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  1. There are a couple of reasons we decided to publish Age of Desire in the format that we did. 1) We thought the project deserved being a hardcover. Tim has waited over a decade to have this book come out and we wanted to present it in the best format we could publish it in. 2) In order to get it into the bookstore marketplace we had to have a decent sized spine, which the hardcover gave us. Printing the book in paperback format would have just made it a comic, which would have no shelf-life and would not be carried by the bookstore marketplace. We picked the size we did after seeing
  2. Thanks for the input. I checked out the image on our website and the image shown is actually an earlier colored version of the cover that wasn't used. I've asked our web guy to change it out with the final version (Grant's version) once he returns from vacation this week. Joe Pruett President Desperado Publishing
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