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    I JUST...

    I just... ...logged onto my old website for the first time in six months, with the intention of posting some new writing this week. I haven't posted in a long time-- nearly a year. I'm not sure I'll go through with it, but I logged in, at least, I guess to prove that the log-in information still works. Or something.
  2. Enjoying this Broken Bells track-- What can I say, I listen to a lot of mainstream radio.
  3. He passed away from a stroke. He had recently made peace with his family regarding the museum incident.
  4. Sure. Now that he's been released and had a hearing it's a reasonably safe bet they're handling the rest of this quietly. In the First Assistant District Attorney Michael Mancuso's opinion, "It's an intra-family dispute that really should be resolved between them if possible." (An intra-family dispute.. .....using a backhoe.) BleedingCool is reporting, "UPDATE: The Pocono Record has updated, naming Frank Bush and Kevin Clement as accomplices. Heidi MacDonald points out that Clement is the organiser of the Chiller Theatre Expo horror conventions held twice a year in New Jersey."
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gw6MtlrdiFw ....in German. Great footage, though.
  6. Saw this guy last night. He was cool as hell at the post-show meet-&-greet.
  7. I have no explanation for why this tune reminds me of Paul Simon.. ... This is hilarious and brought me right back to junior high, '92 (you'll have to hear the chorus to know why). http://hypem.com/track/615565/Josh+Jones+-...es+M+I+A+Cover+
  8. His recent blog posts have been great too-- Wolverine, for example. I thought it was cool that he provided the inks for folks to colour. It was a good challenge for aspiring artists.
  9. Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse is a great comic. Three volumes out now.
  10. Hey Tim, it was great seeing you at the show. I told D what you said, and it was much appreciated. -- Z
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