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  1. Doesn't it??? To think the second picture was taken just 4 years before the first. -TL
  2. They're definitely going for Classic Cap. The pose fits that continuity far better. Its a good mix MARVEL is doing with this, having classic renditions of the leads (Rogers and Stark) and Ultimate incarnations of the harder to sell characters (Thor and Fury). My only issue with Captain America's origin story is the cheesyness behind his enlistment. I'd feel better about him being an actual soldier in WWII that much like Wolverine, ends up volunteering for the procedure. This image of him always does it for me... It wreaks of Weapon I. -TL
  3. That's a great shot, but I prefer this one... Iconic. -TL
  4. Yeah, we already got a poll going for the upcoming movies of 2009, but it consists of 8 Summer movies instead of 6. SUMMER 2009 POLL -TL
  5. I hope they pull a PAYBACK with this. Real violence with a noir feel to it. -TL
  6. Warzone's theme song should be Surfin Bird by The Trashmen. It should play throughout the entire movie. -TL
  7. I pray to God I am one day able to work on a film with McTiernan. -TL
  8. Can't wait to see Mickey erase the memory of the original. Won't be easy though, -TL
  9. "Contemporary Heavyweight". You have officially summed up Edward Norton in two words. Bravo, Tim. -TL
  10. WOW. That cameo was TOO FUCKING SMALL. Then again, same thing with the cameo in IRON MAN. The pose is also very questionable. Did he get trapped in the ice after a fight? I expected to see him encased in something. Like Mel Gibson in Forever Young. -TL
  11. Mediumfan, You are part of a select few that lacks the power to recognize great films and legendary actors. This February, you will see how Ledger's performance WAS "all that". At least to the eyes of those that have common sense. -TL
  12. So Daniel Craig turned down THOR... 007 says NO to Marvel To add to that, Blake will not be featured in the film. I'm happy about that because it clarifies MARVEL's intentions to go Ultimate Thor with this like they did with Fury, and that makes Kevin one heck of a runner up. ---> -TL
  14. No, you didn't say he was a terrible actor. But you also didn't say he was a great one. That puts you in the greater of two evils Just please don't go on a rant if Heath wins the Oscar in February. -TL
  15. Producing now, is he? Smug bastard Truth is, Gerry's making a name for himself and producing is only natural... -TL
  16. Dude, you can go around telling people Marlon Brando was a terrible actor back in the 50s. Problem is, nobody will agree with you. -TL
  17. You are part of a select few that lacks the power to recognize great films and legendary actors. -TL
  18. Vin needs to tap into his Italian roots more often, they always work wonders for him. Find Me Guilty, Knockaround Guys, The Fast and The Furious... This is why I'll be watching Fast and Furious on opening day, June 12. The man can be one BADASS Italian. -TL
  19. Ladies and Gentlemen ---> "Mike: Defender of Hellboy II: The Sequel Nobody Watched". -TL
  20. That movie had alot of potential back when the script was called El Diablo and the writing team hadn't URBANIZED it. Larenz Tate just added to the overall destruction of the movie. Diesel was on fire at that time, so I was pretty annoyed after I saw this. Bad dialogue, bad story, bad cinematography, bad... -TL
  21. I'm dying to review this movie. There's gonna be a press screening on December 2nd that I will be attending FOR FREE and that night at around 10:30 PM Eastern, I'll be posting my reaction to this embarrassing crapola. I spoke to some of the press guys down here for The New Times and The Miami Herald, and they're expecting Double Whopper with cheese. I'm expecting .99 cent gas station burrito. 6 weeks to go. -TL
  22. I'm willing to bet Jane completely concurs with The Dark Knight taking all the prizes. Its the best movie so far this year and probably the best comic book movie ever made. Its a revolutionary movie for the genre and a revival piece for crime dramas. Just because The Mist got passed over, doesn't validate negative and pointless criticism towards a potential Best Picture Academy Award Nominee. -TL
  23. "Gerard Butler's - Law Abiding Citizen" Ironically, I'd rather have Butler directing this than Gray. -TL
  24. Mocking is the reason this is getting made. Rogen told Conan O'Brien he thought it was kinda funny how these Superhero movies can take themselves seriously and that he was gonna play that up in Green Hornet. -TL
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