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  1. Long Beach Comic Con was great. It was small...but it was nice to not have to be elbow to elbow in all the isles. A HUGE thank you to Tim and Thomas both...You guys were so nice to me and I really appreciate it. I'll post the pics from Fri/Sat ASAP. I wish you all the best and hope to catch ya'll at another show sometime soon. *HUGS* Chanel
  2. I bought my 3 day weekend pass....so I'll see ya'll there!
  3. Has there been any word about if Thomas Jane will be attending San Diego Comic Con this year?
  4. ...on a side note about up coming conventions...anyone know if TJ will be attending San Diego Comic Con this year? My sister is a big Thomas Jane is the ONLY Punisher advocate, so I figured I'd try to drag her down there for the weekend if he's there.
  5. I know what you mean. They all seemed to get along really well and seemed to feed off of each other. I was actually already in the room for the Hellraiser panel and had to stand in a line for Clive Barker/Doug Bradley autographs for part of the MC panel. So I didn't get to hear everything. But from what I did catch....they didn't tell you too much about the plot. :/ However, even though they didn't say much about the plot and the snip it didn't seem to show mutants persay, it still looks like worth going to the movie theater to see. The effects/scenery alone look pretty amazing-very '300esque'
  6. I'll get the pics to you asap. ...they're not great...but they're ok. (I'd post 'em here myself, but I can't figure out how) I think the thing that made me laugh the most was Thomas Jane getting up in the first five minutes of the panel and vanishing to use the restroom. When he came back and they started to ask him to respond to a question they had asked while he was gone he said something along the lines of...I love how you guys act like I know what's going on. They mostly talked about making MC. One thing the director mentioned is that the scenes are all CGI-so they were shot on green scre
  7. I have issue #1...the artwork is awesome! ...just thought I'd throw that out there. Keep up the great work!
  8. I went to Fangoria all three days. It was a blast. I sat in on the Mutant Chronicles panel. They showed a snip it of the film. The CGI and concepts look great. There's an interesting story line as well. Thomas Jane and Ron Perlman kept the audience laughing. Simon Hunter was very nice to everyone-as were the stars. Anna Walton is beautiful in person, Ron Perlman is aging well, very funny, and very kind. Thomas Jane is very handsome and funny. They were signing Mutant Chronicles posters as well as any other poster/prop that fans had to be signed from any of their other projects. I asked Thomas
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