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  1. I was hestinant to sound that harsh cause I don't want to come off as righteoues. And like MikeV has said- Thomas mentioned quitting. Which is wonderful. Obviously, i don't know what the situation is with him exactly- it could just be bad luck or an issue. Either way- it doesn't hurt to remind him that alcohol will only take you down and since artists have a slight propensity to self-destruction and subsequent downward spiral- its better to slap him on the wrist and remind him that you can get burned if you fuck with fire. Many artists took drugs- some of their creative output was
  2. So Super Stories is out- you can flip through the first 15 pages of the book here in this cool little digi-thing they made. The book has some cool graphics for children and weird adults and is like 20 bucks or something that goesdirectly to charity but you know all that. http://www.blurb.com/books/245633
  3. noelandlovesflowers- what's an assdonkey? cause a donkey is an ass. Its another word for it so you're basically saying ass-ass. Which is a little excessive but if you were to flip it around you might have somethin' there. donkeyass. now, you got an ass of an ass. which is pretty low and thus, a powerful insult. also- I'm pretty certain the production of a comic book or graphic novel isn't as expensive as a film and your guys idea of justice for the Punisher may be even better felt and controlled through that form. just an idea. and I don't think anyone would say 'dr
  4. Tim Bradstreet- for real! There's 133 pages of anticipation here and though I think its great to breakdown a film concept cause this thread did reveal a lot of insight into peoples take on the Punisher and the stories' dynamics- that's all cool and everything- but WAY too much analysis and speculation will totally trash your experience of the movie. Cause some of you will be watching it and will be trying to figure out how to justify your predictions during the whole thing. chill out- for those that expect to hate it- it might surprise you. for those that expect to l
  5. RAW is WAR spelled backwards. coincidence? wonder what RAW means, actually. Mayeb its too early in the morning but when I read your post- use sounded like a cyborg alien to me. Which is crazy cause if you think about how our language developed- specifically technological lingo like codecs and RAM and oh shit- Random Access Memory- RAM has the same letters as RAW except the W is flipped around- coincindence? anyways- yeah- if like back in the 50s you try to explain someone some of the stuff we have now- they'll think it came out of a science fiction comic. Like going back in tim
  6. cool. thanks for that. Your reply right there made me a little more comfortable to do some independent study on it. Its good to know that people are doin it without formal education as well and thus a medium open to everyone. But its nice to know that you have found personal information out there. Download this free visualizer for winamp. Its called MilkDrop programmed by Ryan Geiss. http://www.nullsoft.com/free/milkdrop/screenshots.html This is a taste of these computer generated constantly flowing and as you say mind-messing 'spinning vortex' and among these hundreds o
  7. sveinx


    irish46- wung. did I win the microwave? sveinx
  8. Fuckin' rad. so chroma depth is about quantity of certain colors, huh? I haven't delved into this whole 3-D thing as much YET. I heard 3-D is basically done by taking 2 copies of an image- photo taken 7 degrees apart and then superimposing them. Its a mystery to me but when I see Impalas flyin out of the page of BP 3 and into my face and spaceships skidding out the book and grazing my pillow and flying back in the page or a slanted view of some guy getting sliced in half and his torso popping out onto my coffee table- I mean Bad Planet 3 rocked my head hard. And the artwork is so beautifu
  9. TL- dude, what's it with you and shitting? you addicted to laxatives of something? The Punisher Warzone thread almost made me throw up there was so much shitting involved. Talkin' about shitting trucks and stuff. what the fuck, yo? sveinx
  10. This is a psuedo- apology that I felt I had to make to Thomas Jane. I tried p.m'ing him so I didn't have to waste forum space but it's deactivated so I'm putting it here. Hey- I'm sorry. not really but you know, a little bit. cause I wasn't insulting your wife. There was a communication gap. maybe you should steer clear of my site afterall. you peek in there- you'll have an aneurism. be rest assured- I am not defaming your wife but rather enlighten people to her. Teaching through her. Albiet with a filthy mouth- but personally I have always found classical teachers boring and ineffec
  11. Jen- Au contraire dear, the highest he has ever sung was on 'The Perfect Drug' on the Lost Highway soundtrack. sveinx
  12. continued. and some classic 3-D in the mix so bust out the red/cyan glasses for these. Aztecs- sveinx
  13. Stereo-imaging has really lit my interest in visual processing and illusions and dimensions and anything optics thanks to the inspirational Bad Planet 3 stereoscopic madness. Here are some mind-blowing images. "Through the stereo window!" This photograph was taken with a Realist 3.5 stereo camera (newer model with "Germany" lenses) using 35mm Fuji Pan-F Black & White film. I believe the exposure time was about 1/50 of a second; f5.6. This is a 3-D stereo photograph that can be viewed in the third dimension by crossing your eyes. Cross your eyes slowly until you see three
  14. Thanks for link. I'm still fascinated by this issue- just can't get over how well its done and have convinced so many people to put on my pair of 3-D glasses and look at it for a second and then I got to convince them after half an hour that its best for both them and me that they take it off cause 3-D rays can give you cancer. But I was at Union Square Park in Manhattan the other day and was traveling to Connecticut so I had my suitcase with me carrying all 5 issues. So I'm sitting park and had my friend wearing the glasses- I had 2 pairs and telling her how super-radical it is all enthusiast
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