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  1. I just wanted to ask if people would take a moment and please vote for Howard Lovecraft & The Frozen Kingdom for original graphic novel for the Eagle awards. I would really appreciate your support for this book that introduced Lovecraft to kids! http://www.eagleawards.co.uk/survey/index.php?sid=86574
  2. Another great early review of Howard Lovecraft & The Frozen Kingdom from sheneverslept.com! http://sheneverslept.com/newsandreviews/
  3. Here is another early review of the Frozen Kingdom which is available today to order at your local comic shops! The diamond order code is OCT09 0688! Check out a new review below! Howard Lovecraft & the Frozen Kingdom Publisher: Arcana Studio Author: Bruce Brown Artist: Renzo Podesta It is Christmas Eve and six year old Howard Lovecraft and his mother pay a visit to his father in a sanitarium. The father rambles and keeps telling Howard to destroy the book. What book is he talking about? Has he really gone insane or is there more to this dark picture? I grew up on comic books—literally—and HP Lovecraft is one of my biggest influences as a writer. I’ve read pretty much everything he’s written and many pastiches of his Cthulhu Mythos. So to me, the idea of taking a six year old Howard Lovecraft and dropping him in the universe we’re used to reading about in his stories was a brilliant idea. What if HP Lovecraft actually experienced some of those worlds and dimensions he wrote about? Howard Lovecraft & the Frozen Kingdom is nothing less than a breath of fresh air, a labor of love from a writer who obviously knows the source material. Brown pens a fast-paced, often funny, fairy-tale-like story that keeps you glued to the panels. Artist Renzo Podesta paints some amazing splash pages throughout and his panels almost feel like they’re about to leap from the pages. The artwork fit the story like a glove. The story is almost magical in a Lovecraftian kind of way (if that makes any sense). Lovecraft aficionados will feel they are on familiar territory here with a brief glimpse of the origins of R’yleh, mentions of the Jinn, talk of waking the slumbering one, and even a few panels with Dagon. Author Bruce Brown writes a compelling tale rooted in reality yet very surreal and filled with fantasy. The young Howard is already ahead of his time at the tender age of six in the way he speaks; I guess it can be attributed to the fact that he might very well have been a child prodigy. He has a good sense of humor and is even cocky at times. Aided by his sidekick¬— Thu Thu Hmong who Lovecraft renames Spot because it’s easier to remember—young Howard embarks on a journey filled with danger to recover a lost book. Saying more would ruin the fun. Howard Lovecraft & the Frozen Kingdom is a graphic novel for all ages. It’s the kind of story you read in one sitting and that you will most likely re-read many more times. Lovecraft enthusiasts will love the original yarn Bruce Brown has spun with this one. I’m not sure if mainstream readers with no knowledge of Lovecraft or the Cthulhu Mythos will enjoy it as much, but comic book readers will surely appreciate this fresh take on one of genre fiction’s most beloved writers. It’d be great to witness more adventures of young Howard to see what happened later on to turn him into a recluse because he’s everything but in this tale. Bring on book two, I say! This little gem of a book comes highly recommended! Alan Draven, Author of Bitternest and Vengeance Is Mine
  4. My name is Bruce Brown and I am the author of Howard Lovecraft & The Frozen Kingdom coming out with Arcana studios. It is an all ages Lovecraft book that has art from this forum's own Irish46 in it as well! The book is available for pre-order NOW! The diamond order code is: OCT 09 0688 Also, here is an early review of the book from Planet Lovecraft Magazine! As a Lovecraft aficionado, I take an interest in all things HPL, and when I came across the website of Howard Lovecraft and the Frozen Kingdom a while back, my curiosity was definitely piqued. Let me make one thing clear – I consider myself a Lovecraft scholar, but I’m not a Lovecraft purist by any stretch of the imagination. As much as I love The Old Gent’s weird tales, I love even more a contemporary writer that can understand Lovecraft’s intent and then weave their own storylines within the Mythos. With Arcana’s “Howard Lovecraft and the Frozen Kingdom”, Bruce Brown has given us a little of both… he spins a yarn that falls half in the “real” world – that is, Lovecraft’s childhood – and half in The Frozen Kingdom, an alternate dimension that brings to mind Randolph Carter’s Dreamlands. In fact, one of the strengths of HLatFK is that, if you’re an HPL fan, everything feels a little familiar. Brown is obviously a fan himself, and so you feel comfortable letting him steer you through his version of Lovecraft Country. And as he tells his story, we meet characters and creatures and discover clues that will obviously lead young Howard to the writer he becomes and the stories he’s best known for. The art, by Renzo Podesta, is nothing short of gorgeous, each frame so stuffed with natural motion that it looks like you’re looking at a series of animated cels, colored in muted sepias for Howard’s everyday, real world, and icy blue-greens in the world of the Frozen Kingdom. In fact, more than once I thought to myself, “I want to see this movie!” Will everyone love this? Probably not. There’s a broad and sometimes jarring child-like humor that runs contrary to the dark images, but I embraced it for what it was – the obvious joy of a writer getting caught up in his characters, and Podesta counters by channeling Bill Watterson (creator of Calvin and Hobbes) at his best with young Howard and his Cthulhian pet, Spot. Where so many recent companies have jumped on the Lovecraft bandwagon and turned the Old Ones into just a bunch of creatures to punch, shoot, or blow up, it’s nice to see someone with a genuine love – and knowledge – of the source material step up and show ‘em how it’s done. Ia! K.L. Young Editor, Art Director, Lavatory Cleaner Planet Lovecraft Magazine And another review from Cosmic Book News! http://www.cosmicbooknews.com/reviews/hlfk_review
  5. Okay, being from Springfield, Illinois (The Land of Lincoln) I burst out laughing on that one!
  6. Getting really stoked about this one coming out! Gonna be a good summer for movies!
  7. There were so many good Heston movies, but I personally loved Omega Man! Was saddened to hear he passed away
  8. Finally bought this and watched it! WOW!! That is now one of my favorite horror movies! Unbelievable! I know it was homage to Lovecraft; he would love that!! Thomas Jane was incredible in this!!
  9. Thanks! Two more pages on this arc and then an in depth discussion about super hero bowel movements!
  10. That would rock as long as it is not Escape from L.A. Just still can't get over Snake riding a surf board! ha!
  11. Does it keep you up at night wondering if the Hulk's poop is green. Is the Human Torch's on fire? If you have ever wondered this or had other strange thoughts about comics; then this may be the web comic for you. Welcome to The Porch where four guys tackle questions that have been plaguing fan boys for decades! Feel free to take a look!
  12. Didnt Lee do a cool re-boot of the avengers once? I think he did!
  13. Havent been on the boards in awhile. Been swamped, but saw this trailer. Like the fact that they are returning to that bixby'esque take on the hulk. Like the fact that Banner viewed it as a curse he wanted to be rid of. Hope this movie rocks!
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