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    I love the outdoors. Camping, hiking anything I can do to be outside. MOVIES< MOVIES and more MOVIES!! I am also a beginer screenwriter. I love movies! Horror are the best.

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  1. Though I believe that Tom would make a great Highlander. With his body shape and his face. He looks more like the character should look like. And I agree Thomas Jane looks like Thomas Jane. You can not compare such a sexy looking man to anyone else. Tim tell Tom to take a day and smell the roses. It's alright to take a breather every now and again.! As a big huge fan I do not want to here of him being in the hospital. We would all be to worried if that happen. So tell him to relax! We all love his work!
  2. Hey Tim; I love your art work! Are you doing the story boards for either of these movies? I was just wondering what's the story about Evil Seek? Directed/written by Wayne Kramer; what part is Tom playing? And who is directing In the Blood?
  3. Hey Chapel I know how it is. It is far easier to work out than to quit smoking, I've been quicking for the last 3 years but it has never happened. I guess I'm not ready half the time they burn up in the ashtray while I'm writting. That's sucks cause their like $ 6+ a pack. All the more power to your woman in quitting the habbit! Good Luck! Now to my question for Mr. Thomas Jane. I would like to submit some of my screenplays to you. How do I and where do I send them?
  4. Hey, Tom: Just wanted to let you know I'm a big fan. It's nice to be able, hoppfully to be able to, pick the brain of a talented actor, such as yourself. I hope you don't mind? The more insight I can get, I believe I can become a better screenwriter. What do you look for in a screenplay? In each screenplay that you have done, what was the "IT" thing for you? Thank you ever so much for your time and if there's anything I can do let me know. Thank you!
  5. I'm glad to be here. I love all of Thomas Janes movies. Really fell in love with him after Deep Blue Sea! Just wanted to say Hi and let you all know I'm here!
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