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About Me


being a great admirer of tim bradstreets artwork, i saw punisher. of course, i became a tom jane fan instantly. the guys got together and created RAW which just encompasses so many of my favourite things (see "what i love"). the people, YES YOU GUYS, that are also fans of the duo are a great motley group and are a huge attraction to the forum beyond just wanting to show support for RAW. and RAW deserves support. alas, this is the only forum ive been compelled to join. power to RAW!



oh come on.... B movies! 80's martial arts action movies, sci fi, horror, FANTASY, adventure, a good drama, long foreign movies.... any movie with a heart. graphic novels, i torture myself by reading them coz it feels so shit when you get to that last page.... the artwork means a lot here and that means a lot to me. im and artist/writer/medical science buff when im not doing my day job. my parakeets budge, henry and newt - yeah from aliens.



well, for the sake of attracting like minded folks..... im one half of a prog metal band, the frequency of machines. i write (half) the songs and do the sound engineering plus co-production. im a classical violinist but in the band i sing, play guitar, and labor over effect patches and the drum machine.


im also a ballerina. we incorporate ballet into the gigs - you'll have to come see us if you wanna know how.


theres also a sort of alternate reality behind our band. it was born out of our constant sense of being 'taken away' by the music we love to listen to. we wanted to take people away, but take it a step further by creating a world. our world was simply extracted from our constant bitching about how we "wish things would be". but its not utopian, thats too easy.... we wanna fix things, make things right, and thats no easy fete. in fact, its apocolyptic. hah!


now for the part that will interest all of YOU. we introduce our reality with a short graphic novel.


this is all near completion, so keep your eyes open for s. kunst and cory mccarthy - THE FREQUENCY OF MACHINES.

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