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  1. I not only had the Bionic Woman doll, but I had the Beauty Salon that turned into a laboratory. My brother had the Steve Austin doll and we played the heck out of those things. As for the video concept, very well done. Would love to see it redone by someone who appreciates and respects the material who would do it right.
  2. Great videos! Just catching up. Haven't posted in a while, but glad to see these vids of Thomas, except that crazy cross-dressing dancer one (eeks!). I'm glad that it was made clear that that was just a "fun" video and someone isn't trying to say that he really is a cross-dresser, lol!
  3. Yeah, it sucks that HBO cancelled Hung, which was one of its better performing shows, to bring on new shows and now they've had to cancel one of those (Luck) because they're killing too many horses. Damn shame. I'd much rather have watched a show about a man that was hung like a horse than a show about actual horses.
  4. Here's a question for you, Tim- how do you go about starting a story and/or drawing it? Do you write it out first and develop the characters/backstory, etc.? Or do you just start drawing? Do you have an idea and just start drawing it? I have a kind of crazy idea for a comic and am wondering how to begin to work it out as I've never tried it before.
  5. Hey, Jen, here's some pics of Thomas at the David Lynch event back in December. Don't know if you've seen them or not. http://www.exposay.com/3rd-annual-change-begins-within-benefit-celebration-presented-by-the-david-lynch-foundation---arrivals/v/52833/7/
  6. Great interview with Thomas from thefix.com. Very eye-opening. http://www.thefix.com/addiction/drugs/Thomas%20Jane6663?page=1
  7. Here's another interesting interview with Rob Lowe and Jeremy Piven about the film. It's obvious listening to them talk that this was a labor of love for all involved. http://www.hollywood...th_You/11175121
  8. mediumfan


    Thanks, Thomas! I'm really trying! It's killing me that I haven't been able to catch it this season. Everything I've seen looks amazing!
  9. mediumfan


    Lol! Nice to have you back, Thomas! And as hilarious as ever! Sadly I have not seen the show this season, but with all the considerable skills and talents being brought to bear, I have no doubt that it is better than ever, and I am really trying to get caught up. Good luck on the pickup!!
  10. Lol! Now THAT would have made Mad Men a must-see for me. As it is, as hunky as Jon Hamm is, I've never watched a single episode. But if TJ had been cast in the role, I wouldn't have missed one. Hamm, on the other hand, is kinda 'meh' as an actor to me. I bet TJ would have rocked that role as well as he has "Ray Drecker".
  11. It's funny that of all the parts that they asked TJ about for this piece, one of them was "Clay Bicks" from Medium when he wasn't even credited on the show for that. Go figure!
  12. I think it's funny how in that entire interview, that was the part that they picked up on and chose to copy. They twisted it and made it sound like he was working as a gigolo for hire, when what he said was that when he was hungry enough, he wasn't averse to doing something like that for food. Btw, the source article is posted above. It was in the LA Times Sunday Conversation yesterday. It's a great interview, and there's a lot more to it than just what that site chose to repeat.
  13. Here's another link to the new poster (I think it's the newest one) and a trailer for the movie. I'm not sure if this is a new trailer or not, but it looks more intense than others I've seen. http://www.hollywood.com/news/Red_Band_I_M...riosity/7845561
  14. Thomas is featured in The Sunday Conversation in the LA Times today talking about the new season of Hung. Great read.
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