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  1. Happy Memorial Day from Los Angeles all! Spent part of the afternoon with Crown Vic, it's streaming on free on Crackle. Slick, moody flick with vibes of Drive, Narc and Training Day. TJ is excellent as usual as the world weary, reality faced patrolman who is neither a super cop or corrupt burn out. There's some tense sequences throughout, especially towards the end.
  2. Thanks! Mmmm I'd say a good 30-40 stayed after to get things signed and take photos. When we got up to him it was pretty brief, just some light chat about The Punisher, I mentioned watching I Melt With You recently and he seemed surprised and commented something about it being a dark one (I love that movie, it's dark but not really in a depressing way). Like I said earlier, I kind of forgot all the times I've seen him in person or chatted briefly. After so many years of watching his work I actually forgot about a lot of things he was in! I can't recall all the of specifics but basically that they had this really expensive robot shark and a guy to radio control it but it would do what it wanted sometime so in one scene it was supposed to go straight but it dove erratically, he reached for his mini-air tank but something went wrong then it reversed course and shot straight up, etc. And to @Geoff Anna and I have been friends since we met at a Stallone triple feature at Quentin Tarantino's theater shortly after The Dark Country screening which we both attended but didn't know each other yet! That's the power of movies!
  3. Hey all, been a while! Saw the Screamfest listing of Deep Blue Sea with Thomas Jane and bought tickets immediately of course. Always liked this flick, TJ's leading man performance and Renny Harlin's exciting direction. Plus a killer supporting cast, jokes and plainly a lot of fun. The Jane snuck in mid-way through to watch the film then after some giveaways, the Q&A started. It moved quick with TJ not needing much prodding, talking about getting involved with the film, establishing his career and how it was also super uncomfortable since you were wet all day long and how he still gets skin irritation 20 years later from the tank water. He commented about Harlin always having 13 cameras rolling and some mishaps with the robotic shark while he was strapped to it. It was stated that prior to The Meg, DBS was the most successful shark movie after Jaws and during press they couldn't mention Jaws or Spielberg! There was some smattering of Boogie Nights, The Predator, Dreamcatcher, method acting, his first crappy car in LA and other topics as well. My question to the man started with my declaration that DBS is way better than The Meg then asked which was harder to make physically for him, DBS or The Punisher? Mr. Jane commented that he was training with all kinds of specialists for The Punisher and really enjoyed it but did not like the fact his trainer made him workout twice a day in final weeks leading up to the shoot. Afterwards TJ hung out meeting the fans, taking photos and signing. It took me back as I guess I first "met" him way back at The Dark Country screening in 2008 or so and subsequently sought him out at Long Beach Comic Con (where I got my first and last photo before DBS night), San Diego Comic Con, I Melt With You premiere and most recently Conan O'Brien during Con among other events over the years. If I were still doing events I'd try to make a The Punisher reunion screening happen!
  4. Meant to post my quick write up of the evening but it got away from me. Was awesome hanging with Mike and his friend Heffie just talking movies, cons and actors. Randomly, the assistant AD of The Goonies was sitting by us so Heffie and I both chatted with him a little bit about the production of a classic. The lobby was packed with peeps and I saw The Jane for a moment looking slim and stylish. Funny Mike mentioned sitting next to Vlad but he was right, the big Slovakian just stretched out versus expanding. Movie was cool and Joanou was great during Q&A, just wish we would have heard from others attending, especially Mr. Jane of course. Was a fun night! Excited to see Mike and hopefully some of you in Long Beach next week! http://www.dammagedgoods.com/2016/02/ask-me-question-veil-w-phil-joanou.html
  5. "Touch me again and there's gonna be another body on the floor." TJ is great in the role, pumped but sad that it all ends next week!
