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  1. Still has the stupid shovel on the cover. I wish that was gone.
  2. kwiat_skye

    I JUST...

    We seem to be more square than, say, indieflick_chick, but not quite as square as Noeland, Mike V or Tim. And that's all I have to say about squares.
  3. kwiat_skye

    I JUST...

    One more post and you get another SQUARE!
  4. I liked Henry Poole Is Here as well, and was sorry to see it described as little seen.
  5. Is this going to be available through the RAW Store?
  6. I'm not sure brave is the word for it.
  7. [quote name='JWeber' date='Jul 13 2010, 01:21 P As for going after Pheonix, I don't get that. I hear he's not the easiest to get along with either. Why not go after someone who won't talk back. That, or kiss and make up. I'd rather have Norton back. I thought Phoenix retired from acting to concentrate on his hip-hop career? I guess you'd have the curiosity factor there, but it seems they would have to offer him a ton of cash to get him back into acting.
  8. I guess I always thought of this flick as comic book genre, not western genre. Appaloosa is western genre. Considering that Jonah Hex and Wild, Wild West have been mentioned in the same sentence, I don't think I can bring myself to watch this flick, even on DVD.
  9. TB - You know how I love the textures in your work? It's almost the same when you share the scoop with us in signature Bradstreet detail! Looking forward to seeing BPII come to fruition.
  10. Comparing it to Wild Wild West pretty much kills it for me. As far as the scarring goes, a scar like that would be a bit of a hindrance, I would think. I won't have to think long, though. I'll wait for this to hit netflix. I'm sure the hubby will like watching Megan, if nothing else.
  11. I'm guessing so that it will appeal to a broader audience. You can't make your dashing leading man look too hideous. Reminiscent of Mel Gibson in the flick, what was it called, Man Without A Face?
  12. kwiat_skye


    More likely it would be used for target practice.
  13. Thanks TB. I don't know anything about this art stuff, so whenever you explain something, it illuminates me.
  14. Question: On the myspace page, Gallows is described as having black hair, but in the last pic posted on your FB page, his hair looks lighter. Did you change that about him? Or do my eyes deceive me?
  15. No dust cover. Just the pretty twelve-legged death spider.
  16. Well, that explains why netflix doesn't have it until the 26th. I'll have to wait until then to see it. Have to wait a month or two before I can buy it. I love reading spoilers, though, so spoil away!
  17. I managed to see this in a theater a couple of nights ago. Very enjoyable. You definitely have to pay attention to what's going on. Anybody else seen it yet?
  18. Christmas is all in the Heart by Steven Curtis Chapman This is an older song, but it always reminds me of the early years of our marriage when we didn't have much and the kids were little. Cuts through all the glitz and glitter to what really matters. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4ZXpfkrzKQ
  19. New trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFW6Z4lkaGA
  20. kwiat_skye


    I'm so happy I was right! Good vibes. Congrats!
  21. Your favorite part?!? OUCH!!!! Although it was pretty cool when Mitch stuck the knife in his arm and sucked out and spit out that black yucky stuff. And again I say, OUCH!
  22. Deep Blue Sea is being shown on the Weather Channel this evening. Feel free to explain that one to me.
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