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  1. Nobody singles out Michael France because he is in no way responsible for what came out, even Hensleigh said he didn't know why France got to share credit as I remember. France had Jigsaw in the script (he mentioned this in an interview, apparently Jigsaw took deforming injury after deforming injury until he finally got killed,) he had BRUNO COSTA in the script... but he also had Frank's father as a former hitman nicknamed the Punisher, and Frank going undercover to work for Costa as I understood it. The fact that he ripped out the stupid hitman plot AND faithful elements like Costa and Jigsaw alike makes me think Hensleigh pretty much rewrote the thing from the ground up. Marvel signed on too though, they supposedly liked the FBI angle, which was overall pretty useless. I'm just saying.
  2. I love irony... Steve's post is a great addition to PWZ Truth. I'm very happy that the rumored 82 minute run time was somewhat shorter than the current edit. What I don't like is that a lot of posters here (not Guard #1 in particular) hate this film, and love jumping on board for the "trainwreck" quotes that Gainer is taking issue with about Lexi's work. Anyhow, I don't particularly like being here, but I thought maybe you all could use a touch of clarification.
  3. Forum Edit - Tim... did you see anything LG passed along about Lexi, to character assassination sites like IESB.net, Joe Drake's chief minions? That her film was a trainwreck, that Gale Anne Hurd was saving it from disaster, that the dialogue was unimaginable? You know as well as I do that LG and even Hurd saw everything Lexi did along the way... there's no way that film, with that many people watching, came out to be something they didn't expect. Where were you when she was the one being wailed on by the slander campaign hammer? Difference is, her own bosses threw her to the dogs... I'm glad you mentioned needing to work for somebody, because money is what I see all over your angle. Forum Edit
  4. Forum Edit - I've removed some the main offensive comments and am trying to leave enough so that the following discussion has bearing. - TB I haven't hung around here in quite awhile and have lost nothing for it. It's too bad for the fans of Punisher comics that somebody I used to have respect for (as recently as 2007), Thomas Jane, has such a chip on his shoulder... even Tim Bradstreet sits idly by while Lexi Alexander twists in the wind... somebody he praised and collaborated with in what sounds like significant detail. What the fuck is going on here? Did you at least make sure that Joe Drake and Gale Anne Hurd kissed Frank Castle before you let them fuck him?
  5. I am not an artist by any means but maybe I can help a little. Forgive me if I tell you something you already know! First, you'll want to duplicate the main image on to a second layer. On the old layer (the background) just select everything and delete it (keep the layer though - you'll need a blank white layer anyway!) Back to the newer layer - you'll want to change the contrast somewhat to make the lines dark enough so that the program can tell them apart from the white areas (assuming they aren't already.) You could maybe play with brightness and contrast, but I'd recommend using whatever "levels" feature your program has... I think photoshop has an "edit levels" function in one of the menus. If you do use a level editing feature, you'll be playing with two main features - one is a color selector that will take a shade and make that shade and everything darker completely black (it may be a black eye dropper as it is in photoshop.) The other levels tool is similiar, but will take whatever shade you click on and make it (and any lighter shades) completely white (a white eye dropper perhaps.) You'll basically want to strike a balance to the point where you can use a color selection tool (NOT contigous [sp] - that way you select all of the white spots) to select everything that's white and delete it so that only the black spots on your newer layer still exist. The goal is to be left with a completely white layer in the background that you can put some colors on, and an upper layer that only has lines on it. The way I've described it is very simplified and may take some playing with to figure out but I think it should be enough to point you the right way.
  6. Well... the vest really was the best thing on screen in the last one. That's the look that says "that's it, I'm done screwing around." The look for Castle in War Zone is pretty much the look I was hoping for. Somebody on SHH nailed it... he looks like Castle did in the final issue of "Kitchen Irish," which is ready to fight in cold conditions.
