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  1. Nice Doss. You sound a little crazed in the clip BTW
  2. An Apache Gunner was a dangerous person too... We all saw how long that lasted Congrats however! Always nice to see someone doing what they love. I just shoot guns..... Too bad I don't get paid for it.
  3. Congrats! I watched Double Negative, I did agree with the sole detractor in the comments that the basic premise did seem "Bourne"-ish, but I really liked the continuation aspect (the jogger scene at the end). I also agree that it was a nicely done production (I coulda done without the reused footage of you getting dressed however ) I did wonder about the props used (I sure as hell wouldn't let an HK drop to asphalt like that). How much was CGI'd into the film (other than Helo's).
  4. Sigh. Sometimes I don't get along with my editors. My Article for the Mateba was finally published, but they never used any of the images I got from Mr. Bradstreet and Hannibal Films. Sigh.... At least they kept my mentions of Mr Jane and his love of the gun Just for your reading pleasure. Sorry about the small images. The original publication is a 69meg document... I hope I get a copy soon... Only 15,000 copies for distribution, but still it's a start
  5. I think we need to start a pool. Does Doss Die in this movie.... Kudo's though for more acting work. More lines are always a step up.
  6. So finally got to see the movie. I must say I did love the "pulled the hearts out of their chests" as well as the continuing themes throughout the movie. Kudos to all for doing so much with so little.
  7. So I was pleasantly surprised. Went shopping with the wife on Saturday and as usual she wanted to go to the world's best seller of cheap chinese sweat shop clothing. Walmart. (Which I try my best to avoid like the plague.) Was surprised to find that it had 2 copies of GEHM in it's new release rack (DVD version). Future Shop, Best Buy didn't have any, but all the rental places did. Now my buddy knows the owners of one of the local theatres and is going to talk to him to see when we can arrange a proper viewing across the 40' screen. Sucks that they never made any film version, but we'll ha
  8. God damned, Amazon.ca is FAST. Placed my order Feb 8th, online at around 4:30 PM. Added in The Mist on DVD and a novel to get the free shipping. Recieved my invoice via email on Feb 9th. The Blu-Ray, DVD, and Novel all arrived Today. Holy Geeze that was damned fast for not paying for faster service. The Bad news? The COVER of Canada's GEHM SUCKS as much as the US one, only worse. Double the amount of writing on the back side and make 1/2 of it french.
  9. Well I've scoured most of the larger chain retailers in my area (Canadian urban population of roughly 500K). All have the movie in the records as being released today. Zero on hand, Zero waiting (aka in transit) = ZERO supply. So Amazon.ca I go for Blueray for $22.99 Ordered the the Mist while I was there shopping online too. No offense but the North American distributing for this movie SUCKS. Horrible distribution, Zero advertising, Phenominally poor disc box artwork. Look at the artwork in Germany. That is fabulous and is heads and shoulders above the US version.
  10. Maybe you guys are just missing the fact that it is selling out? (I can hope for you guys can't I?) All depends on the production volumes and distribution of said volume I would assume. If you have 1000 stores and make 10,000 copies, that averages out to 10 per store, however if 10 stores are in a historically horrible marketplace area, you send them maybe 2 copies if any at all. At least that is what I would do...
  11. No image. I am hoping it is better than the US cover (You mentioned something about a improved cover for UK release). I'm hoping that we get the better cover up here. You'll know on Feb 9th when I buy it up here in Canuckville.
  12. I can only hope it is the same art that we are getting up here in Canada. Release date up here is February 9th, Blu-Ray price $24.99 CDN (DVD $21.99 CDN)
  13. Actually. I have the spring kit for my .357 Mateba to use .38 Special Loads. It exists, just no real point IMHO. The Mateba shoots full power .357 loads (I load 16.5gr of Win 296 under 158gr JSP) as though they were 9mm's. Amazing reduced felt recoil.
  14. I cannot say I know much at all (Read nearly zero) about films and the industry. Can those with the knowledge tell me what sort of format is required for a theatical viewing? I have doubts that bringing a DVD copy to a theatre would work... Like I say. No idea. I ask because once again my friend mentioned that he would rent a theatre to get a proper viewing. I just want to know what format is required and if such a format is even available at this time....
  15. OMG, someone else other than me. I will admit that Heath was excellent in TDK, but Bale was no where near as goo as in Batman Begins. Whether it was the writing or the final cut, I dunno. The Joker was the movie. In IM I was blown away by how well he portrayed Stark. In fact the only character I was unimpressed with was Terrance Howard (I felt he wasn't as forceful as Rhodes was in the comics).
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