he had blood on him, but did he die from that? Well, those are my thoughts on the movie. Overall, I really enjoyed it & was thoroughly entertained from start to finish. I saw it at an earlier time (2:45pm); if I had to guess, I’d say there were maybe 16 or 17 people in the audience, people of all ages, including a baby. I don’t think the baby will remember what he saw, but he never cried, so I’ll just think that means he liked it, too. Thank you for reading my review!!
  18. Thank you for A-ing my Q’s, TJ!!! AMDFASH -- I understand. I don’t think you should rush it, either. I think it should be the film that you can really be proud of making. So keep it in the drawer for as long as need be. We’ll be ready when you’re ready. RETURNER sounds incredible. It’s also cool that you’re collaborating with Law. I’ve only seen DRIVE HARD of his, but this unique storyline seems promising. I hope you plan on starring in it, as well (please). You + Noir = Cinematic gold! Just sayin.’ Selena sounds very intense. I’ll be sure to check it out. I see that that’s a series of books, so that should give you plenty of material to adapt. Directing again soon -- YES! Little films count, too. & TV/streaming shows, as well. Yay for Rusty Blades! Hope he perfects that 6th demo to your liking. I’m just happy he’s still out there, making music. Please tell him we’re all fans of his music & that “New Valentine” is beyond beautiful. No store -- Bummer. Those collectibles shall be forever treasured. Well, I’ve been holding my breath since 2010, & I refuse to give up the dream of meeting you at a con one day. I honestly think you’d enjoy attending Mask Fest in Indy (they partner up with HorrorHound). So if you ever get the invite from them, please (pretty please with sugar & a cherry on top) accept it. Just one show. One day. That’s all I ask. Mike mentioned that he got to help out at Carpenter’s booth at SDCC this year, which was very cool. Thanks for the tip! Hopefully, the RAW booth will be resurrected in the future when another BAD PLANET vol. comes out. Harlow’s right -- Instagram would be the best one for you. It’s less time-consuming. You take your pic. You post it. You’re done. Instagram is more show, less tell. Worth considering for another second. I used to read a 400+ pg. book in 2 days. Now it takes me longer, so you’re right about that. But it’s not just social media that keeps me from reading; it’s real life, too. & movies. Ummmm….the cat photos? Actually, I’d be remembering the cats more than the photos, so I totally get what you’re saying. However, my cat Bale, whom I had for nearly 12 years, sadly passed away last month. Looking at old pics of her has brought back some great memories, & I’m glad those kinds of moments were documented. But no, I don’t need to snap a photo of every meal I eat or every cloud I spot. Soooo…if you’re not gonna Twit or Face or Insta your life, maybe you could just post more often on here (or via the NEWS). In between your work/personal life, of course. & only when ya really wanna. No pressure or arm twists. I promise. Well, thank you again for the insightful responses, TJ!! I wholeheartedly appreciate your taking the time. *hugs* <3 <3 <3
  19. Hey, RAW brothers & sisters. Apologies for the delay in sharing my con experiences, but it's been an overwhelming past few weeks. 2 days before HHW, my family's cat Bale sadly passed away. Needless to say, we were & very much still are devastated & heartbroken over such a hard loss. We almost didn't attend the con. & if we hadn't already been locked in with spending so much money on Kiefer, we would've blown it off completely. But we got our tears out before & saved the rest for after the show. I'm glad we ended up going. If anything, it was a good distraction & a way to pretend that things were okay for us. Now it was a bit of a bummer that actor Devon Sawa had to cancel, but it was surprising that out of all of the impressive guests added, only 3 cancelled. Not bad at all. They changed venues this year. Instead of going to a hotel with the events happening on one floor like we’re used to, they used a much bigger hotel & used two floors. BUT they were using the first & third floor only (some other event had rented the space on the 2nd floor)….Now….