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  1. This looks fan-fuckin-tastic... I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS FUCKIN MOVIE. The poster wreaks of cheap Japanese Martial Arts Action and that's EXACTLY what Bartkowiak was going for. The man wanted to revive the genre and something tells me this film is the key to that. This is the beginning of a trilogy that will take us through the journey of a few, that through fighting in the ancient style have earned the right to be called Legends. Chun-Li is the first. -TL
  2. Ok this movie is officially over. Richard Donner just reported that Gibson ain't doing it. Gibson is out This doesn't come as a surprise with Mel filming Edge of Darkness and coming off Apocalypto. This thread is now useless. -TL
  3. Ironically, its Law who reminds me of Basil Rathbone. -TL
  4. Yeah, Kasarov (Rourke) and the cops decapitated him after he squared offed with them before the phonebooth scene. *I will not rest until this movie is re-released in theatres in its uncut form. Pulp Fiction is outstanding, but to my eyes THURSDAY has what it takes to go a long way in theatres as well. Skip Woods needs to sell this to a big studio now that Mickey's big and Jane's a bit more recognizable. For $4 Million this could be playing in your local stadium seating auditorium. -TL
  5. Street wanted me to shed some light on this next film, so here we go. The Ballad of Jack and Rose (2005) A film written and directed by Rebecca Miller Starring The Great Daniel Day Lewis Camilla Belle Catherine Keener Paul Dano Ryan McDonald Jena Malone Jason Lee and Beau Bridges Its a shame that I didn't see this on the big screen, and to this day I am still kicking myself for that. *This is why I try to watch as many films as possible when they're in theatres. I consider the in-theatre experience to be unmatchable, for it prov
  6. Dr. Watson is revealed, and he looks alot like Jude Law... I have a feeling this film is gonna be fuckin great. And part of that feeling thinks it might be Downey's definitive role. The guy hasn't been Nominated for an Oscar in almost 20 years, maybe this is his ticket back. -TL
  7. It was you who got me to check out Spartan when you posted your thoughts on Redbelt. Rented Spartan, but I still gotta rent Redbelt. Last thing I rented was The Ballad of Jack and Rose. Fucking amazing. A simple fim that did more for me than most Summer blockbusters will ever do. You gotta see it. -TL
  8. This is why I am proud to say you're a friend of mine. Our taste in film is evidence that there is still hope left for modern cinema. For even though at times we can embrace that which pleases the masses, we are always vigilant for that which challenges the mind and takes us to uncharted territory. Next to The Salton Sea, Spartan is the best Kilmer's done in years. -TL
  9. Thanks a whole lot Jay!!! Its good to hear an unbiased review of the film. I hate to say I'm not surprised about this. The man just doesn't seem to care sometimes. He suffers from the same disease Ben Kingsley displayed for 10 years after Schindler's List. I haven't seen Malkovich give a shit in a long time. -TL
  10. Here's a shot of Ben Kingsley from the set of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, After seeing Ben in The Wackness and You Kill Me, I've re-established my confidence in his abilities as an actor. He went through a REALLY bad period of utter crap that peaked with Bloodrayne. This looks mystically exciting and with Jake leading the platoon, its bound to deliver. PRINCE OF PERSIA: THE SANDS OF TIME MAY 28, 2010 -TL
  11. For me watching that clip was like falling off a bike and landing on both knees. Once you get up from the ground, the bleeding starts and it stings like a motherfucker. -TL
  12. The fact that you are remotely defending that clip is just absurd. I can no longer discuss action with you because you enjoy crap. I'm not insulting you, I'm simply dismissing any action based opinion you have from now on. I had a feeling you were gonna be exactly the way you're being right now after reading our reactions. But honestly, I expected more out of you Fred. The last thing I expected was for you to say you actually enjoyed that generic garbage. Now I know. Yes he is. -TL
  13. It looks to me like Lexi just said "Give him big gun and tell him to shoot many." And of course "Vee need more exploding head!" The Goldblatt Punisher gunfights seem more rehearsed and Dolph was just a whole lot better at handling the weapons. -TL
  14. That is why I am in awe of Mel Gibson's power as a producer. The man literally became his own island of film-making and he's proven more successful than 70 year old studios. The Passion of The Christ brought in more money than any other film Gibson's name was ever attached to that was studio financed. Apocalypto was 1 of the 4 best movies I saw in 2006, and its evidence that Mel made the right decision in distancing himself from Executivewood politics. NO studio exec WOULD HAVE EVER approved that film. *Maybe Mel should get his hands on the rights for Fahrenheit and di
  15. I remember Mel Gibson was originally attached to star... I'd prefer him a whole lot more than Hanks. -TL
  16. Absolutely not. The clip is embarassing. -TL
  17. This is going to be an EPIC fail. The more we see, the worst it looks. I'm honestly surprised they didn't dump this one on DVD. *LGF has confidence in the idiot crowd -TL
  18. The only thing I'm not excited about regarding the DVD, is that its not the Edward Norton Extended Cut. THAT woulda been worth taking the day off from work for. -TL
  19. I want my DVD to be exciting. I'm paying $40 for the Blu-Ray. So, once again: WARNING MUST USE SPOILER TAGS IF DISCUSSING THIS -TL
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