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    I love crime novels, crime movies, comic books, graphic novels, horror comics, film noir and traveling. I still have fond memories of reading 'Tales of the Crypt' and other horror comics under my blanket with a torch as a kid in the 80's! The universe is too vast for us to be to only living beings....and what has happened to all the bees?

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  1. Oh wow! Been 15 years already? Still my fav movie too
  2. That would be awesome! No chance of gossip or misinformation amongst likeminded folk. Plus social media is just so much less (or too much?) personal. Although it is great as photo sharing platform..
  3. I second that! Also, thanks for following my Insta Rosella! I enjoy following others with similar interests as well, so keep the posts coming ps. I've had a few fake TJ's message me.. I put a stop to it quickly.. imposters!
  4. I think it's so important to make social media sites official. I get so mad with imposters. Thanks for letting us know. I am still struggling with the concept of social media myself though, but getting there lol
  5. Happy 50th birthday TJ! That's such an exciting milestone, have a fab day x
  6. Davvi74

    Tom IG

    I've also had the fake TJ profile on Twitter contacting me by PM, but that person was asking for my mobile phone number, definitely knew it was a fake then lol. The fake Twitter account also has a website link that looks similar to the raw studios one but it is not the correct website. Some people are just weird, I dont understand what they gain from creating fake accounts. Sigh
  7. I missed it at the cinema! I will have to wait for it to come out on blueray!
  8. I finally got to watch this! Just released on Netflix here a few months ago. What an awesome movie, the premise was clever plus it was spooky!
  9. Ok so I just saw the veil, wow super creepy, with a very dark atmospheric tone, great directing style! I wonder where the inspiration for the character came from? TJ played the character well, creepy, dark, yet charismatic.. perfection!
  10. Yet to see the veil, but might be on my list tomorrow. Heard it is a great paranormal style thriller?
  11. I will probably also check the spelling in my posts throughout 2016 as well...
  12. Well its Saturday night, quiet, relaxing, and pondering my 2016. So here goes, finiah my degree in October, save money, go back to the US in July next year for summer this time, no snow! Probably go to NYC, New Orleans, san diego (comic-con hopefully to meet a few fellow fans or Tim/Tom ) then finish off with Vegas before heading home again to the land of Oz or maybe ill just stay and get a job there!
  13. Davvi74


    Bit late but happy new year all. Ive been flat out with exams. In my final year of my law degree now and have no social life (or any life for that matter). Its a lovely summer, rainy Australia Day here, and i am inside cramming for exams.. fun
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