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  1. Thanks for the tip I had already seen the pics and that's the ONLY reason I found The Captain. I'm tellin ya, that cameo was just too small. Here are the pics from the article: -TL
  2. Favreau was good, no doubt about it - but Norton went deeper and darker. The pace was all Leterrier's so he deserves credit too, but that pace would not have worked without Norton's depth. I bought the DVD Monday night and have already watched it 4 times. Bought IRON MAN 4 weeks ago and I've only put it on once. Favreau would go REALLY light with The Avengers, Norton/Leterrier would aim for a darker tone. -TL
  3. He's not under contract, which has me REALLY worried. I just hope they do whatever they can to get him back. DVD sales for The Incredible Hulk will also persuade them further. *Norton should direct The Avengers. So far, he's written the best of the 2 films. -TL
  4. Nope, I already know. I've seen 3 Trailers and one action sequence. The gunfights are ridiculous. Lexi knew what she was saying when she said this Punisher film would be set in a surreal world. In 6 weeks I'm just gonna see the absurd gunfights fully. That's all. -TL
  5. Here's another interesting nugget featured in The Incredible Hulk DVD... None other than STEVE ROGERS on that portrait. MARVEL really sucked out all the Capi juice from this film. That scene was removed along with the arctic opening. -TL
  6. The interview was terrible. Specially the parts where the Marine suggested ALL action movies be shot like Warzone. Jesus. -TL
  7. Here's a little something I cooked up while listening to Tyler Bates' 300 score... *Notice who is absent from this poster, I did it on purpose even though its my greatest fear for this franchise. -TL
  8. NEWS BULLETIN: There are 11 other members on this board that post here often. When you pull the "Don't you have anything better to do than post here" card on me, you are insulting THEM as well. *Honestly, that's the worst thing you can do on a message board. To add to that, you're making things a bit personal and there's no need for that. Post here to address issues that don't revolve around me. -TL
  9. That's a really interesting way of saying something I don't wanna say. *Its also another way of bashing the concept of being an active member on this board I don't appreciate that and I doubt others would enjoy hearing you say "You feel sorry" for us spending our time here on RAW. I KNOW you have an agenda that you try to maintain hidden, but sometimes the way you hide it is TOO obvious. -TL
  10. I wouldn't leave this thread or abandon my mission to expose Warzone's ridiculousness if Thomas Jane himself asked me to. I'm riding this to the end and that end is only 6 weeks away. *I'm glad to see MANY opinions on this thread not influenced by my own, have been able to see the truth of all this. Steve Gainer showed up to defend this crapola, The GPA attacked my boy Jane for being honest, Nomad and the IMDB crowd came here to bulldoze me... They all failed. Warzone will self-destruct on December 5th and I'll be here to witness the aftermath -TL
  11. There's some Oscar talk surrounding Clint's role in the film. Personally, I think its the time he has in front of the camera that makes his performances so undeniably good these days. I think he's reached a point where he can't fail. He shoulda gotten Best Actor for Million Dollar Baby, but they screwed him as usual. This year his chances are mixed, but I think the Nomination alone would do him justice. -TL
  12. The reason this thread is constantly off topic is because the topic sucks. I CAN'T WAIT to review this thing so it can end up like the very dead Ghost Rider thread. -TL
  13. I was trying to reference a high percentage of the Board and you just happened to be part of that percentage. You did say you enjoyed the film in the thread. Now, had you not liked it at all - your name never woulda came up. -TL
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