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  1. So, you gonna be doing a Fitness & Film column on Jane's Punisher workout routine?


    I could never do get into a workout that hardcore. I'm too much of a lazy fuck, I have been meaning to get rid of the old man bosoms for a while now. Maybe this year.


    Well Punisher is a little dated, but we do focus on celebrities every now and then for "Fitness & Film" so when we get around to Jane, bringing up his Punisher routine makes a lot of sense.


    Also, don't feel the need to copy a workout down to every last detail. Very few people can read a kick-ass celebrity workout, grab some weights and just do it. You need to work up to that. Adjust the weights, reps, and rest periods to your body. But make sure you're working hard!


    Good look on destroying your old man bosoms. ;)

  2. I've been working out with a kettlebell for about 18 months now and had done a few of the exercises listed in the article before, but after reading it added Turkish Get-Ups, Single Leg Deadlifts, and the KB high squat pull-to-press to my workout. Those exercises kick major ass and, as you can see, can help create good size and great definition.


    His workout is among the best ever covered in a Fitness magazine - and I would know, I subscribe to basically all of them. A fast, effective circuit. So if you guys are done marveling at Tom's abs and want to cut your own, do as he does.




    Oh and speaking of the Punisher, Kevin Feige of Marvel Entertainment stated at Comic Con that Marvel now owns the rights to the character, meaning Lionsgate is out and all creative decisions rest with Marvel. That's a good thing. An even better thing would be them sending a call out to Tom...

  3. FURE!

    Welcome to the boards mon ami ;)


    Just to clarify, I was not attempting to malign you in the least for your splendid review.

    Just attempting to clarify your use of the word 'camp' in the vernacular of your thoughts.

    I'm pretty sure I knew what you meant but to our fans here on the boards I thought the use of the word required a bit more sussing out.

    Maybe it's just me, camp does mean a Rocky Horror type connotation where I understand it but it can be a broad term.


    Your mind was in the spirit but I didn't want Malone fans to get too wrong of an idea.


    All's good. Everyone has their own take on this stuff. We're just goddamn glad ya dug the film!

    And as always thank you and the entire crew at FSR for the unyielding support.

    Means a LOT mate.


    xo - TB


    PS - I quite agree that we as an audience need more Elsa Pataky skin on display. I've seen more of Jane than I care to comment on ;) And the ladies get a dose of that weekly on HUNG. What the fuck is an R rating good for anymore if there isn't some pubescent fantasy, carrot snapping material?


    Between the opening titles of Hung and watching Stander I agree we've seen enough Jane to have earned some sweet naked ladies.

  4. Hey Guys,


    I'm the Film School Rejects writer who did the video reaction and wrote the review Tim linked to earlier. In regards to the term "camp" I suppose I could have chosen a more accurate, or at least different word, but that was the one that kept popping into my head. Turns out "camp" is a lot of different things to a lot of different people.


    I'm a genre guy through and through so have suffered the slings and arrows of everyone assaulting the films I love to the point where camp, schlock, and "B-movie" are signs of quality, nothing derogatory. When referencing horror, some great flicks like Tremors, Return of the Living Dead, Evil Dead, and Sleepaway Camp are all considered to be in the "campy" section, so I definitely don't consider the term to be a bad thing or necessarily invoke tooty-fruity Bette Middler shit.


    I didn't mean to imply Malone is the kind of camp that is "Rocky Horror Picture Show" or "Gilligan's Island." To me, it's the kind of camp that comes about when a guy gets his head set on fire for the second time and I give a laugh. Maybe there's a better term.


    In scanning over the posts, I saw Mark H. call it "pulpy dark" and people reference "dark humor." Yup, that fits and the humor is dark, but to me camp and dark humor aren't necessarily exclusive. So like Tim just posted above, I was using "camp" in sort of my own definition as it relates to me and the films I love, not in what is the general-wikipedia-defined sense of the word which is all sorts of stuff that Malone is not.


    Even if our definitions get crossed up a bit or I could have chosen a word (or perhaps invented one), the basic fact remains - Malone is a cool movie. You'll grin, clap, cheer, wince, and laugh. Then rinse it and repeat it. Although next time guys, how about some boobs? (I will always be 14 years old in my heart and in my pants).


    Congrats to Mark, Tom, and Tim (and everyone else involved) for getting some good shit down and sharing it with us at Comic Con. To all the Tom/Raw fans here, see this movie when you get a chance, I know you'll appreciate it.








    Film School Rejects

    Robert on Twitter


    And since it was brought up, Punisher War Zone sucked. Malone is miles better.

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