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  1. He looks like Frank Castle after being hit by a grenade. -TL
  2. There's good huge and bad huge. Stevenson is just tall, but definitely NOT good huge. -TL
  3. The guy had good size. Ray Stevenson is half his size and 6 inches taller. -TL
  4. The guy had good size. Ray Stevenson is half his size and 6 inches taller. -TL
  5. I think he's aged ALOT since The Punisher. If I didn't know better, I'd say he shot it 10 years ago. -TL
  6. Doesn't it??? To think the second picture was taken just 4 years before the first. -TL
  7. That's a great shot, but I prefer this one... Iconic. -TL
  8. I hope they pull a PAYBACK with this. Real violence with a noir feel to it. -TL
  9. Can't wait to see Mickey erase the memory of the original. Won't be easy though, -TL
  10. origin1950


    Right... I don't even see the point to this discussion. Bruce Willis began with Moonlighting. He was 30. He became a star with DIE HARD. He was 32. Thomas Jane began with The Last Time I Committed Suicide. He was 27. Now he's going into television after 12 years of leading roles. He's 40. I like the fact that's he's invading HBO, but I don't like the fact that HBO is still TV. I'll watch HUNG either way, -TL
  11. origin1950


    By "intro to acting", I was referring to being the center of attention in front of the camera. Moonlighting was his first lead in ANYTHING. -TL
  12. origin1950


    Yeah, but Moonlighting was Willis' intro to acting, he was 30 at the time. This is the flipside of that coin with 40 year old Jane doing TV after 12 years of leading roles in cinema. -TL
  13. You oughtta put ALL these bad boys on DVD. I'll buy it. -TL
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