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  1. Long Beach Comic Con was great. It was small...but it was nice to not have to be elbow to elbow in all the isles. :P A HUGE thank you to Tim and Thomas both...You guys were so nice to me and I really appreciate it. I'll post the pics from Fri/Sat ASAP. I wish you all the best and hope to catch ya'll at another show sometime soon.




  2. Cool, thanks for the added info! :D It's always a shame to miss out on a convention and to hear things first-hand, but second-hand like this is great too. ;)


    Oh, and thank you sooo much for posting your pix to my TJ 2 Group! I know what you mean about how confusing it is to post here, but that's because (at least to me) you have to have your photos stored at some site online first (like Photobucket) and then it's possible to upload them here to the Forum.


    I wish you could upload photos directly from the computer, but I guess that's not the way it works...


    Just curious, when they were all talking about Mutant Chronicles, did they talk about plot at all, and give out any spoilers? I know Simon Hunter has been guarding the ending of the movie and won't talk about it, so I'm wondering if that's still the case.


    I guess people in the audience asked questions then? Who could get into the audience, anyone or were there special passes given out?


    Was the conversation/banter free 'n' easy with the panel? I'm just wondering because sometimes it's hard for a director and the stars of the movie to interact, depending if there was previous difficulty on set, etc... Not that there was anything like that for this movie, but still, I'm wondering if the actors had to refrain from saying certain things, like "I was knee-deep in mud in the trenches for too bloody long!" - :lol:





    I know what you mean. They all seemed to get along really well and seemed to feed off of each other. I was actually already in the room for the Hellraiser panel and had to stand in a line for Clive Barker/Doug Bradley autographs for part of the MC panel. So I didn't get to hear everything. But from what I did catch....they didn't tell you too much about the plot. :/ However, even though they didn't say much about the plot and the snip it didn't seem to show mutants persay, it still looks like worth going to the movie theater to see. The effects/scenery alone look pretty amazing-very '300esque'-but with not so harsh contrast to color. lol.


    Anyone who had a ticket for the day/weekend could attend the panel. For the most part it was a free for all when it came to seating. I had the 3 day pass so I had an assigned seat-about 7 or 8 rows from the stage.-which didn't seem to matter as some chick refused to get out of my seat. lol. So the pics I took were kind of far away-hence why a couple of them are kind of blurry. :/ I was using a 70-300 mil zoom....and tried to zoom as close as possible...


    You're welcome for the photos by the way. I'm gonna try to figure out the photobucket way or whatever and post some pics in here...unless you'd like to. I had a friend take a picture of TJ at Comic Con for me back in '07...I'll upload that to the Thomas Jane photos post later. I hope you're all doing great! Thanks for bein' so nice. :D

  3. Coolness! Thanks for your recap. :) I haven't seen that much online about the event, especially the Mutant Chronicles part, so it's interesting to see how it went. That's great that you could get the Punisher poster signed by Tom.



    PS I'd love to see the pix you took during the panel, as well as everyone here would, I'm sure. If possible, could you add them to this Forum. If it's too much for you to do, you can always send me the pix and I can post them at my Thomas Jane 2 Yahoo Group - and/or post them here. thanks in advance. :D


    I'll get the pics to you asap. :) ...they're not great...but they're ok. (I'd post 'em here myself, but I can't figure out how) I think the thing that made me laugh the most was Thomas Jane getting up in the first five minutes of the panel and vanishing to use the restroom. When he came back and they started to ask him to respond to a question they had asked while he was gone he said something along the lines of...I love how you guys act like I know what's going on. They mostly talked about making MC. One thing the director mentioned is that the scenes are all CGI-so they were shot on green screen-and when they would go outside everything would look pink to him.


    The convention was really small, but from what I hear it's been getting smaller and smaller over the last few years. I talked to the new owners of Fangoria and they're looking to make some changes-for the better. They're hoping to make it bigger next year from what it sounds like. If there's anything else about the convention you'd like to know feel free to ask...and if I don't know the answer to something, I'll do my best to find someone who does. ;)

  4. Oh, yes, it was madness, I tell you - I think some guy in the audience challenged Tom's supposedly Punisher-physique, in jest, mind you, and Tom got up and proceeded to disrobe with alacrity, to the delight of many and the sound of a multitude of cameras clicking.


    And me being a dumb bunny sometimes, I brought a smaller, less equipped camera to the event, and, from a distance, barely captured Tom's unclothed torso on film. I, however, procured a much better photo (as in, more of just-Tom to see) from a MySpace pal, and will post this delicacy post-haste -


    Thank you Patrick! :D




    If anyone else has photos of said spectacle, or any others - please post here!




    I'm sorry I missed THAT! :blink:

  5. Okay, well here's the "unofficial news" from the event :lol: :


    "Thomas Jane and Ron Perlman were on-hand to discuss the upcoming Mutant Chronicles film..."





    If anyone can add more info that would be awesome! ;)





    I went to Fangoria all three days. It was a blast. I sat in on the Mutant Chronicles panel. They showed a snip it of the film. The CGI and concepts look great. There's an interesting story line as well. Thomas Jane and Ron Perlman kept the audience laughing. Simon Hunter was very nice to everyone-as were the stars. Anna Walton is beautiful in person, Ron Perlman is aging well, very funny, and very kind. Thomas Jane is very handsome and funny. They were signing Mutant Chronicles posters as well as any other poster/prop that fans had to be signed from any of their other projects. I asked Thomas Jane autograph a Punisher poster, and I asked Ron Perlman to sign a Beauty & The Beast album for my mom for Mother's Day. :P


    Unfortunately, they weren't allowing photos in the autograph area but I got some decent shots from my seat during the panel. They're doing the permiere in LA tonight at 7:30. ...I had planned on going, but have to work. :P I hope that my tid bit of info. shed some light on the Weekend of Horrors for ya.

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