(& stay with me here)….This place also had a lobby, but you couldn’t access the first floor from the lobby. You had to either take an elevator or an escalator to the first floor in order to get to the screenings & some guests (like Kiefer!). We relied on those escalators a lot. I’m glad they had those. There's probably a lot of camera footage of us going back-and-forth & round & round like a maze. Before I get into who we met, I want to point out something really bizarre that we noticed. They had invited a lot of cast members from THE WALKING DEAD & even had Jenna Elfman from FEAR THE WALKING DEAD; they put these people in huge spaces to have room for long lines for them. Good move, except.....there were no lines. Yes, we had attended on a Sunday, but they should’ve still had lines. Sure, they charge a lot of money, but so do others. The IT kids attracted way more fans than they did, & their prices range pretty close to TWD people. It was weird & sad, really. To see these stars from a series with a global fan base not have people. If none of my other people had shown up, I would’ve bought from them. Like Jenna. She would’ve been a great get. She looked like she was still having fun. She was even dancing to music. I’m just worried if fans don’t start showing up more for them, they’ll stop getting these people. Anyways...now onto the good stuff... LOU DIAMOND PHILLIPS: Lou was the first one we met that day, & he's super sweet. Very polite, gracious man. As soon as we approached him, he greeted us with a handshake & a hug. My mom was especially excited to see him in person, & when she told him that she'd been wanting to meet him for years, he hugged her, again. She talked to him about LA BAMBA, & I brought up YOUNG GUNS (of course). When I complimented his performance in STAND AND DELIVER, he gave me another hug, too. My brother mentioned BROOKLYN 99, & he laughed, then did a line from it. My mom bought his autograph, & then she & I split a selfie with him ($80 for combo). He's a great guy. Very charming. & easy on the eyes. JUDGE REINHOLD: I can't remember another time my dad was as thrilled to meet someone as much as he was thrilled meeting Judge. THE SANTA CLAUSE is my dad's favorite movie of all-time, so he enjoyed talking to him about it & even asked Judge if he has ever seen a reindeer fly (he hasn't). We learned about his sweaters that he wore in the franchise; Disney keeps them in their vault. I praised his guest spot on SEINFELD as "the close talker." He talked about filming that. It was funny to learn that Jerry Seinfeld was really uncomfortable shooting those scenes, because he doesn't like people getting in his personal space. So Larry David told Judge to just keep getting as close as he could, because it'd be so funny. My mom bought his autograph/combo ($60), & my dad got to be in the picture with them. Then as we were saying goodbye, we each shook his hand again, close talker-style. He got right up close in all of our faces. It was hilarious & so much fun. Never been that close to a star before. MELINDA CLARKE: She's definitely the first time I've ever been super excited about meeting an actress. I was so nervous about approaching her, but I was silly for being so, because she's incredibly down-to-earth & very personal. She talked about her parents and her daughter. I’m a crazy huge fan of THE OC, & so talking to her about that was too amazing for me. & she remembers so much about making it, including a lot of her character’s lines. She even hummed the theme song by Phantom Planet. I bought her autograph/combo deal ($60) & had her sign a photo from a photoshoot of THE OC. She asked me which line I wanted her to write on it, so we went back-and-forth coming up with different ones. I told her she could pick her favorite, but there were so many to choose from. So then, she suggested that she could write her character’s name with all of the last names of the male characters she married on the show. She’d never written that out before, so she really took time to think of each one & get the order just right. I love that she wasn’t in a rush to chat with us or meet other people. In fact, I think she wanted us to talk more with her, but we did have to get ourselves to a photo op soon after. But if you ever get the chance to meet Melinda, please do. She’s a beautiful woman (inside & out). & I know I’d buy from her, again. KIEFER SUTHERLAND: Our day with Kiefer went better than expected & not according to plan. HHW knew that there would be a huge demand for fans wanting to meet Kiefer, so they did something really clever -- they pre-sold autograph tickets online & allowed fans to choose which timeslot they wanted. Now, I didn’t know how fast they would sell, so as soon