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  1. im so ready to see this movie everyone! I watched these movies when i was really young, and the child roots are comeing back haha. I think what happened was that everyone who saw national treasure such as lucas, ford, everyone lol they probably said. Nope can't let this one happen, gotta bring back indy!
  2. lmao man you think kinda like me haha I come up with crazy ass ideas that are pretty awesome and a lot of em to. Exactly how many ideas for movies or stories do you have thought up, are they still in thoughts, or are you making them into something yet?
  3. No but he better be pretty good.
  4. Hey Thomas it's like highschool man, everyones making junk and putting it out there for everyone else haha. Were you one of those kids that were picked on or cool kid? haha
  5. Yeah man don't let suckers make you mad. For me I just consider everyone stupid and uneffective to me until I know them. so don't let idiots who talk shit ruin your day. Besides This is advice from a 16 year old haha, but good enough.
  6. Alright guys I haven't exactly been posting my latest art, so here are a few newest peices I done, criticisim is greatly appriciated! Assassins creed 30 Days of Night Hellboy with text and stuff. -Jason
  7. sorry guys haven't posted in a while, but im sorry to let you know that this peice of art I want to show is yet to be uploaded to photobucket because im slightly lazy and have dial up lol.. BUT it is my myspace default, so if you want to see it even if its small heres a link to my myspace Myspace.com/jasonsdropbox until I uploaded it to photobucket and post here. Comments on it are appriciated! lol
  8. Well you could have been more kiss uppy lol, But Welcome here man!
  9. Thanks Kevin, I'll try it out as soon as I have time to! I need to otherwise my stuff is gonna keep on sucking. thnaks for the info again! -Jason
  10. Happy Birthday man, sorry it's a lil late, but happy beladed birthday! lol.
  11. Well the program I have on my computer is photo impact pro, which is like photoshop, but less convienient. See last year I asked my teacher about how exactly can I color my picture without messing up any or losing any deatil of my inked or penciled pictures. He showed me how to make a a layer under my image layer and then that layer I was alowed to color and it would show up on my image layer, just not on the black areas. I dunno how confusing that sounds, but I totally forgot what he did, and I would really like to know how again because my newer art is losing detail. So Tim or anyone here knows how to do this, please guide me through how exactly how to. My program I use is kinda different from photoshop, but it has similar things so i'd be able to wing it. Thanks, Jason
  12. Eh when your on errands driving around, just make sure to stop at the local blockbuster for you movie and candy needs, and pick The Tripper up. lol
  13. I heard from my friend that he heard on the radio that jack nicholson made a comment on Heath as Joker... He said something like "I should have warned him before..." or something lie that.. and if you still don't get what that means. Maybe Jack was doing the same thing Heath was doing to get into character, But jack knew everything, and He was probelly going psyco. Maybe the joker is a cursed character for anyone to play.
  14. does suck that he died. He was really one of those actors that you'd think wouldn't die like that, but of old age. Sad to say The Dark knight will be his last, but it sure will be the best. And just now on the news I just heard that people are protesting his memorial (which I beleive these are the church people) because they said he promoted homersexuality in brokeback mountain. When are these friggin people goin to grow up? Someone died, and they are going to protest against his memorial? Whats wrong with these sick people?
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