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    Big on movies, horror and kick ass action movies are at the top of the list. I try to make it to the gym as often as I can, though time seems to be less and less as life progresses. I'm still a kid when it comes to reading comics, and I cant get enough of em.

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  1. I don't think so, but thank you!
  2. Oh, I'm glad that tv show is dead.
  3. Tim- he better be. The MAX version, especially under Ennis was voiced perfectly. I like what Aaron did with some of Frank's backstory, but didnt care for how it ended. Prefer "The Punisher: The End" much more. Just a personal opinion. Also, Tim, if he does come back, you better be on covers.
  4. How about someone like Leonardo Manco?
  5. Good to see you're still around, Gilbert. You and Johnson are the best of us. I'll gladly bow down to that level of generosity and dedication. That being said, the two of you need anything, anything... dont hesitate to ask. Except for high priced call girls, cause I dont share.
  6. Ah, plenty of head's up... thank you. Going to do everything I can to make this one. I know Adam J's birthday, as well as my own, are just a week before all this... so I think I know what I'm asking for, hahaha. Gimme a few more weeks and I'll give you a definite. And I'm going to keep working on Drum to get you out here for Heroes. Funny enough, this was the Convention Center where I first met all you guys back in '04. Talk about a hell of a weekend. Course about all we did was hang out at the Punisher booth and the Rock Bottom Brewery.
  7. Argh, feel your pain, bud. My wife did about $1500 worth of damage smashing her vehicle into the back of another one last month. Completely crumpled the front of her ca. Thanks God, she and the kids (including the new addition to be here in Dec) were all okay. But that pretty much put the kibosh on my trip to SDCC this year. Wouldve been my first time out there.
  8. If you hit another Con this year, Tim, gives us a head's up. Gotta get this sucker signed. Gorgeous book, guys and gals... definitely a must have for anyone on this board.
  9. Wow, that's dicked. On the plus side, now Bradstreet has that movie idea to get you and James Purefoy in a film together, hahaha
  10. Well, I'm just going to have to start chipping away at Shelton earlier this year. He's a hard man to keep in contact with. But yes, let's make it happen for summer '10
  11. Oh, now that is a GREAT FARKIN' IDEA! I've even got that comic styled suit for O'Brien to use if you need it. Make it happen. Joe, good to see you and the little lady again at Heroes. Next time store 'Street in your luggage. He dont know what he's missing at Heroes.
  12. Shallow Grave (1994)- directed by Danny Boyle. Starring Ewan McGregor, Christopher Eccleston, and Kerry Fox It's an awesome character study of 3 roommates who suddenly come into a large sum of money. I wont tell you how they got it, or anything else, cause I think the less you know, the more you'll enjoy it. Needless to say, its amazing what the human psyche can handle. I 'second' the "REC" nod. Its out on US dvd next week (July 14th). Seriously, go check this one out. And watch the subtitles dammit!
  13. Cant beat John Severin , Tom. Or perhaps someone like Kevin Nowlan. Cary Nord would rock it, also. As far as wishful thinking, Mike Zeck.
  14. Finally, finally, FINALLY got my hands on this over the weekend. Good heavens... Tim, seriously... gorgeous. Holy crap. I hate like hell we were never able to get that Punisher mini you, Tom, and Steve had tried to get off the ground a few years ago... I can look at this book for hours and not read a single word. Jeez, its just amazing, bud.
  15. Agreed... Though 'Out of Sight' is one of my top films ever. LOVED it.
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