as they went for pre-sale online, I ordered my ticket right away. By doing so, I didn’t get to see all of the times listed for Sunday, because the page wasn’t fully ready when it went LIVE. So, I figured his photo op would be in the morning & went ahead & selected the 3:30pm timeslot for his autograph. Of course, after doing so, I realized that that was his last autograph session of the day (oops). But the photo op company didn’t post their schedule until later that same week. When they posted it, I saw that his photo op was scheduled for 1:15 pm, which meant that as soon as we were done taking our pics, we’d head all the way back down to his signing room on the first floor. Simple enough. I had to turn in my autograph ticket printout in order to get a real ticket with my time on it. Someone told us that we could do that while we were down there, & because Kiefer was signing so fast, we’d be able to line up for him earlier than 3:30pm. So that was good news. But then, when I got my official Kiefer ticket (which was less than a 10min wait), they said that we could go on in & get in his autograph line right then & there. So, of course, we did. Strangely enough, I wasn’t nervous about meeting Kiefer this time. The first time, I was shaking like a leaf, but this time felt more relaxing, I guess. & his line was moving fairly quickly, until it was my turn, of course. He was standing & signing & had A LOT of security around him, but he was so sweet with everyone. Very polite & quiet. They did have a boombox playing his music. I think I was the only one in line singing along. When it was our turn to see him, I held up the line trying to find a 8x10 off his table. He had a wide selection. Now, I get it if you’re only a fan of Kiefer from one show over another, it’d be easy to choose that one. But I love Kiefer in EVERYTHING, so I needed a moment. I could feel Kiefer waiting on me. Thankfully, they had some people who were behind us go around me. That helped. I ended up choosing a photo from THE THREE MUSKETEERS (it’s a classic & big fave of mine). I told them how I wanted it signed (first & middle name), which they wrote down (saves time for the stars). Hearing Kiefer say my name, though, nearly made me melt. & he was wearing his glasses. So cute! I re-introduced myself & reminded him that I gave him that guitar pick necklace at The Vogue in 2016. He remembered me! & he still has the necklace! He keeps it in a box on his tour bus, along with other things fans have given him. How cool is that!? I finally got to thank him for wearing it on stage that night & tell him how much that meant to me. He thought that was nice. This time, I had made him a notebook to use for writing lyrics (okay…it’s actually the gift I had made for the concert we saw him at last year but wasn’t able to give it to him then). I decorated it with his stuffed pal Rockin’ Rabbit (he takes him on tour, too) & recreated a guitar that he had designed years ago for a charity auction. Then on the back, I painted a heart with a maple leaf (he’s part Canadian after all). He loved it! & he was happy to see that we were wearing our Kiefer Sutherland Band shirts. I thanked him for sharing his music with the world, then told him I’d see him later. “In a bit,” he said. Unfortunately, Kiefer had been battling a cold, but he was a real trooper that weekend. He couldn’t shake people’s hands (like who wouldn’t want to get Kiefer germs, though, amIrite); he could only bump fists. But that was still cool. & Kiefer was worth the $80. Somehow, we managed to meet both Lou & Kiefer in an hour. So that gave us plenty of time for the others & vendors. Later, we went over to line up for our photo ops. You can only show up no sooner than 30 minutes before your photo op. We haven’t done photo ops in years, because our last experience was awful. Just awful. But these people know what they’re doing. They’re very efficient. & they had a man on a megaphone telling people when & where to line up. The photo op room was crowded; they have 2 photo ops going simultaneously & have lines for VIP & regular. They had 16 or 17 lines in there! It was organized, but the key was to make sure you were standing in the right one (we were, thank God). The wait time was mainly just waiting for the photos to begin, because once, they do, the line moves smoothly & quickly. Photo ops aren’t meant to be meet & greets. That‘s a rule (you also can’t kiss nor ask to be kissed by the stars while you’re there) & you only get one