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  1. You gonna give Doss a supporting role at least then?
  2. Maybe so. But I'd love to know which movie "By Blistered balls of Hades" could be a tagline for.
  3. I file this under unnecessary.
  4. Crank and Crank2 had writers? I'd always assumed the script had been transcribed from the random sampling of noodles in a can of Chef BoyRDee Alphabet Soup!
  5. God do I love post-apoc stuff when it's done right. And I'm with you Nole. That backing up with the knife shadow shot is so perfect it could have been inked by Tim (wait did that sound kiss-ass-ish?).
  6. Yup. Hard Boiled is truly something Iconic. And thanks to Geoff's obsessive detail you can pretty much find something visually in it you missed on each previous read.
  7. I can stare for hours at his over the top detail. Check out Hard Boiled if you haven't already... And if you liked the concepts in The Matrix Trilogy... you like Geoff Darrow.
  8. I'm so glad Oldman is still acting. There was a rumor that he'd hung up the towel going round. I love when he plays the villain...
  9. Thanks for the tip. I'll move these over to photobucket later today. Good News Everyone!!! I found One of the two I was looking for (thanks to the boys and girls over at CA... ). This is "Les Sentinelles"... One of two posters by Michetz that hung on my wall from the age of 16. It was tragically destroyed by my ex-wife's dog years later. Long story. Don't ask.
  10. TB, I tried to find two specific pieces that really inspired me in my most formative years as an artist (at the same time as I was discovering some guy who was illustrating Shadowrun and Vampire RPGs). Unfortunately I haven't found those two. I say unfortunately because they really display his mastery of form via simple linework. So I've posted up on the CA.org forums in hopes someone has scans somewhere. That being said. In the interim I offer you these two that I found via bing... I'm hosting them on my personal server for now. If the bandwidth gets too massive I'll have to find a more suitable imagehost.
  11. His stuff is really really really hard to find outside of France and Belgium. And aside from his Samurai epic Kogaratsu I don't know if anything he's done has ever seen print in the U.S. but I find his work intoxicating. He is a minimalist but in a few strokes of flawless line he's able to communicate depth and weight with a kind of genius that few artists possess.
  12. Rodriguez did an amazing job on Sin City. No movie has ever more closely adhered to source material.
  13. Sketchbook stuff only right? Well this is quite literally the newest sketch in my sketchbook. Spent an hour on it last night.
  14. I certainly hope they're going to CGI up that hair-lip a little bit. As it stands right now it's a damn site too subtle.
  15. This type of thing isn't relegated to the film industry. I once got commissioned by an author to do the cover of his book. He loved my cover but the publisher refused to use it despite the fact it was the author himself who was saying it summed up his vision for the book. It was going to be a series of books about a Barbarian and i was so excited about doing the whole series... like a "poor man's" Tim Bradstreet doing Punisher covers. Oh well. Maybe next time.
  16. E.S. Posthumus gets played a lot on StreamSoundtracks.com (which I stream at work when I'm not at a facist client who blocks streams as I am at present) despite the fact it's supposed to be a "score" station. I must say I like the tracks I've heard. But I hadn't heard this one yet.
  17. Wow. Over the past week I listened to the entire library of DOF podcasts. Essentially 2 years condensed into several hours. Hearing the excitement of TJ over the 3D process and listening to everyone working on the project going on and on about the cutting edge 3D work... it's not just a tremendous let-down to hear it's likely to be a DVD release. But my heart breaks for everyone involved. All that enthusiasm and excitement. Y'all must be crushed.
  18. Tim, You'd be surprised how much quality score is coming from games today. Both Killzone scores are fantastic in my opinion. And I enjoyed about Half of each Halo score. I tend to favor scores that have intrusive cues especially when they're brass (the kind you said took you out of Pirates). Basically if I can't hum recognizable portions of a score after having listened to it, then it's forgettable to me. But I'm with you on Jablonsky. Of all the Zimmer proteges out there he's easily my favorite. If my current comicbook project ever gets picked up to be a motion picture... I'd wet myself if I learned Jablonsky was scoring it.
  19. When I script I must have a score playing. I consequently go through a lot of them. Right now I'm doing something akin to "Colonial Marines" and so have been favoring musicians who do what I refer to as classical sounding scores with modern instrumentation. Steve Jablonsky right now is right in my wheel-house. And to that end I want to clue everyone into his Gears of War 2 score. Seriously worth picking up. And obviously his score was the only part of Transformers Revenge of the Fallen that kicked ass.
  20. Allow myself to introduce my...self. Name: Heath aka D.Forrest Where you from: Chicago Occupation: CodeMonkey How did you find this forum: Andrew McKenzie and Fred Doss. What are you reading: Stan Nichol's "Orcs" or as I like to call it "Mary-sues". Biggest.Disappointment.Ever. What are you watching: I don't really have any TV shows these days. What do you have to say for yourself: I likes to do the drawings! Post a pic...if you dare!: I don't.
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