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  1. What I noticed at the last episode was that scene where the wife cried at Rey while he was trying to write the letter. She appeared suddenly at cried at him and he jumped and let the notebook :) and next second he had the book in his hands again :lol:

  2. I had read the novel before I saw the movie and the movie end is much better. I wonder if any one has seen that woman in one of the trucks with the rescued people in them - the woman Drayon and the others refused to help. She went out into the mist straight to the monsters without any car or gun or anything at all and somehow she managed to save her child when everybody else failed. That was an irony indeed :) especially compared to Drayton at that moment when she was going past him.

  3. Hi, I am new here I read some of the posts and this is my first post :)

    Name: Tsvetelina (Tsvety)

    Location: Bulgaria

    Your Interests (besides Tom, of course): crochetting, cross stich, watching movies, swimming etc.

    When did you first become at fan of Tom's? I saw Deep blue sea and I liked TJ a lot then but did not remember his name as any names of the actors maybe because of the sharks that were the main personages ;) Then there was The Punisher and I was hooked.

    What are your favorite Tom-related films? Deep blue sea, the Punisher and the mist and of course HUNG :lol: the series really made me look up TJ in the forums

    What future Tom-related project (comics/films) are you most anticipating? Anything, if I decide that I like an actor I watch anything they have been in.

    In what film role to you like Tom best? Punisher and Hung

    How much have you seen of his Filmography? the shark movie, Punisher, Hung, The Mist (it was GREAT!!!), the sweetest thing (watched it because of Mr. TJ - very dumb movie indeed). I tryed to watch the Dreamcatcher but it coudn't catch my attention at all.

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