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  1. WIP: "The Tale of DalNim" (first pencil pass 5x7). To raise money for my trip to San Diego for Comic-con 2011 I'm going to sell a series of frame-able renders. So the next 5 renders you see from me are going to be back-story teasers for each of the five sisters.
  2. Start small. Begin with some short stories that tell the backstories of your principal characters. You don't have to publish them but they'll help you feel out your characters and more importantly the small completion will give you a taste for larger completions. That's how the sisters are fleshing out.
  3. Once again Mr. Doss you're crossing off things on MY bucket list... star in a zombie movie being high on said list. Just after writing a novel for Warhammer 40,000.
  4. I realize I'm late to the.... table (if you'll pardon the pun). But I thought I'd throw in that this year I was made aware of how thankful I am for daughters. In particular I took my little girl(5) to see Tangled. She insisted she get dolled up (it's a princess movie after all). Good movie too. Then when we got home my wife was banging on the ivories and my boy(18 mos) was dancing like a spinning top in the center of the living room. So my daughter and I joined in and we had a full on T-giving dance party going. We actually skipped the usual feast this year and pigged out at OCB. Incidentally one of the most relaxing and rewarding thanksgivings I've had in decades.
  5. I really miss Depth of Field... So I'm looking to fill the void with some good comic industry POD-casts. I'm more interested in indie-centric casts but I'm not against listing to more main-stream Industry chatter if it's good.
  6. Doss... Kdedu... Thanks! So next up on the illustration list is my first group shot of the sisters. Then after that I'm going to do a series of larger pieces as a series of Backstory teasers. I'm planning on going to SDCC this year to pimp my book (I'm going to print a limited run of the pilot and hand it out for free at the con) and feel the best way to get into the con and recover some of my cost going out there is to buy spots on the art gallery (if they're doing it this year). So I'll be doing frame-able concept art for that purpose. And the first 5 will be these backstory teasers. Each sister has a past and her own demons (errr doggebi) to struggle with. The backstory teasers will try to encapsulate those backstories in a non spoiler way. But more importantly give me some practice finding my environment style for the book.
  7. I have described him as such actually. But a better analogy is Fagan from 'Oliver' by virtue of the size of his organization. He either believes his own rhetoric or has found it appeals to his "soldiers". But he preaches a freedom from Confucian strictures of society through the liberating act of breaking the law in ways that also coincidentally make him wealthy . Thanks so much for stopping by. I was beginning to wonder if anyone was reading this at all
  8. Thought I'd throw you some props and support. Being that we're both working on Asian themed material that sort of makes us brothers That's a rich world you got going on there.
  9. The latest cast member to be concepted is Yoo's intrepid side kick apprentice Park JaeHa
  10. Even though I've owned the score for some time... lately I've been listening to Hans Zimmer's original score for Kung Fu Panda a lot. I'd like to remind everyone that Kung Fu Panda is the perfect homage to classic Kung Fu movies and probably the best American produced Kung Fu movie ever (provided you accept that Big Trouble in Little China does not classify as a Kung Fu movie per se. Because as we all know Big Trouble in Little China is the single greatest work of film in the history of EVER.)
  11. Welcome Eve. Press on with that book of yours. A lot of us here are in the same boat. Good luck.
  12. Fill my popcorn tub you son of a bitch! Jeff Bridges as Rooster? I approve!
  13. Glavius StDruss, Arch Militant of the Rogue Trader vessel Fortunae Semperis.
  14. Ran Jaani, Navigator of the Rogue Trader Vessel: Fortunae Semperis.
  15. Thaddeus Geltmore. Captain of the Rogue Trader vessel Fortunae Semperis. Yeah. I'm a 40K nerd. Wanna make somethin' of it?
  16. This render of Yoo Jin Won finally captures what I visualize as the essence of the character.
  17. OK. The judges will allow it.
  18. OK. But Arthur is only one dream deep. There's nothing to synchronize for him. The van or hitting the railing should have pulled him out.
  19. If you haven't seen it... we're entering into spoiler territory here... so like uhm turn back now. Right here are the two issues that really ruined the experience for me. First the ending is a cheap hollywood cookie cutter cop-out. On that final cut to black someone in the audience in the theatre I was in actually screamed "ASSHOLES!". I laughed... because inside I was screaming too. That ending is a forced, gimmicky, deliberately wanna-be-philip-k-dick-o-my-god-is-decker-a-replicant hack move. As to the "rules" I wish it HAD obeyed its own laws. I'd have been able to stay willingly in suspension of disbelief longer. But when the van rolled and didn't kick them out... well I was kicked out of the experience at that point. I stopped buying the story. What's more... what's the big deal about limbo if all you have to do to get out of limbo is shoot yourself in the head?
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