shot. Now, if you blink, & the photographer catches it…he’ll redo your pic. OR if you catch it after it’s printed, you might have time to hop back in line. But they don’t really want you to wear eyeglasses due to glares, so I had to take my glasses off. I need my glasses to see, so for about twenty minutes, I was in blurry town. Yikes! Standing in that line felt like forever, though. & it was very noisy in there, but we survived it somehow. When it was our turn, my brother & I went through the curtain, placed our items on a table off to the side, & went over to take a pic with Kiefer. Kiefer greeted us saying that it was great to see us, again & thanked us again for wearing his shirts. Awwww…….. .........SNAP. Okay, it was done. Then we were instructed to collect our belongings & follow the line to go pick up our print. Whoa. That’s fast service. Now, I don’t mean to break rules, but my parents went next, so we got to see them take their pics as I was *clears throat* slowly collecting our belongings. Kiefer thanked us all again for coming, & we got to shake his hand (he had forgotten his rule). I told him that it’s always a pleasure to see him, which he really appreciated. Then, he leaned towards me & let me kiss him on his cheek (oops…broke another rule). Finally, we left & went right up & got our pictures. They turned out so well. If you visit my Instagram, you can see the photo we took. I’d say it was worth the $100 my brother & I paid together (my mom also paid $100 for hers with my dad). I can say that this is the most I’ve ever spent on one person at a convention. Tim Bradstreet would be the 2nd. Well, if you made it this far in reading, thank you! I really appreciate your taking the time to read about our day. P.S. -- How is it possible that in 3 years, we’ve seen Kiefer Sutherland 3x but still haven’t met TJ even ONCE?
  20. Thanks for posting those lovely pictures, Geoff!!
  21. NON-PREDATOR-RELATED QUESTIONS (if that's OK...feel free to answer any from the list below): Q1 -- What's the status on A MAGINFICENT DEATH FROM A SHATTERED HAND? Is it going to happen within the next 2 years? Q2 -- Is Rusty Blades planning to record any more music? Q3 -- When is RAW getting another new store? Q4 -- Any chance of you attending more conventions (horror or comic) in the the Midwest (*cough* HorrorHound Weekend Indy *cough*)? Q5 -- Why aren't you on Instagram? Your pics are GORGEOUS! That's just off the top of my head.
  22. Read & enjoyed. & of course, I love that selfie. TJ...is that really you? WELCOME BACK, TOM! Or since you've been 'lurking around here,' I guess...just...HELLO, AGAIN! *waves* As far as the alien question....I don't think any spine-ripping for sport would be moral. As far as the newbie trouble, I don't think it's because we met a quota. Maybe their emails when signing up are ending up in their spam folders? Is that a thing? Maybe John knows what's happening. I can't wait to see THE PREDATOR! I never listen to film critics (pros or random tweeters). I'm just glad I get to see another movie of yours on the pretty big screen (A.X.L. was also fun to see). Are you saying that no one walked into a barbershop & asked for the Det. Miller? For what it's worth, I liked it. But I even liked your long hair & long beard look (your DA MAN cover looks super cool). But I will say this...your look now.....makes you look 10-15 years younger. & I'm not just typing that because I know you'll read it. I saw those TIFF photos, & it looked like you went back in time. If you weren't in THE PREDATOR, I wouldn't be seeing it. THAT'S how devoted I am to your work. Hope you guys & gal bring in the big bucks this weekend. *fingers & toes crossed for luck* Missed the RAW shoutout, but thank you for giving us one! Have fun with your monsters & fans!! & go meet some awesome famous folks if you get a chance (Marshall Bell is a delight).
  23. That's AWESOME, Geoff!! I'm so glad you've been able to experience KSB in concert twice already. They're amazing, aren't they? Oh, don't worry. I promise I'll behave. Opps. Fingers crossed!
  24. If you're starting it this year, I'd say launch it either next month or in September. October at the latest. I only suggest these months because once November/December roll around, people are more focused on buying gifts/decorations/food for the holidays & might not be as inclined to donate money to a project, even one they really want to support. I could be wrong, though.
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