  7. I think Stevenson does look pretty intimidating. Where Jane had a really great "pissed and not letting it go" look to him (particularly the final fight scene, great expressions) Stevenson comes to it with a strong "I'm going to get you and there's nothing you can do to stop it" look to him. He looks like he will do whatever he has to in order to put his enemies in the ground. The former is more of a classic Punisher thing (he was REALLY angry, but he had a lot of lines he wouldn't cross.) The latter is more of an Ennis thing. Both can be supported by the comics. We've only seen a little bit of the "shove your face in a meat grinder" Punisher on screen, and that's really what has been missing... I'm sure that's why they're going with the speculated ultra violent approach to the new movie. The Punisher video game HAD to take the violence approach... that's pretty much the only part of the character's life you'd want to pick up a controller for... but as a result, the story and unflinching brutality of the character was highly regarded. In the recent audio interview with Alexander, she mentions a brawl between the Punisher and Agent Budiansky... and that's the kind of boundary twisting that I'd really like to see: what would make a man who is stone-cold opposed to criminality mix it up with law enforcement? Probably going to be a memorable scene.
  8. Yeah, god damn them for making a skull that looks like some kind of head! Those bitches. I agree about Stevenson looking robotic. He's not even moving in these three new videos! What is wrong with Lexi Alexander for allowing him to just stand there?
  9. Did LGF ever buy their own rights to the character, or did they just get them by buying Artisan?
  10. Yeah, actually, I manipped Tim's cover (the Mother Russia one) to have Stevenson's face on it. On my own behalf and on the behalf of everybody else who used Tim's art for their manips, it's because he's the definitive Punisher artist of this decade... the work speaks for itself. They're obviously manips and obviously not meant to claim credit for his work. We use them because they kick ass. If Tim wants me to take down the image, I will do so out of total respect for him.
  11. Great covers you've illustrated, like them a lot. Chad Ward's look pretty nice as well... for some reason, I didn't realize that book publishers had such high interest in a good looking cover (which is like "DUH" looking back.) Guess I'm not spending enough time in the book store.
  12. I wonder if the movie will be nearly as violent as the game, there were some pretty brutal interrogations in there.
  13. Bahahaha... no offense, but... apparently not. When you release a movie has a big effect on how much money it makes, and that's the bottom line for the studio. Horror movies don't do well at Thanksgiving either. So, even being a critical success, the odds were against it doing well at the box office. I don't know who planned that release date but they should've bumped it back or moved it forward.
  14. I largely agree, I'd way rather have him in control of the things around him... that's the appeal of the character at this point in his evolution. Kind of like Stevenson said recently about him being a predator, he's definitely best portrayed as the hunter. In some of the older comics when he's not at all in control and just reacting again and again (see Mike Baron's comics, but for the love of god try to borrow them and not pay for the little terrors ) it's sort of draining. He'll probably have control for most of the movie (just plain taking out the garbage) but this seems to be how they decided to shake that up a little and make the audience worry about him as a person. Truthfully, he was created as a gimmick... he was unimportant enough to have undergone a complete first and last name change, and his background changed with almost every issue. Obviously he's better in some stories than in others but that gimmick niche is going to be really tough for him to escape... I don't have much hope, especially since they're throwing in a random "mom with alzheimers" storyline. Great casting choice in Wayne Knight though, brilliant in its obviousness. I have no doubt he's perfect as any incarnation of Micro.
  15. This seems like a pretty common disagreement... over at the GPA, we duked it out months ago and got it out of the way. :-) I personally don't mind the storyline... that's not to say I would have put it in if I magically got editorial control, but there's enough evidence in the comic to support that this, one day, could have happened. Castle's always used varying degrees of prep work. While he regularly enough seems to know the name of every gangster he mows down, there are those instances where he has no choice but to take out somebody who's drawing a bead on him that he doesn't know. Most of the time, it's safe to say those gunmen are there in support of somebody he does know and they probably deserve to die. Even if they haven't yet hurt anybody, the odds are good that they will hurt somebody in the service of a monster. Also, as a minor note, in Castle's first written brush with Captain America, it was revealed to him that a lady who was part of a mob crew (which Castle was targeting) was an undercover FBI agent. This was revealed only after Cap stopped him from attacking the gang. So it's not the most common thing you associate with the character, but it doesn't break canon that there could be the rare accident.
