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  1. You ever see a little movie about a man in a muscle car, called Vanishing Point? -TL
  2. Edit: With respect to Tiara's reporting of this film in the Future Movie Releases Thread. Credit shall be given where credit is due. Thanks Tiara! Its good to see Clint return to the spotlight, where he will ALWAYS be a badass... The 78 year old actor/director returns in this grim tale of hate amongst neighbors, where he plays Kowalski (the irony) - a Korean War Vet who lives to guard his coveted 1972 Ford Gran Torino. The project is lookin alot like a farewell from Clint to acting, and this next interview is clearly evidence of that... "It'll probably be my last..." I really hope that isn't the case. Clint's the guy that raised me through his films, the last thing I wanna do is see him retire from acting. The Trailer for Gran Torino will be attached to The Changeling next Friday, so I will be there front and center. DECEMBER 17 -TL
  3. THIS IS GOING TO BE SPECTACULAR. Hugh Jackman is on a rendezvous with the Oscars. -TL
  4. If by "folks" you mean me, then FUCK YEAH!!! 8 more weeks until we see Mickey's moment of truth... -TL
  5. Benicio Del Toro is chasing the role. Let's see what happens. -TL
  6. I seen him here and there, but the guy never really caught my eye. -TL
  7. I think I saw that guy in HEAT. He's got a brawl with Al Pacino and Wes Studi. -TL
  8. 9 minutes later and its down to just 60 guests. WHAT is going on here??? I smell a spam attack... -TL
  9. Is this a glitch in the Board? Or are there really 160 people lookin through threads at the same time??? This is WEIRD. -TL
  10. When The Dark Knight CONSUMES the Oscars this February, what will you say then? Suggestion: "You were right Thomas. I underestimated the picture because it was technically a "comic book movie". I should have recognized the crime film elements it shared with HEAT and The French Connection along with Heath Ledger's critically acclaimed performance, but chose not to for some unknown reason." 4 months to think of something else to say -TL
  11. LGF woulda shot Warzone with the gut. They really didn't care about anything anyway. -TL
  12. He's a tall guy, which gives him a towering look - but he isn't big. I say that from being surrounded by fellow wrestlers/bodybuilders that I see and hang out with everyday. I have many friends that are 6'4"/6'5" and they're packin serious muscle despite their epic heights. This guy is your typical tall Brit with no extra muscle mass. Its not just a lack of definition, its a lack of width and lean muscle. I don't think he saw the point in training since he was doing a quick shoot and was gonna be covered up most of the time. *Justaguy1984, Legacyofbrutality is right. THAT picture is FROM THE MOVIE. They only had 40 shooting days and that was taken on one of them. -TL
  13. This is Stevenson without the armor... The stuntguy is twice his size. How unimpressive. -TL
  14. Those arms are not small. They're def bigger than Stevenson's. -TL
  15. The MAX Punisher (Tom O'Brien) doesn't have lanky arms and his body fat isn't over 12%. -TL
  16. He looks like Frank Castle after being hit by a grenade. -TL
  17. Couldn't agree with ya more. They go from crime drama to kids movie, from 2 year prepped actor to 2 month prepped actor, from the writer of Die Hard with A Vengeance to the director of Green Street Hooligans. It doesn't take a genius to see where this is going. -TL
  18. There's good huge and bad huge. Stevenson is just tall, but definitely NOT good huge. -TL
  19. The guy had good size. Ray Stevenson is half his size and 6 inches taller. -TL
  20. The guy had good size. Ray Stevenson is half his size and 6 inches taller. -TL
  21. So this thread is about crips and hoods shooting each other... What happened to that remake starring Mickey Rourke and Jason Statham? -TL
  22. What LGF shoulda done, is shot Jane's crime drama script and payed Walter Hill enough money to direct it. For an extra $20 Million, they coulda made a REAL Punisher movie and not a last minute joke. -TL
  23. I think he's aged ALOT since The Punisher. If I didn't know better, I'd say he shot it 10 years ago. -TL
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