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  1. The smartest thing Lexi coulda done is removed her name from the film. That way she got the money and got away. -TL
  2. I honestly have NO CLUE as to where she got her inspiration for this film. Its a combination of misinformation, wrong mindset and a generally poor mentality towards the term "comic book movie". -TL
  3. I feel Farrell's physicality is completely wrong for Watson. And his personality is also way off base. In Bruges was a great film, I enjoyed Gleason and Fiennes the most, but it doesn't provide any evidence that Farrell would be suitable for Watson. Law seems a more refined choice. "A sharper image" -TL
  4. Let's hope Norton isn't the next one to jump ship. -TL
  5. Cheadle is ALL wrong for this. I always like him in tough guy roles (Traffic, Swordfish) but Howard is a VERY impressive actor and like Cheadle was a Best Actor Academy Award Nominee (Hustle and Flow). I find this change very displeasing and I feel it will seriously affect the franchise. -TL
  6. I think this is the role that will define Christian Bale. Everytime I watch the Trailer, I buy into him instantly. Something I never did with the Batman movies. *I also wanna add that Roland Kickinger is the PERFECT choice for a pre-Arnold Terminator model. For those who didn't know, Kickinger played Arnold in his Olympian years (1970-1977) in See Arnold Run. -TL
  7. That scene's been on Youtube for months. If Heath doesn't get a Best Actor nod and they fuck him over with Best Supporting Actor, Mickey WILL win. Its a tough call for me that might get even tougher if Hugh Jackman gets Nominated for AUSTRALIA. Three men I look up to a great deal. -TL
  8. I am, just not of him as War Machine. Above all, not of him replacing Terrence Howard. -TL
  9. War Machine is dead to me. -TL
  10. Why are you bringing up Kevin? And you have NO WAY of knowing whether or not he'll get cast. Feige said no wrestlers, but I have inside intel that suggests otherwise. -TL
  11. Yeah, we've been discussing Mel's departure all day. -TL
  12. SECONDED. This franchise is jinxed. First Norton (most possibly), now this... If some blonde pretty boy gets cast as Thor, I'm done with this. -TL
  13. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT??????????????????????????????????? THIS IS BULLSHIT. -TL
  14. Nomad, I completely agree with you. Deborah Del Prete was Lexi's first Hollywood producer, and the last thing she is gonna do is badmouth Warzone. Same goes for Steve Gainer. You don't bash something you worked on or people you're gonna work with. -TL
  15. Which female producer of poor taste is this? -TL
  16. I'm sure the producers of that movie haven't seen Warzone -TL
  17. Alexander was wrong. I don't see her working for a while. -TL
  18. The film's first blog entry has included this pic of Return of The Living Dead's Linnea Quigley!!! THIS IS AWESOME. Apparently she's got a cameo in the film, and Gierasch felt this was the best way to kick off the blog. I am now more excited than ever about this little shop of horrors. 80s tone, 80s themes, 80s scream queens!!! This is gonna be fun, -TL
  19. I really don't like the idea of this film bearing the MARVEL signature. Even though LGF is responsible, the people that know little about production companies are gonna see this as a MARVEL film. I feel that it is unfair and completely damaging of the image MARVEL has established with IRON MAN and The Incredible Hulk. This cartoon epic is a step back in the direction comic book movies have gone since Singer's X-MEN. Sure, Daredevil was crap and Elektra was double crap with cheese, but now The Punisher will be regarded as crap. *The Hensleigh film got heat from moron fa
  20. Farrell is completely wrong for Watson. Jude Law is channeling "The classic 19th century English gentleman" image, something Farrell cannot possess. -TL
  21. Mike, your posts on The Passion are pure nonsense. You keep talking about the film's graphic nature when in fact THAT IS NOT what the movie was about. It was a story of brotherhood, family and faith. The flashbacks of Jesus and Mary, of Peter, of Mary Magdalene, THOSE were the true colors of this beautiful and EPIC film we were BLESSED to see thanks to Mel Gibson. The torture, the pain, the blood...All there to shock the audience into submission. Something Mel does and then takes away with tender moments between a young man and his mother. I cried like something c
  22. I think Mel Gibson is one of the few people to have mastered both acting and directing. He shoulda won his second Best Director Oscar for The Passion of The Christ. Apocalypto shoulda been Best Picture of 2006. Edge of Darkness will probably display Oscar worthy acting from Mel. I'm scared of Gibson's directorial power. TERRIFIED. Here's a man that took on two projects where he couldn't access regular American actors, and had to go after people who didn't speak english and had no experience with big budget productions. He made both of those films work. T
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