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  1. So I've started practicing my environment renders. This is the first that I've attempted in this style. Unfortunately it has issues. Mostly because the ink bled under my masking and I got so disheartened I rushed through the rest of my inking process.


    While I like the looseness of it, it's too loose for professional work. I'll classify it as a decent study and a good exercise. But I'm going to stop short of calling it representative of the render method I'll use for panel work.


    I've attached the photo I took at the Korean Folk Museum outside Seoul that I used for reference as well.




  2. As anyone who has visited my Legendary Sisters concept art thread knows I've been planning for a while now to officially launch a comic-line. (Well web series actually). But I've decided to follow in the foot-steps of other online comic guys and buy a table in Artist Alley at this years Emerald City con. Has anyone here been?



  3. This stuff is great. Looking forward to checking it out when it's done.


    Thanks Esco.



    Here's a small update. I'm not at all happy with the background. I'm having issues with finding the right media to render the backgrounds with. The problem stems mainly from the fact that I need them to be rendered in warm and cool grays but no one seems to make decent pens for that. Brush tips sure... but that's why that looks like sh!t.




  4. Sorry to hear that! I have an odd last name that I've battled all life with (de Dufour). Try explaining to your elementary teachers that NO, my last name does NOT begin with a capitol "D" but a little "d", much less Karyn with a y. So I feel for ya, d.Forrest. And if they can't find a way for you in their system, it's a system you don't want to be in...


    Thanks Karyn. On a side note one of my most favoritest people in the whole entire world spells her name Karyn.

  5. If you want to fully immerse yourself in Sasquatch vs. Grizzly, then let us let nothing hold us back! Someone write it. I'll be playing Christopher George's son. Fudge the math. I got some great ideas about this puppy, we're all over it.


    I've reserved a space in my home for "Kluck".


    When does the sketching start/end for futuristic tank?

  6. Just had a rather frustrating experience with these guys. I found their site because Tim was promoting it on FB. But I gotta say I'm really disappointed by the fact that they banned me because the legal name i use as an artist is d.Forrest. Basically Terry, the guy who runs the site demanded that:


    1) I use my real name.

    2) I capitalize D and use it as a middle name.


    I tried explaining that d.Forrest is a LEGAL name but I got banned. Seems a rather arbitrary requirement. Regardless, looks like I won't be using that site.


  7. Thanks again Doss.


    Midnight... well the first issue is scheduled to release July 19 (SanDiego pre-event night).


    Unfortunately I've got a minor set back in that I left a sketchbook on the train and despite having my email address in the sketchbook whomever found it has neglected to reach out to me to return it. I'm struggling with a bit of depression because of it and it's hard to motivate myself to draw... but I know I must.

  8. Noel, her sniper scope is slaved to the picter in the auto-turret of the Rhino APC she's sitting in. She's on stakeout.


    next up: an illustration I did for one of my players on rpol.com




    Adepta Sororitas Battle Sister Corrine Alesia.

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