  6. Hey everyone, the venue I do events at, The American Cinematheque's Egyptian Theatre, is hosting a private screening of The Veil on Monday, February 1st at 8:00 PM! Director Phil Joanou and cast members are scheduled for Q&A. Anyone know if TJ is in town? I have some tix to give away so send me a message or e-mail via the article! http://www.dammagedgoods.com/2016/01/premiere-veil.html
  7. Watched it Friday night and enjoyed it quite a bit. Nice to see TJ in the co-lead of a decent sized flick, great cast, beautiful locales and the action/horror/gore was entertaining even if some of the CGI wasn't amazing. Will definitely watch it again before my Amazon rental period ends haha. http://www.dammagedgoods.com/2015/08/this-i-demand-into-grizzly-maze.html
  8. Premiere set for December with first two episodes and 10:00PM on Tuesday slot. http://www.darkhorizons.com/news/38341/-childhood-s-end-expanse-premieres-set
  9. What's up everyone! Hard to believe San Diego Comic-Con 2015 has come and gone. It was my 11th straight Con but was the most fun yet. On Preview Night I walked past The Expanse cafe in the downtown district then walking around the floor I found Mr. Tim Bradstreet at the RAW booth located near Legendary's and re-introduced myself as a long time supporter and board member. I didn't see Mike but I'm sure he was representing over the weekend. Saturday's The Expanse preview and panel was one of my most anticipated for the weekend. It was held next door in the Hilton's Indigo Ballroom which seats a few thousand. After John Barrowman's fun panel I moved up to the third row. Scheduled to attend were the novel authors, TV series writers, a producer and half a dozen of the main cast. Basically, The Expanse is the tale of three groups; those on Earth, on Mars and on an ice salvaging ship. Our man TJ plays Detective Miller, a Mars based, noir influenced guy who sports a slick fedora, dark clothes and a semi bad attitude but heart as well. The show is really handsomely produced with huge sets and solid special f/x. They spared no expense on this one it seems and it looks absolutely great. TJ is looking slim and trim here and very stylish with his duds and half long hair, half buzz cut. After the episode, the panel came out and chatted getting involved, changing things from the books, the huge sets, etc. TJ was brought out first and as always, is the King of WeirdCool, highlighted by his admission that he pretends to be a fighter pilot while on the toilet. Very much looking forward to the rest of the season and may check out the books but may hold off so I'm not spoiled. Write ups of the week with more pics and info: Wednesday with Tim Bradstreet and 80's Punisher artist great Mike Zeck: http://www.dammagedgoods.com/2015/07/con-man-san-diego-15-preview-night.html Thursday with panels and fund raiser party: http://www.dammagedgoods.com/2015/07/con-man-san-diego-15-thursday.html Friday with more panels and Mattel pop-up shop: http://www.dammagedgoods.com/2015/07/con-man-san-diego-15-friday.html Saturday with The Expanse, Horror and more: http://www.dammagedgoods.com/2015/07/con-man-san-diego-15-saturday.html I took a ton of photos at The Expanse photo from the 3rd row but somehow many of them didn't turn out very well sadly...
  10. Early screening and panel at San Diego Comic-Con! Jane along with cast and crew expected to attend. The Expanse Screening and panel: 4:00pm – 5:30pm | Indigo Ballroom, Hilton Bayfront Hotel Join the cast members Thomas Jane (The Punisher), Steven Strait (Magic City), Shohreh Aghdashloo (The House of Sand and Fog), Cas Anvar (Olympus), Dominique Tipper (Vampire Academy) and Wes Chatham (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay) and executive producers Mark Fergus, Hawk Ostby and Naren Shankar for a first-ever, exclusive screening of the series premiere before it airs on Syfy in December! The Expanse is set 200 years in the future after mankind has colonized the solar system. The show is based on The New York Times bestselling book series. Moderated by book author James S.A. Corey (Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck). Full SyFy line up:http://www.ign.com/articles/2015/06/16/comic-con-syfy-announces-12-monkeys-the-expanse-sharknado-3-and-more
  11. It's a pretty big show with lots of great actors but it's kind of slow. TJ shows up in the 3rd episode as a settler and there's an exciting and surprisingly intense battle scene with a hostile indigenous tribe where he fights to protect his family.
  12. Starts tonight! Great cast, cool story from history, hope it's good.
  13. https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/into-the-grizzly-maze/id985883262?ign-mpt=uo%3D2 $14.99 seems a little steep for a DTV flick though.
  14. The Jane did an Ask Me Anything session over on Redditt yesterday to promote Vice. Apologies if it was posted elsewhere. http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/2so26a/i_am_thomas_jane_actor_producer_screenwriter_and/ Nothing too crazy talked about, a few nice anedcotes about Deep Blue Sea, working on Vice with Willis in Alabama and what to expect from The Expanse.
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