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    Big on movies, horror and kick ass action movies are at the top of the list. I try to make it to the gym as often as I can, though time seems to be less and less as life progresses. I'm still a kid when it comes to reading comics, and I cant get enough of em.

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  1. It's been awhile. Coaching softball for two of my daughters eats a ton of time. But... Anyone interested in physical copies of "Blood Night" feel free to order them here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/david-jaffe/blood-night-photonovel/paperback/product-22757600.html Please note that the order is fulfilled by the online supplier, not by me personally as this is a not-for-profit fan project. There is a 3-5 day lead time for printing to actual shipping.
  2. Thanks, fellas! A quick update to the "Blood Night" project. The photographer decided to print the 80 page graphic novel and, man, if it didn't turn out beautifully. I greatly prefer it to the digital format. Here are some quick photos. Lift-Off Studios is going to sell several small runs of the book, at no profit, just covering printing costs of the 80 page graphic novel to drum up interest for part II (featuring Black Widow). If anyone is interested, let me know and I'll update the thread once the books have been printed.
  3. So I'm making yet another Punisher costume. This time I'm taking one vest and making interchangeable skull panels. This will allow me to swap skulls yet keep the same vest. I also plan to add new accessories that I can swap out as well. I've ordered white armored gloves and I need to find a pair of white Dr Martens to customize. I also plan to add white gun holsters/pouches that I can swap out with the current black gear that I have. I have started the work 3 skull panels. First, Lewis LaRosa's 2nd is the Dirty Laundry skull 3rd is the Marco Checchetto skull (need to clean this one up a bit) Surprisingly, I'm not a fan of the Lee skull on the vest. It could just need a little cleaning up....or maybe it's a bit too large? I am digging the Rocafort skull, though. Smaller but it works in my opinion Thoughts/opinions? Or any other skull designs you'd like to see added?
  4. Thanks, bud. It's not perfect. Lots of things I'd do differently. Considering we've never done anything of this scale before, I'm pretty proud of it. Now that we have one under our belt I'm really hoping to get part 2 on the radar and bring most of the story to a close... note I said "most" lol Thanks for checking it out and please share with other like minded folks if you dug it
  5. Well, it's been far too long since I've been on these boards. If anyone is still around and wanting to check out a fun Punisher fan project a few buddies and I slapped together, please take a look and let us know what you think. The book itself and a little teaser video can be found here: http://www.lift-offstudios.com/bloodnight/ Please enjoy and let us know what we can do better for round 2. We plan to go much larger and integrate more MU characters into the mix. With any luck, we can get 2-3 more of these type projects completed.
  6. Agreed. And thank you kindly, gentlemen
  7. I realize this project was a labor of love and cost next to nothing to create (Even though that shirt is the shit!) but how do we get this circulated on a more broad basis? I've added the link to my signature on most boards I visit, posted the link directly in various threads, but how do we get this out to the non "in crowd"? I realize with is being a Marvel property it cant be shown as a short for say Cable networks, sadly. Because I think you'd blow that 10million viewership out of the water. Racking my brain to figure out how and where to push this... this needs to be seen. How many festivals, contests, etc are out there to push this project? I havent felt a fire like this since 2004, lol BTW, Tom, get your ass on some more talk shows and have them air your "Dirty Laundry"
  8. Hahaha... That's hilarious. As for "The Grey", my favorite movie of the year. Quite a talented lot on this project. What are the odds we get a round 2?
  9. I've been tweeting and emailing this to editors and writers over at Marvel all day
  10. That was, in essence, the greatest Punisher put to film. Holy shit! It's amazing to see true passion for a project/character and the results it yields. I'd love a hard copy of this. You guys nailed it. That's it, I'm forgoing all cons and projects to be at SDCC next year. Timmy- skull design- note perfect. Bravo I need two more hours of this shit! Better yet, a weekly fix
  11. And what exactly would this new Punisher skull be debuting for? Something monumental, I hope? I'm afraid as much as it pains me, I cant make it to SDCC... you gents really seem to have a lot in store and I hate like hell I cant be a part the festivities. And bravo to Bradstreet in getting the long overdue notoriety. He's simply one of the best in the business. I really need to get back out and see you guys again
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