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  1. Thanks soooo much for that picture! Hahaahaha
  2. I just can't stop watching this movie! It's amazing Made my folks sit through it with me twice hahah xx
  3. Ok..I finally got around to watching this movie last night. And wow! I was like and jumping through most of it. Superb acting!!! Here's to hoping there's a sequal, and that if there is, Mr. Thomas will be in it xD
  4. Just droppin' in to say hope everything's going well for you and that you and your family are doin' well I'm new to the board and the site, but I must say, they both kick major butt! Ok, so.. first off, my favourite films of you HAVE to be Deep Blue Sea, The Mist and The Punisher. Questions: 1.Did you enjoy Deep Blue Sea? I love sharks so I know I enjoyed watching it! 2. The Punisher - ok so Kevin Nash is a SCARY dude! What was it like having that fight scene with him/ working with him? 3. HOW can I get in a movie with you?! Haha, seriously dude - immense acting skills!! (you i mean ) 4. What role would you most like to play in a future film? Villain, hero, comedian, serious etc? 5. If you could've been in ANY film [past or present] which film would it have been? Thanks soooo much! And any replies would be muchly appreciated Ruthy.
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