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  1. robin-hood-russell-crowe.jpg


    I thought the idea behind this film was that Robin was the villian, and Nottingham was the hero. Guess I was wrong.


    Well strictly speaking Robin has always been a villain. He's just been a sympathetic protagonist villain. But he's always been outside the law. We overlook it though because the law is evil.

  2. Exactly. That or Coraline was a pretty damn good mix of Stop-motion and CG. Still, Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorite Stop-motion films. It just has a great feel to it, not animation, yet not live action. I'd take Stop-motion over CG any day.


    Stop-mo (even ehanced) looks like stop-mo. Go instead with a CG traditional model hybrid ala Jurassic Park and this could be epic.

  3. Tim, I have a larger file if you'd want that for the site. Give it a real crisp print out.


    Seeing your special features box reminds me... ever notice how often DVD publishers put "Interactive menus" on the box? Isn't that like selling a car and bragging about how it comes with a steering wheel?

  4. Yeah, and in this case - given the tweaked subject matter about religion and such - you know it's too easy for them to change it entirely to be "safe". Which given Bettany's "legion" subject matter is more than a little ironic.


    If they do make Priest "safe" from a religious perspective it'd be extra ironic considering the fact that Hyung Min Woo even added a supplemental strip to one of his Korean edition books stating emphatically that he's not religious. So you'd have a case where a non religious author makes a religious themed book that studios exorcise of religion to be palatable to a non-religious audience.

  5. Irish turned me on to the books. We've chatted about this in some other thread already. Maybe the westerns thread?


    Anyway, I'm not really looking forward to this. I think throwing the hollywood machine over this subject matter, and this material in particular is only going to ruin it.


    Especially if Hollywood follows the trend of completely not getting what is so appealing about the lead character. Because the Gunslinger Priest with his angsty and almost sociopathic attitude is one of my favorite chars ever.

  6. I have the entire comic series at home in Korean. So I was -this- close to nerdgasm then I read this:


    It's very loosely based on the graphic novel. I don't really understand why they changed so much from the source material (the comic story spans three distinct time periods; modern times, the Crusades and the Wild West and the antagonists are fallen angels and zombies, not vampires) and still present it as an adaptation and not as something original, but it sounds interesting nonetheless.







  7. Snake Eyes was the man but I wanted to see more of him.... Storm Shadow shouldn't have gotten "killed" if that's what actually happened. His face shouldn't have been exposed as much either.





    If they'd covered SS's face more then the horde of Koreans seeing it solely to see Byung-hun Lee wouldn't go and it wouldn't be doing nearly as well in the Asian Market. It's like when Green Hornet was marketed as "The Kato Show starring Bruce Lee".


    Early on most of the intel I had about this film came from my wife telling me about the media blitz in Korea surrounding Byung-Hun Lee's involvement. Same thing with Ninja Assassin. From the day they cast Bi (aka Rain) my wife has been watching interview after interview in which Bi talks about everything from how hard the training was to the time he had an orgasm from eating a grain of salt.

  8. Well done camo pattern! ;)


    I suspect that inking a piece like this wouldn't do it justice. The pencil work/shading looks cool.



    Actually what you see there is the extent of the inking I do. (Contour work only). And the final comic panels will be very similar to this. Years ago I realized that when I ink things I suck the life right out of them. Apparently all the energy of my work is in the sketch. To that end I've been trying to cultivate a style that retains the energy of the sketch but still looks finished.


    Honestly I don't think I'm there yet. Over the next couple of weeks I'll be using some more of the reference shots Doss sent me to experiment with the rendering style as I finalize the script for Last Watch.


  9. I haven't read the comic yet, but I only heard good things about it and with Frank Darabont writing/directing I'm definitely interested! I wonder if it will be an on-going series or a mini-series. Anyway, it would be cool if you could work on it, Tim :)


    Hopefully the movie will only cover the books in the first Trade-paper. I couldn't get past the 10 page mark of the second...

  10. So I've cast Frederic Doss as my face model for PFC Chaddick Vale for my Last Watch project. In accordance with laws put in place by Tim Bradstreet regarding casting Frederic Doss the character of Private Vale will be horribly dismembered by a necrotic space monster.



  11. Yeah, I think we went a bit past sketchbook stuff, so feel free to post more than that if you'd like.


    I dig that sketch though. Nice work.


    Will do. I've spent the last several days turning Doss into one of my soldiers since that seems to be a theme around here. I'm fussing with it too much I'm sure, but the cammo pattern has been driving me crazy. I find it difficult to do believable cammo and not lose linework in the process.

  12. 5291_103760639298_630944298_1996298_3470052_n.jpg




    Hey Tim...feel free to steal for inspiration. A little project we did out in my back yard this weekend. Meant primarily for Hell Patrol. Moved this from elsewhere...thought it would be more appropriate here.


    I have more guys and more gear and plan on doing more shooting...what do you think everyone?


    Dude. Doss send me what you got if there's more. I'm so taking these and using them to block some Reapers.

  13. The Blood of Heroes!!! (love this one)


    I'm sooooooooooo happy to see this on your list. I love this movie so much it hurts. I've always said that when I become a big Hollywood producer and can make any movie I want... a remake of this film would definitely be high on my list. Or at the very least a comicbook/animated series.

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