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  1. It looks pretty, but are the topics listed sort of randomly instead of by date? Maybe I'm missing something. -kwiat
  2. I'm interested to see what they come up with for casting. I can see where the premise would have to be a little different for a TV show. Really, it sounds more like someone came up with an idea for a show and they're tacking it with The Punisher name to draw y'all in.
  3. I can't call myself a fan of the show. I mostly watch an occasional repeat on FX. But it always made me laugh, and occasionally cring. I did watch the season premiere out of curiosity. I would have watched again last night, except I had to be somewhere. Kutcher is okay, but he isn't a draw for me. I just wanted to see how they would handle the transition. If Charlie was going to die in Paris, I would have expected him to have gotten twisted up with some French chick during tantric sex and losing his balance while on the Eiffel tower. So, I thought the way he died was rather unimaginative. But I thought the funeral was pretty realistic. If you're going to sleep around with dozens and dozens of women, you'rte going to start passing around, herpes and genital warts and clamydia, etc. And his Mom acted in a way consistent with her character. It is a sitcom after all. Charlie ending up in a dustbuster seemed apropos. And Alan was doing what he's always done - helping someone out and ending up with the short end of the stick, as usual. I think it's interesting that Charlie Sheen once replaced Michael J. Fox in a sitcom, and now Charlie is being replaced by Ashton Kutcher in a sitcom. Very different circumstances, though.
  4. I finally say Ironclad a couple of days ago and my first thought was that there must have been a lot of folks suffering from PTSD during medieval times. Knowing that this was based on a true event made it more engaging. I'm not one for gratuitous violence, but you watch this knowing this is what it was really like. And it was nasty, bloody stuff.
  5. I enjoyed reading your update, Tim. Never a dull moment, ay? I've been hit and miss around here for a while, but am popping in more lately.
  6. Sounds like they're going for the global/asian market. It's business, right? Work out the marketing before you make the movie.
  7. The Blob Will Penny Comes a Horseman
  8. Thanks y'all. I had a kwiat day, as usual.
  9. I'm very disappointed that Human Target was cancelled. I can't say I was thrilled with the direction they went in during the second season, though. I only watched Lie to Me once in a while. Mostly because I never knew when it was on and when it had new episodes. I always enjoyed it, though. I never could get into their secondary characters. Maybe that's just me.
  10. Say this on DVD a little while back and enjoyed it. Also, more interesting than I expected. Can't say I felt one smidge of sympathy for Billy Bob, though.
  11. Still has the stupid shovel on the cover. I wish that was gone.
  12. Gee, I never thought of you as an authority figure before, John. I think it suits you. If things are going to start hopping around here, I guess I'll have to stop by more often. And an echo of thanks to Noeland for all the admin he's been doing the last 3(?) years. He's a peach.
  13. I'm guessing that both Merle and Jim will show up next season, in one form or another.
  14. Do you think you feel that way because there was less zombie action in the last couple of episodes? It may be a show with zombies, but it is essentially about how people cope with an extreme situation.
  15. I bet Laurie Holden is getting paranoid of store front doors and windows.
  16. They know who you are and what you're watching; whoever "they" are.
  17. kwiat_skye

    I JUST...

    We seem to be more square than, say, indieflick_chick, but not quite as square as Noeland, Mike V or Tim. And that's all I have to say about squares.
  18. kwiat_skye

    I JUST...

    One more post and you get another SQUARE!
  19. When Rourke was on Leno, he seemed to say that Stallone convinced him to do the flick because, unlike Ironman 2 that was a one time job, The Expendables has the potential to be a series of films.
  20. Happy birthday, Noeland! Best wishes to you.
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