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  1. Well Punisher is a little dated, but we do focus on celebrities every now and then for "Fitness & Film" so when we get around to Jane, bringing up his Punisher routine makes a lot of sense. Also, don't feel the need to copy a workout down to every last detail. Very few people can read a kick-ass celebrity workout, grab some weights and just do it. You need to work up to that. Adjust the weights, reps, and rest periods to your body. But make sure you're working hard! Good look on destroying your old man bosoms.
  2. Awesome, Thanks a lot. It does have a gigantic liquid component, I think I'll integrate some of that into my diet now. Working on busting through a plateau right now.
  3. Does anyone have Tom's Punisher diet/workout saved somewhere? I'd like to take a look at it.
  4. I've been working out with a kettlebell for about 18 months now and had done a few of the exercises listed in the article before, but after reading it added Turkish Get-Ups, Single Leg Deadlifts, and the KB high squat pull-to-press to my workout. Those exercises kick major ass and, as you can see, can help create good size and great definition. His workout is among the best ever covered in a Fitness magazine - and I would know, I subscribe to basically all of them. A fast, effective circuit. So if you guys are done marveling at Tom's abs and want to cut your own, do as he does.
  5. We also placed The Mist in the Top 15 Horror movies of the Decade, at number nine. http://www.filmschoolrejects.com/features/...ecade-robfr.php
  6. Between the opening titles of Hung and watching Stander I agree we've seen enough Jane to have earned some sweet naked ladies.
  7. Hey Guys, I'm the Film School Rejects writer who did the video reaction and wrote the review Tim linked to earlier. In regards to the term "camp" I suppose I could have chosen a more accurate, or at least different word, but that was the one that kept popping into my head. Turns out "camp" is a lot of different things to a lot of different people. I'm a genre guy through and through so have suffered the slings and arrows of everyone assaulting the films I love to the point where camp, schlock, and "B-movie" are signs of quality, nothing derogatory. When referencing horror, some gr
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