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  1. Get 'em While They're Hot, Malone! Does Tim get all the moneyz?
  2. Classified in Australia: [MA 15+]. Pretty good. And getting released by Sony to boot!
  3. DVDBeaver has a blu-review of the movie, wit' screenshots, if that helps?
  4. Ooh, it's the 3hr version. And watch out Nanna, it's in Widescreen
  5. A bold blend of cartoonish carnage and noirish sarcasm with a nasty bite, Give 'Em Hell Malone is thin on plot but a devilishly crafted delight for the eyes and ears. In other words, the storyline is pretty much beside the point, as the brash, buffoonish action nearly takes off into an alternate cinematic universe. Prairie Miller, News Blaze Two good-great 'official' reviews: http://www.beyondhollywood.com/give-em-hel...9-movie-review/ http://newsblaze.com/story/20100101064836m...b/topstory.html
  6. So, what's it like? Any good ? Did it come across better on DVD; taking into account the luxury of sitting at home versus, say a crowded, bustling, franken-jaded Comic-Con crowd?! And I'm guessing no alterations were made to it, as was mooted?
  7. I just rewatched Le Samourai, because it's kewl, and am wondering if there's a bit of that sort of characters vibe for Malonesy in this movie? Also the way that movie ends, with the spinning of the gun chamber, to show that it was empty, shows up in your trailer .
  8. It seems to me that the people who are critical of the movie tend to hate the whole thing(which is a good sign!); although it's wise not to start fanboying about a movie I haven't seen. With regards to some of Russell's previous movies, the only one that left me feeling that the script hadn't matched the quality of filmmaking on display was Resurrection. And that was shot in 28 days. The Audio Commentary offers you a decent insight into the making of such a film. I'd recommend it for that, and the swooshy camera effects. Are any of those present in Malone? Please say yes! It's called ramping.
  9. I think this might be the first review: @Newsarama There's also a video of the comic-con panel, but it's set at "private": Comic-Con Panel
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