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  1. Getting really stoked about this one coming out! Gonna be a good summer for movies!
  2. There were so many good Heston movies, but I personally loved Omega Man! Was saddened to hear he passed away
  3. Finally bought this and watched it! WOW!! That is now one of my favorite horror movies! Unbelievable! I know it was homage to Lovecraft; he would love that!! Thomas Jane was incredible in this!!
  4. Thanks! Two more pages on this arc and then an in depth discussion about super hero bowel movements!
  5. That would rock as long as it is not Escape from L.A. Just still can't get over Snake riding a surf board! ha!
  6. Does it keep you up at night wondering if the Hulk's poop is green. Is the Human Torch's on fire? If you have ever wondered this or had other strange thoughts about comics; then this may be the web comic for you. Welcome to The Porch where four guys tackle questions that have been plaguing fan boys for decades! Feel free to take a look!
  7. Didnt Lee do a cool re-boot of the avengers once? I think he did!
  8. Havent been on the boards in awhile. Been swamped, but saw this trailer. Like the fact that they are returning to that bixby'esque take on the hulk. Like the fact that Banner viewed it as a curse he wanted to be rid of. Hope this movie rocks!
  9. Dig the work jonny! Very cool!! what are you working on?
  10. I think this stuff is really good! Is this a black and white comic? The inks look pretty heavy if it isnt. Otherwise, I dig them!
  11. TB, Thanks and no problem! I completely understand. Just sent you a message. Thanks Bruce
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