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  1. Appreciate your thoughts Jaricketts.

    The film is by no means perfect and there are some things we wish we could change but for the most part I believe there is a wonderful character there and it's a fun ride. You invest yourself in a project like this and naturally you want everyone to love it. That obviously is impossible ;)

    Hope you found some things to like. Glad you made the screening.


    - TB



    I'd say my favorite thing was the action sequence at the beginning. Well-filmed, well-choreographed. Really smart-looking. And the opening titles, of course! :)

  2. Saw this at the Comic Con. Wasn't crazy about the movie, but loved that Mr. Jane brought it out and was open to critique from the audience. He seemed like a real nice guy, and I appreciate that he wasn't a pretentious actor. Was very nice that the other panelists came out too. Hope Mr. Jane brings more movies out to the Con.

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