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  1. _C_


    ebert's remarks would hold more water say...20yrs ago...
  2. _C_


    just picked up the making of FM's Spitit book...can't really indulge, but it has tweaked my interest some more...but fuck, it looked like he had a blast making it, and thats what really matters eh?
  3. Harry Knowles needs to be stabbed in the face.
  4. call me silly, but this is the movie Id kill for Frank Miller to do. it just would seem...perfect...too perfect infact!
  5. *sigh* still haven't seen it...and by the look-see of things, ain't gonna for wee while now.
  6. _C_


    id throw cash at Mr. Miller to produce...anything!
  7. YES! thx for those videos doods! my anticipation level just went up a few notches
  8. well if I had to go big, i say Creature From the Black Lagoon. It should have been offered to Rob Zombie to direct...instead of the crap he's currently doing. Im a mega fan of the classic universal monsters dont get me wrong...but if done right, gotta love em...ie:Wolfman looks so good.
  9. aside from the "micro man", I take it that these secondary characters are from the Ennis books?
  10. yeah, the his movie schedule at IMDB looks at bit...ugh! IMO, he could have traded in his 10+ straight to video, for a cameo at least. although it got raped by critics and it flopped, I really REALLY liked Hell Ride. now he's "sick", when he pulls through, i hope he gets his shit together.
  11. thx for the link justaguy1984. those stills are killer! get to really appreciate t he makeup on Jigsaw...the failed suicide look...creepy.
  12. kinda' pissed that Michael Madsen will not be in this pic.
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