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  1. Whats Toms latest project?
  2. Well, now that Lenore knows Ray's Ex, she can use that against him to get what she wants. Now they will never get rid of the bitch. Plus, I read that she will bringing in new men to the fold. As for the pregnant lady script, that seemed a little distasteful to me. Could've skipped that episode. Sorry Tom.
  3. Tim hi! follow you on facebook, excellent artwork! I know Tom's got to be or already has been working on Hung season 2. Anyone know when it starts? I cant find Give em hell malone around here in the midwest. I saw the new Medium episode, it was good as always! Thank you!!! xoxo
  4. Lets just say some people i'd rather NOT see naked. k?
  5. Like I had any room to talk as i havent been on here awhile myself, been busy and i have just an oridary schedule....i couldnt do all you do and stay sane! Went to the store looking for a RAW T-shirt. Liked the Dark Country shirt . Dark country movie was great! Lookin forward to season 2 of Hung. Merry Christmas to you and your Family! Cj
  6. I thought it was fantastic and when they picked bloodyface up, I thought he looked like TJ a few times but thought "he can't be"! WRONG! I hate movies that end with ya guessing what happened though, I needed more explanation on this. But everyone's nailed it, its like Twighlight Zone. Would LOVE to see this at a theater or drive in. This film took me back to the 60's and I liked that.........back to a simpler time. My dad had a car with push buttons. I WANT ONE NOW!! Where did ya find it TJ? All in all, great job guys!! Must be good, I watched it twice!
  7. tomjanerox


    So we can expect 2nd season out when??
  8. Thanks never seen this one, the punisher is awesome!
  9. Where are you Tom Jane? Been checking in for a few months to see if you have chatted with us. I know youre busy. I am waiting for you and Tim to sell those RAW tees in your Rawstudio store. Me and hubby are loving the HBO series~ great job and I pimped Ray 5 times and probably won't win but hey i did my part! LOL Good luck on the series and hope to see ya here on the boards soon.
  10. tomjanerox


    Well, I pimped Ray about 5-6 times and will probably do more if I think of a good one. Loved the pilot and so did my hubby! Very off-beat and funny. Ray's financial dilemma comes at a time when alot of folks can relate. Good luck Tom and cast!
  11. tomjanerox


    the pimpray link didnt work for me, came up as an empty page?
  12. So sorry for your loss Tim. You and your family will be in my prayers. Colleen
  13. All I know is that Song by Lady GaGa ? called POKER FACE makes me crazy! LOVE IT!
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