  16. I don't need to run interference or save the photo. I gave an honest opinion, which is more than you've done in a long time. I don't have an agenda - I have an opinion. That's more than you can say, sir. Hahaha... why stop a train wreck? You'll drive yourself in to the ground. Tom Jane doesn't need you to defend him, he'd come here and post himself if he felt like setting things straight. He is not without a voice and he uses it regularly. He's his own man... doesn't need you to shield him. That "fallen warrior" fell right in to writing his own comics and filming his own movies.
  17. Um... what's your point, that Steven Seagal looks like a badass in that picture? I'm not sure what your point is.
  18. That shot would've been awesome if it was actually in the film. I'm not saying he's as cut as Tom was for the last film... he was really ripped. But in a winter scene, I don't think either actor's going to run around in a tank top anymore. Not really a comparison. It's a good shot... too bad they toned down the skull though.
  19. Truthfully, your covers were what made me feel like I should pick up the comic again after years of not reading... you did a hell of a job sir! Extremely interested to see what you can work in for the Punisher in the future. For some reason, this is one of my personal favorites that you did. Love the color tint, the pose, and the background... so much detail! Almost reminds me of a scene or the art from The Crow (though I'd say yours is way more polished,) but it's iconic to say the least.
  20. I've always wondered how you define one dimensional, exactly. I usually assume it means a character is poorly fleshed out and only does one or two things... which the Punisher clearly isn't (though there is that constant accusation.) Say what you will, but even in the 89 version he wasn't one dimensional... there are many seperate aspects to his personality that seem to conflict, making him a compelling hero, in both movies to date. He's very thoroughly fleshed out, but none of it is hazy or complicated. That's why misinterpreting him is such a cardinal sin. That's why it's awkward when you see him in a movie breaking character... it's not like any of his traits are a puzzle.
  21. You're right, of course... guess it applies more to the Escape from NY stuff. Sorry. I'm very cool with another Mad Max movie. The Road Warrior is my favorite from the series, but they're all good. Mel Gibson was iconic in the role but I have a feeling the part can be recast with minimal pain.
  22. I have heard this once or twice before about the character, and I generally agree... though there are some intricacies about presenting the character that make the difference between a fun story and a classic (read Steven Grant's stuff, you'll see what I mean) but otherwise there's not a lot to write about Castle. Ennis put it really well on the 04 version's special features section... he pointed out that Castle is a really heroic guy (he used the "would rescue a child from a burning building without hesitation" example) who also happens to be a cold blooded killer. He's deeply wounded and though he's got a strong heart, it's almost completely buried under the need to make evil people pay in blood. The '04 version did get the "wounded hero" part right, and TJ was awesome at portraying that duality. The scene where he contemplates suicide was perfect... he doesn't live because he's tough to the core, he lives because his memories push him to not give up. You can run with the punishment part alone though. People like seeing rotten bastards pay and that's why the character has such basic appeal. He sets them up and knocks them down but there are always more murderers for him to find.
  23. The thing about remakes is, they have to stand on their own two legs. You can't always rely on just a title and familiar plotline to make it good. Maybe if we didn't have such good access to old movies, things would be different. But anybody can go out and buy a copy of the original Escape from NY or the original Mad Max and not think twice about saying it stomps the crap out of the remakes. So unless you've got an original twist or a VAST improvement in some technical aspect over the original version, it's best not to mess with it... I would think directors and writers would wind up just feeling like tools if all they do is remind people of why the original is superior. I'll wait and see on any remake, but it's got to be special in the end.
  24. Don't feel too bad, it's like a garfield cartoon... if you try to be funny everyday, some days it just won't happen.
  25. But War Zone is going to be awesome. That's why the in-development title is Awesome Zone.
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