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  1. tom is one of those dudes i grew up watching and made the 80's memorable... glad to see he's back, and doing horror!
  2. he seemed not a big fan of sharing the screen back when... although it would have done absolutely nothing career wise, but seeing him as butch in pulp would have been champion...
  3. _C_


    ebert's remarks would hold more water say...20yrs ago...
  4. _C_


    i remember a time when James Cameron was cool...
  5. _C_


    just picked up the making of FM's Spitit book...can't really indulge, but it has tweaked my interest some more...but fuck, it looked like he had a blast making it, and thats what really matters eh?
  6. Harry Knowles needs to be stabbed in the face.
  7. call me silly, but this is the movie Id kill for Frank Miller to do. it just would seem...perfect...too perfect infact!
  8. *sigh* still haven't seen it...and by the look-see of things, ain't gonna for wee while now.
  9. liked the original, but this upped version looks a bit more brutal, and wet... oh yeah, 3D!
  10. _C_


    id throw cash at Mr. Miller to produce...anything!
  11. YES! thx for those videos doods! my anticipation level just went up a few notches
  12. if it holds any water... Spielberg should produce it, thats it! give his bucks to a young upstart who wont bastard this awesome flick. Thomas Jane would work...
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